Chanel Union Jack Quilted Handbag

English model Agyness Deyn made an appearance at the private party at the Chanel Boutique Dover Street Market dressed from head to toe in Chanel. The supermodel was wearing the latest and greatest from the house, including the Chanel Anklet in Red (which she wore on her arm) and the limited edition Chanel Union Jack quilted bag (£835).

Agyness Deyn at Chanel Boutique Dover Street Market Agyness Deyn at Chanel Boutique Dover Street Market Agyness Deyn at Chanel Boutique Dover Street Market Agyness Deyn at Chanel Boutique Dover Street Market

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  • mette

    Hope Chanel only made one of these bags. Disgusting !

  • mette

    Hope the limited edition limits to this one bag.

  • tiffanystar

    Yay! Rule Britannia Agyness.

  • bvbirdygirl

    my favotire model with one of my favorite bags!!!

  • Anilu Magloire

    Hmmmm…. No thanks.

  • Liz

    I don’t think the bag is supposed to be timeless, more of a novelty piece. I like it!

  • Aidan

    I would turn straight for Agyness but not while she’s carrying this bag.

  • MizzJ

    It’s kinda cute in a kitschy kind of way…

  • Mode Monitor

    I don’t buy Chanel bags because the look is always so obviously Chanel and for me, wearing a Chanel bag (or Louis Vuitton for that matter) is like being a walking advertisement for the brands. I don’t like accessories that are so obvious.

    Having said that, I must admit that this Union Jack one caught my eye. Probably that’s because I’m a complete anglophile and so, I think I would actually wear this around. Also, the design is very striking – it’s just cool Britannia.

    • Beautylicious

      For most people Chanel stands for classic, quilted flaps or other quilted bags. But Chanel is so much more than that! It would surprise you how many different styles and colors Chanel brings out every season.

  • Amie

    The bag is interesting–but I have to say that for being a supermodel, Agyness has terrible unattractive legs–it looks like she has a bunch of mosquito bites…

    • lanasyogamama

      I noticed that too! I thought models got pampered :?:

  • Channy Burden

    HIDEOUS! How could Chanel get absolutely everything so terribly wrong! I love Chanel, but don’t love this look.

  • Angie

    OK, I love the Union Jack bag…but I drive a British car so it’s a thing for me. But what I don’t get is why you would carry a bag AND have that hideous pouch on your arm too. Pick one.

  • Rach

    It’s cute! More of a collectors item than something you’d wear regularly…

  • Harlan

    I am not one for chanel as it seems so much of a lady who lunch bag but this one is just so striking. I agree it is not the typical chanel but one could wear it daily. this is the perfect casual bag to wear with denim and chinos and a brooks or burberry slim fit polo . I am also in love with the british flag. I now can say i want a chanel bag. Now where can you purchase it in the states.

  • Windy

    I like the bag. It is an artistic type bag.

  • Suki

    I’m one of those people who thinks you should only wear a flag if you belong to that country – otherwise you just look confused! So it’d be a fun piece on a Brit, but a bizarre piece on a non-Brit.

    • Jahpson

      yeah, it would be nice if Karl made bags with other flags. I mean, the boutique’s are found all over the world.

  • mia_uno

    I’m pretty torn on the cuteness of the bag…i don’t think it works with her outfit and i HATE those chanel/gucci/whatever ankle-bracelet bags. Awful. And agnyess need to address her beat up legs, i saw on perez….just a random note.

  • Aidan

    While I personally dislike this bag, the point of its Union Jack design and it being worn by Agyness is that the bag is supposed to be punk as fuck. (Which would be possible if it weren’t a Chanel bag) All of you who complained about it being tacky bloody missed the point. (Although I still don’t know why Chanel tried to do punk)

  • s

    Im from the uk and really want this bag, but Im out of the country for a while as of tomorrow to canada and was wandering whether anyone thinks it would be selling in the chanel stores there despite the union jack…?

  • Claire Bear

    I bought this bag at Chanel in Heathrow and it is much nicer than in the picture and with the right outfit! – Honest!!!

  • DesertRose

    totally repulsive, not worth even looking at… i wouldn’t have it for free.

  • brittany

    i adore this bag and im only 10, not so keen on the little arm bag thingy though!

  • LJRowe

    This bag totally rocks love it ..its awesome x

  • Nadine

    I bought this bag awhile back and I love it! With the right outfit it looks great! Plus it is a unique bag–and I love dressing in my own style!

  • Daisy.

    I acctuallly adore this bag. I agree its not classic chanel, but since when was fashion supposed to be predictable? It might not be for everyone but personally I think its unique and gorgeous.

  • virginie

    I’m looking for this bag, I would like to buy it.
    I”m a french girl.
    if you are interested to sell it, send me an email.
    My email address:
    And could you send me several pictures of your bag.

    • Marlene

      i have the bag and i want to sell it. are you still interested?

      • Palsday1

        hi i am interested in buying the union jack bag how much are you selling it for ?

  • Nikla

    For all those fashion lovers making comment on such a fabulous bag open your eyes!!! This union jack bag is amazing bang on trend and is here to stay. Love agyness dean she rock and is looking fabulous as ever keep up the good work Chanel

  • Lisa

    i hate this bag, Chanel is ment to be classy not chavy… Anyone can make a bag from the union jack…but not a chanel bag…!!! im disapointed with chanel and this bag..

  • Sara

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  • becky

    hate it. i hate the union jack :) and england :)

  • Cindey

    OMG Ilove this bag soomuch tht i wantone for b-day or crimbo. Seen it in the chanel shop when i was in london a few months ago:D.But it would be nice to have other flags. lol

    Follow me on twitter :D

  • Andrea

    i just got it :) i love it. thanks boyfriend :)

    • Zoe

      Andrea, did you get it at the Chanel boutique?

  • ljjess

    I love this bag but its way to expensive.