Christy Turlington for ChanelWe recently learned from Chanel that Christy Turlington will be the face for their Spring handbag campaign of the “East-West Bag”, as photographed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld. Christy became famous in the late 80s as a model for Calvin Klein, still pulls off gorgeous looks twenty years later. Very well done, I love it – beautiful woman in a beautiful shoot.

The new Chanel handbags come in two styles with white metal. The available colors include white with black, black with white, burgundy with ivory and brown with ivory. You certainly can not complain about lack of variety. Available around March of this year in Chanel boutiques nationwide.

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    Thanks for the 4-11. We love this purse blog! :lol:

  • suzana

    i am so glad that the old school “model” is becoming the face of Chanel. I totally don’t think that the B-C stars such as Lohan, Hilton, Mischa, and Dunst belong in any fashion shoot. you would think it would cost more anyways with all the airbrushing…

    • I completely agree with you. The new age Hollywood celebs are more obnoxious than glamorous anyway.

  • Jen

    You fixed it! For the longest time now your entries would show up in the bloglines viewer with broken images! Thanks for fixing it… this makes viewing the entries easier.

    • Aye. I had a hotlink protection enabled because of many sites hotlinking our contents, but I eventually turned it off for the sake of people viewing our feed in syndicators, such as Bloglines.

  • pursecrzy

    So nice to see Christy back!

  • Superqueen

    Christy is gorgeous and she well deserves being again the face of Chanel.

  • misswhitelily

    Christy has so much style,class and the right age…perfect for Chanel. The usual all too young models don´t look right for Chanel, you have to have a certain maturity. Christy is the woman!! :grin:

  • kmspirit

    I got this bag today ,it’s so pretty

  • AJC

    Anyone knows how much those beauties will be going for?

  • kmspirit

    this bag costs $1925 Canadian dollar

  • LVowner

    Perfect choice to showcase Chanel endearing chic

  • BBC

    Does anyone know it comes in 2 sizes in this same style?Do you know which size is Christy wearing in this ad?

  • glamchic

    i am fashion obsessed and this blog is awesome!!!!!

  • vfrois

    niceee purse! Does anyone have a close-up photo? :( not in the webbie tho

  • loveschanel

    I’m torn between whether to get the black or white one. White always looks nicer but am worried about how easily dirty it can get. Does anyone have this bag in white or black and have any opinions? thanks so much

  • vfrois


    yea me too. i prefer white than black. white look younger and chic :) btw how much is the purse?

  • loveschanel

    the quote they gave me is $2021.25 Canadian after taxes. Yeah the white looks really nice in the ad when I went to the store they didn’t have the white but could order it from another store. I ended up deciding to order it from another store in black. I really like the white but in the long run it would be hard to maintain thanks for your reply though.

  • vfrois

    grats :)

    Available colors include white and black, black and white, burgundy and ivory, brown and ivory @@ frm

  • vfrois

    fyi…medium size euro 1500, small euro 1300. avail color black and white

  • designerdrops com

    fyi…medium size euro 1500, small euro 1300. avail color black and white

  • Tina

    I’ll probably buy the black or the burgundy and ivory.

    • jade

      what is the name of the bag?