Chloe Ethel ToteFirst, I’d like to say that I don’t like pink bags. Or pink in general. I was a tomboy as a kid and although I’m a girly girl now, I don’t think I ever quite grew out of my irritation over the belief that all girls love pink. We don’t! That being said, I’d like to completely contradict myself by liking the Chloe Ethel Tote. It’s pink. Quite pink, even though Nordstrom calls it purple. And not a shade of pink that I normally embrace. Maybe it’s the kicky little orange handles that are clouding my judgment, but this leather (it’s lambskin, drool) looks so soft and smooshy and WONDERFUL that it could be the color of poop and I’d probably still want one. If there’s one way to make my eyes glaze over and my jaw go slack, it’s lambskin. So maybe I’m merely willing to overlook the pink in favor of embracing the leather, which is nothing if not embraceable. Also take note of the price – while certainly not a bargain by any means, Several people complained about the price point of the Chloe Sally Bag that we reviewed earlier this week, and this one comes in a full $600 lower for a bag with more supple leather. Suddenly, $1395 doesn’t seem so bad. Pre-order through Nordstrom for $1395.

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  • Alex

    Amanda, I am right there with ya regarding the pink “myth”. But I like this one as well. Very cute, slouchy, and it looks functional…always a plus ;)

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    Well, I like pink, and there is something about this bag. Yes, I like it.

  • jun

    it looks purple to me though… perhaps a shade of purple close to pink!

  • Merve

    Design, price, leather looks yummy not sure about the pink and orange…does it come in any other colour?

  • holly

    I totally know what you mean about pink! I used to hate pink just on principle, but now I find that I really like pink in bags for sping and summer.

  • Mama M

    Well, I LOVE pink — always have, always will — in any form: pink lipstick, pink handbags (I almost got the MbMJ Totally Turnlock Terri in hot pink until I saw the Mulberry), pink shoes, pink clothes……. you get the picture. And pink lambskin! Oh dear me, I can just imagine the wonderful smell! I was introduced to lambskin via my mother’s gloves. I begged until I got my own pair (I was about 4) and I wore them whenever I could. I really like this bag except for the orange handle. No need to put orange on this beautiful bag.

  • me

    I love pink and orange together, and the combination makes this bag fun. Also for some reason I’m really loving the name Ethel- can’t really explain why.

  • PhotoGirl

    Oh, it’s gorgeous! I love the color combination, and that leather is so beautiful that you can almost feel it with your eyes.

  • yoofi..

    love it….nice bag..

  • cami

    Ahhhhhhh. perfect. :)

  • mariko

    Love the bag, the leather looks so soft and yummy! Love the orange with the pink!

  • jill

    the pink combination looks very neutral in person, I own it and LOVE it! It also came in black with baby blue handles….the cross body strap is amazing because you can adjust it 3 different ways!

    Ladies, you need it!!

  • sabrina

    oo la la…….I just got the smaller version with the longggggg shoulder strap that can also b made short………………..
    omg…this bag….the colors are so yummy u could eat them up!!!
    I was amazed at the price, too……
    Just hit nordys and came home with this great great purpleeee bag!!! : )

  • camille

    Perfection :)

  • Jazzelle

    I loved the look of this bag. I bought it in the dark brown, first bag I have bought full price. The images made it look like the perfect bag for me that would fit my style perfectly. Then it arrived and my disappointment sunk in. It was fine with nothing in it but as soon as I put something in, it hung straight down like a giant heavy leather shopper. I sent it back the next day.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Please send me one! I’m poor and will NEVER be able to afford it, but would LOVE to own it!! I’ll even take a handmedown or an irregular, or a mistake! (fb)

  • BeautifulBasics

    Love this! The Chloe Ethel Hobo is super cute too!