Chanel on Robertson Boulevard

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel said, “Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” What is happening in the world of Chanel right now is a new concept Boutique at 125 North Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. The idea behind this store is different and more innovative than the others, offering a “tightly focused and constantly renewed selection of products, hand chosen from the world of CHANEL and shown in a dynamic environment to offer a new point of view”. This boutique will always be one step ahead, offering an image of what Karl Lagerfeld has up his sleeve for the next season. Chanel continues to reinvent itself and up its game, making it stand in the forefront of luxury designers worldwide. And with the opening of this store comes a line of Chanel items exclusively available at this new boutique. Each item is available at the Robertson Boulevard Chanel boutique and you can call 800-550-0005 for more information.

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CHANEL Timeless Classic Handbag
CHANEL Timeless Classic Handbag
Metallic calfskin/metal

CHANEL Timeless Classic Handbag
CHANEL Timeless Classic Handbag
Metallic calfskin/metal

CHANEL ballet flats
CHANEL ballet flat
Metallic caflskin

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  • wenndy

    This boutique looks gorgeous!!.. i wanna go 2 LA and visit even if its only to buy makeup!lol thanks for posting this .. summer its coming :wink:

  • Trixy

    The metallic calfskin is absolutely gorgeous!

  • I was really happy to get all of the information to post. The silver Flaps are really stunning! I am looking forward to getting to check out the boutique!

  • tulip618

    the classic handbags are so beautiful but they are priced too high!!!!!

  • mrposhspice

    Hmm…I’ll have to take a trip to Robertson soon.

  • luxielouis

    i stopped by yesterday afternoon…to. die. for. all you luxaholics…go. now!

  • Jahpson

    we cant order over the phone can we? I dont feel like going to Cali to get a bag. they cant deliver?

    or is this like the Gucci thing with the I love NY bags.

  • Elara

    I keep hearing about how everyone hates the matte silver finish on the hardware on some of the new bags- but it looks like it’s on these as well. I think it’s lovely, personally, and if it’s already at the new boutique, I’m guessing it’s here to stay.

    • I happen to love it also, but that is my taste :grin:

  • PJH

    I went last week, and this place is gorgeous.

  • Mirela

    What are the sizes of these bags? only small and medium or large as well?

  • DIMA

    BTW, the CHANEL Timeless Classic Handbag
    Metallic calfskin/metal
    $2,850 is not an exclusive of ROBERTSON. I just saw it @ the CHANEL BTQ in TYSONS.

  • Kathey

    The boutique is gorgeous and high-tech. I love the location and design. The designers for Chanel truly are amazing.

    Have a good day!

  • Charlie

    I love CHANEL!

    But Christmas 2008, my dad got me a really lovely white chanel bag. he got it through people he knew through his work business. It is white, with the logo in black, and has an oval handle in it. It also came with a spare strap so you can put it over your shoulder.

    I tried to look for it on the website, but i can’t seem to find it.
    Any help?


  • Carrie

    There is a new boutique opening at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia. This will be the second Chanel boutique and one of the biggest in the world. Next to it will be a sepearte Fashion and Beauty Boutique. I suggest ya all check it out.

  • Jolo

    Have you seen the metallic calfskin lipstick case?