Exclusive for Purse Blog – new season Chanel bags in White! Chanel adds new seasonal colors to their permanent collection, the Rodeo Drive is made from supple calfskin.

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote in White - $2125.jpg
Chanel Grand Shopping Tote in White – $2,125

Chanel Timeless CC Satchel - $2875
Chanel Timeless CC Satchel – $2,875

Chanel Rodeo Drive Hobo in White - $2650
Chanel Rodeo Drive Hobo in White – $2,650

For more information on these (and other) Chanel bags, contact Nordstrom Seattle at 206-628-1390.

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  • aa

    does the last one come in black….

  • Marissa

    YES, I think it does, I saw it once.

  • Kelley

    Love the Hobo

  • Jahpson

    rodeo hobo is gorgeous

  • kku416

    I think I would like the hobo better with silver hardware.

  • Meredith

    Which size is the one in the picture? The medium sized? For that one I have been quoted $2750 and for the large is $3495. I just want to know which one I am looking at since they are all sold out in NYC area…

  • Meredith

    Update: the one in the picture I am told is the large for $3495. Nordstrom Seattle told me that.

  • Meredith

    So, I was so in love with the hobo that I found one in NY today and the Chanel boutique in Soho hand delivered it to my office- which I very much appreciated. But I was very disappointed when it got here b/c the bag for $2750 looks nothing like the one in the picture. That is definitely the $3450 bag. The $2750 bag has a long leather strap and two short gold straps, and a zipper in the front. :( The $3450 one is gorgeous, but it’s apparently HUGE. A few different salespeople today described it as “huge,” “gigantic,” and “enormous.” :(

  • mette

    The color of the soft bags is quite delicate. I´d fear to use it daily. Actually they all look similar to one another. Too sophisticated to my liking.

  • fashionlover

    wow for this price, I’d rather buy a flap :lol:

  • Sylvia

    There was a crazy $400 off at neiman marcus over the weekend, buy 2 bags, get 400 off deal. Included wallets, and what not. Sorry to inform you ladies so late, but I didnt know purse blog existed.

    how stupid of me.

    anyways, the sales associates told me that in may, the prices of ALLLLL the chanel bags are about to jump up another 500 – 800… just a FYI…

    I have the black grand shopping tote in black w/ silver chain (and i love it), and i bought it when it was 1890, it was 2100(something), and they’re saying its going to be around 2800.

    oh… and for all those who are stuck living middle of nowhere close to neiman marcus/saks/bloomingdales/chanel boutique/ nordstrom such as myself, ordering it on the phone from the store to your house, you might be able to waive the tax (neiman marcus gladly does that) if your state does not have their store… (ie. south carolina)

  • designerdrops com

    I love this bag

  • lalalisa

    ur gross ^ ahahahaaah im rich ur not

  • Sool

    Does anyone know how much the Chanel Grand Shopping Large Tote is now?

  • vontaswife

    Does anyone know if there will be another prive increase anytime soon? And does anyone know if “Bag, Borrow, or Steal” carries “authentic” chanel handbags?

  • Holly

    I have rented Chanel handbags and others from http://www.borrowmyhandbag.com They have lots of available, gorgeous handbags unlike the BB or steal site. I could never get a bag from them. Also, borrowmyhandbag.com does not have membership fees or shipping fees. If you are into borrowing/renting handbags, check it out.

  • Java Girl

    Hi! Does anybody know if the chanel small shopping tote is available is beige or cream? I have the black version (bought it at Saks 5th when i was in NY last May). I live in the Philippines and we have no Chanel Boutiques here. It doesn’t also say in the website if the small shopping tote comes in beige or cream.

    Also, does anybody know the current price of a chanel east-west/pochete classic flap (Euro or US dollars)? My friend is currently in London right now and i’ve asked him to buy the red EW classic flap in caviar for me but I have no idea how much it costs.

    For Sool: The last time I inquired about the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote was in May of this year at Saks 5th, NY – it was $2,125 + tax. I got the smaller one because I found the Large one too big for me.

  • Sonya

    Does anyone know were to get a chanel bag in east Tennessee?

  • Anonnie

    The rodeo bag for $2650 is the small size (its more like a medium) and it looks just like the picture. the other poster must have gotten a different model of the rodeo bag. i think the size is perfect – not too big, not too small. i saw the larger version in the boutique and the handle was smaller. when i tried it on i didn’t like it. I think the gold hardware is PERFECT for this bag. In no way would I want silver.

  • orawan

    Dose enyone know if the rodeo come in silver hardware?

  • Sarah Vogel

    The phone number for Nordstrom is not valid.

  • NordyGirl

    I work at Nordstrom and can order any Chanel bag your heart desires for you :) I’d be happy to send pics.. or you I checked today and we still have almost all the bags on the Chanel website! I can also find you any discounts I can!! We are getting markdowns soon.. email me at AliMo7411@yahoo.com.. or call me at the store, 317.810.9809 ext 1255… make sure to ask for Ali Moreland, I’ll find you the best deal possible :)

  • tt

    I love the bag.I will get a black one in gold hardware next week.don’t really how much gonna cost,don’t care,can’t wait!

  • yvette

    I have the last chanel bag in black!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • moon

    i wanna know about rodeo drive from vynil, because my friend want to sell that bag to me. The new/retail price, please?!

  • ang3l

    Totally love the grand shopping tote…Actually I just went to the Chanel boutique yesterday to check it out…It’s awesome. Love the black one in silver chain. The price is still $2125….Let’s hope it doesn’t go up anytime soon :(

  • voguehit

    Love the Chanel grand shopping tote in white. The Chanel a20995 in black is also a classic one in 2009.It has silver and gold hardware.

  • Chanelbabe!

    I just bought the Rodeo Hobo bag this Saturday and I Love it. I look so good in it to LOL!



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