The heart wants what it wants…

I, like many of you, love a good Chanel Bag. However, I am also a bit put off by the ever rising price tag on Chanel bags (really, it’s been insane). I then find myself looking at other brands because the design and quality are just as good as Chanel without the hefty price tag. But, sometimes you stumble upon a bag that just speaks to you and makes you want to grab your keys, hop in your car, and drive to the store and buy it (I’d order online but Chanel hasn’t joined 2014 yet so you can’t buy bags off their site).

So what’s the bag that I’m lusting after? This Chanel Velvet Boy Bag. Let me get a few things out of the way: I do not need this bag, I’m not sure this velvet bag will hold up well, and at $3,800 there are countless other bags that would be better suited for my collection. But sometimes, you find yourself liking a bag you wouldn’t otherwise be drawn to, and for reasons you can’t quite explain, you just love it.

That’s me with this bag.

I can say that I love the Boy Bag, and that’s nothing new for me, but I don’t really want the small size as it doesn’t fit as much as I’d like. I do think one of the main reasons I love this bag is the color, more specifically the burgundy color on chevron velvet.

This combo makes me want to go on a fall drive in the middle of the mountains. I suppose the cold front that came through Florida over the past couple of days got me in the mood. I worry that the raised chevron velvet would show wear quite easily, after all velvet tends to break down quicker and look more worn, but even with all of these cons, I still find myself loving this bag.

I suppose that’s one of the great aspects of fashion – it doesn’t always need to be practical. I have plenty of practical bags, but if you ask me today what bag is on my wishlist, I’d tell you this one. Buy via Chanel for $3,800.

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