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They are as follows: 1) Fashion-forward appearance 2) Protection from anyone or anything at anytime.

Have you ever seen a bag with studs implemented in the way Christian Louboutin did on his Artemis Python Shoulder Bag? Because I have not. In fact, this bag both intrigues me and worries me.

First off, I wonder about the reasoning for naming this bag the Christian Louboutin Artemis Studded Python Shoulder Bag, as Artemis comes from Ancient Greek Mythology. The daughter of Leto and Zeus, and the twin of Apollo, Artemis is the goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility. So this bag’s gorgeous body and skin represents the beauty of Artemis while the massive spiked studs symbolize her being a huntress.

Christian Louboutin Artemis Shoulder Bag, $1,995 via Net-A-Porter

Imagine Artemis gallivanting through the wilderness with this metallic python shoulder bag with intense spiked studs all over the shoulder strap. Come to think of it, this bag gives intrigue while showing power, which is fitting.

In everyday life, the idea of this bag seems somewhat cool but I truly feel like it would hurt. I have a big head and what if I turn my head to the side and it lands on the shoulder strap? Or the fact that you truly can not hold the bag by the shoulder strap without putting yourself through some pain. I know Mr. Louboutin loves spikes, but I still don’t think they work in this fashion on a bag. Buy via NAP for $1,995.

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  • Jen

    This is what I envision: I am on the subway, the conductor applies the brakes too quickly, my head slams to the left side (the shoulder I usually carry my bags). Now I am on the disgusting floor of the train while passengers walk over my injured body, blood oozing from my left ear, cheek, and eye. Does Louboutin make you sign a liability waiver when you purchase this bag?

  • Mode Uncover

    This is definitely more dangerous than his studded heels :) but I like heels more

  • Ruhee

    It looks like something Xena, the warrior princess would carry….if she ever did.It would be a great double duty bag:)

  • Chryssa

    I love this, but I can’t help but wish it was bigger. It looks like the awesome strap was just clipped onto a clutch.

  • Lorie

    If only they could shoot some kind of stun gas, I could take over the world!

    • Lorie

      Providing I didn’t inhale it or impale myself trying to avoid it.

  • edoardo

    The idea is good but he should have developed it better (the handle and the bag look so different) and I believe that the chain doen’t matter at all!

  • suz

    The potential for injury is so apparent and inevitable, it makes me laugh out loud…..not to mention the embarrassment of trying to explain the injury either in an ER or an obit leaves the imagination reeling.

  • lau

    if I had $1995 to spending for a shoulder bag, I certainly won’t use the subway!

  • kelly

    he created a fantastic strap. different, but still fantastic. and then he couldn’t be bothered so he just stuck a basic clutch to it.

  • stephanie

    i wonder if that bag would ever make it through airport security…

  • Rashida

    The bag is too much! And the actual bag is kinda blah… and I wouldn’t want spikes on my shoulder strap! Can you imagine accidentally bumping into someone???

  • Cadence

    My husband believes it may also have a third purpose. To keep the seagulls from landing on your shoulder. Poop defense?

  • rose60610

    A bag for the punk/goth set.

  • mochababe73

    You could kill yourself with that bag! What if one of the spikes punctured the jugular vein in your neck?!
    I like the concept because I love the spiky shoes, but the execution is all wrong. The spikes are too long, and there seems to be a disconnect between the bag itself and the strap.
    The bag part is actually quite pretty, but it’s screaming for a chain strap. That spike strap needs a larger, black leather hobo style bag. Finally, the strap needs to shave a couple of inches off of the spikes and make them a little dull.

  • mamsy

    It could be double purpose. You can use the strap as a necklace or a choker if it is detachable : )

  • QQ

    i actually sort of like the shoulder strap but the bag itself is hideous! literally, when i scrolled down, i said, “oh.”

  • J Umm

    why does the actual bag look so… boring? i get that the bag needs to be less :O because of the shoulder strap… but that is like… :|
    having said that, i do love the idea of the studded strap

  • louboutin

    Christian Louboutin has become synonymous with luxurious sexy footwear. Known for their trademark shiny red-lacquered soles, his bare tail with a timeless elegance of black color & calm, so the shoes filled with

  • Perry P

    Alicia Keys was just spotted carrying this bag at an event. Harm free.