Happy 20th Anniversary to the famed Christian Louboutin! To celebrate 20 years of amazing bags and shoes, the Christian Louboutin Capsule Collection has been released that showcases 20 iconic shoe styles and 6 bags that have been redesigned to celebrate the occasion. The collection is being shown on the official Louboutin Facebook page.

Tomorrow we will show you the true beauty of this bag, but today here is a sneak peek at a sketch of one of the six soon-to-be-released bags. Behold, the Christian Louboutin Artemis Plumes. What are your thoughts?

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  • 19yearslater

    1- I love fashion sketches. I think they’re beautiful. 2- This bag looks cool. Though I don’t understand a pink, feathery bag taking its name from a warrior goddess.

  • wow so pretty

  • mlle p

    Shoulder part very cool, bag very dull.

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