phoebe price denied entry to chanel I am typically on top of celebrity gossip, but for the life of me I have no idea, nor do I care, who Phoebe Price is. What I do know is that this red head was denied access to a Chanel Robertson Blvd. party. And this nobody was so pissed off, she went home to get the invite and prove to the PR girls at the door that she was on the list. Only to be denied again. So what did she do then? Grab her Jacoby & Meyers lawyers and held a public press conference outside of the Chanel store. She let Chanel know that if the PR girl in question was not fired and if she was not issued a formal apology by Chanel, she would sue. Phoebe has dragged this out, going on to talk to any paparazzi near her letting them know that if this is not settled she definitely will file charges so that no other celebrity has to be put through this again. If you ask me, I would call this red head a total drama queen. There has not been word yet if Price was actually on the list, if the PR girl was fired, or why I was not invited to the party. What I do know is that Phoebe Price is going to make this as big of a deal as she can for as long as she can. It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

More at TMZ.

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  • Amanda

    For some strange reason this woman has been popping up all over, she was in cannes for some unbeknownst reason, the only press coverage she has been getting was for how badly dressed she was. Her claim to fame per is that she has appeared in such memorable roles as “customer with car” on an x files episode, “photographer” on an arli$$ episode, “walter’s wife” and “x-girlfriend”.

  • So she is just putting herself in the press?

    Anyhow, she is making such a huge stink about this! It is ridiculous!

  • lisa

    I totally agree with you – she’s a drama queen making a big deal out of nothing to drum up attention for herself! I think it was very tasteless of her to hold a press conference outside of Chanel and press for the employee to be fired so adamantly.

  • william

    I think she wants to crossover from “nobody with a stylist” status to “socialite/pseudo celeb” like Genevieve Jones.

  • Greg

    I am typically on top of celebrity gossip, but for the life of me I have no idea, nor do I care, who Phoebe Price is.

    Then why post anything about her? This is exactly what she wants, more undeserved attention.

    • Because it had to do with Chanel :wink:

      But you make a valid point!

  • Jane

    I don’t know who Phoebe Price is either nor do I care about her or other celebrities, A-List or Z-List.

    I agree she is going to milk this incident as much as she can for publicity purposes.

    However I do feel for her. As a human-being it would be so embarassing to be invited to a high profile party and then denied entry. It’s too bad this woman chose to go this public route of correcting a wrong done to her but…

  • bvbirdygirl

    well lets all see if she gets invited to anything again… :roll:

  • Lycn4717

    she obviously is trying to stretch her 5 seconds of fame, and using this to get her name out, which I guess its working because I, like you meg and others, have never heard of this redhead before, but now we know her name.. :roll:

    I hope VH1/MTV doesn’t give her a reality show now… but if they do, I’d rather watch her than see anymore of “I love New York”, flava flav, or Tila Tequila. LOL :!:

  • dela

    She was all over the Cannes red carpet and premiers. I kept wondering how she got into those A-list premiers at the Cannes. If she can get herself to be invited to Cannes then LA Chanel party doesn’t seem like a total impossiblilty for this F-lister.

  • lula_bernie

    Phoebe Price has made the gossip blogs for quite a while. I guess it’s fame any way you can get it. What I found a little bit more disturbing was a little tidbit about Chanel asking the photo agencies to shelve pics of invited guests to the Robertson Blvd. party (Nicollette Sheridan and Michelle Trachtenberg), also reported by I do not know if it’s true and apparently there has been no comment given by Chanel (that I know of). All I can say is if this is true, and if they were good enough to actually get an invite, then how tacky. I am sure Chanel’s Robertson opening could do without both of these stories (no further comment on Phoebe Price :roll: ).

  • suzana

    I do not know who this women is, but personally I think this is a great step in the right direction for fashion houses. I think it is high time they start respecting their real clients who actually pay for their purchases and not “borrow” from a stylist or get a “loan” from the house. I am more intrigued with women who can buy their items than the women who have to whine and beg for their SWAG. I hope one day fashion houses will offer absolutely nothing to movie stars that don’t actually purchase anything as much as they do to people browse and don’t buy anything.

    • Jahpson

      great comment! I agree 100%

  • Wendy

    By all means, let’s give this woman as much free publicity as possible!!! There are not words to express how UN-interested I am in this person. (In fact, I can’t believe I am actually commenting on this…Shame on me!) Total flake!

  • dyjann

    She looks like Bree in Desperate Housewives in this picture :smile:

  • Jahpson

    I keep asking the question, and I never get an answer.

    who is this ugly red head broad?

  • Stephanie

    I understand that what this redhead is doing is a bit over the top but what about how Chanel?

    I’m sure everyone’s heard that they tried to stop the press from showing some pictures of some other celebs that were at the event. Who are they to be that way? It doesn’t matter if they are a big time luxury name – either be more careful who you send your invites to or suck it up and stop showing everyone how pretentious you are.

  • Kinny

    Being denied entry to a party you were invited to is humiliating and horrible. When that PR girl was shown an invite as proof she should have checked on instead of power tripping and denying access.

    People will label you a social climbing gate crasher over something that is not your fault. I suppose that was her way of proving she did not crash. We do know people will gossip and snicker behind ones back in this crowd.

    As for that PR girl a court case will show if she did her job bec there was an order not to let Phoebe Price in or if she was to lazy and power tripping.

  • Shirley

    I never heard of Phoebe Price until today, but call me strange, but I rather like her! She is a unknown in the industry, but keeps showing up at A list events and dining in high profile spots! Although she doesn’t look like Lucy, (from the I Love Lucy Show) she reminds me of her!

    As for the Chanel event, I would be ticked off if I was invited and embarrassed and humilated in front of so many people, because of a PR girl’s goof. Even though I don’t agree with her method of resolution, if this all proves out, I hope the PR girl gets her just due and Chanel recognizes that not only big name stars shop at theirs shops and stop the, “stuck up,” demeaner they are portraying to the public!

  • claudette

    She should be let in. Those PR girls are never doing their job. Im sure this invitation cost her either moneywise or in favor returns from this lady’s husband. She should be let in and she should get this pr fired.

  • Lolita Price

    We should ask Momsie I never saw her at any of the family reunions either. Maybe we should ask Bob or is the price right?

  • kerry

    Im kinda glad she didn’t get in. My partner and I were on holiday in L.A. we were walking in a carpark and she almost slammed into us and gave us the ‘So What??’ face. Horrible horrible woman Im glad no Chanel for you.

  • Gina Marie

    Lol how cute, the purses and handbags are cute. If I can actually find one then I’ll get one. Unless the price is under $50 then maybie
    Anyway cute stuff Chanel.

  • phoebfan

    Phoebe Price has such gorgeous cheekbones and
    smile. She has the ability, when she puts on her fabulous smile,
    to raise her cheeks and make them grow incredibly. Her cheeks seem to shoot out
    and they really form round peaks ! Her
    face is so beautiful when she does that, as she then appears enchantingly

  • Tr

    How can there not be word on whether or not YOU were invited? Wouldn’t you know?