Any post about Chanel handbags always elicits a fair amount of grumbling from longtime fans of the French brand who feel that its handbags have grown too faddish or lost their traditional Chanel feel, and when you look at the last few collections, perhaps those folks do have a point. If you’re among them, though, I’d heartily advise you to take a look through Chanel Spring 2011 Pre-Collection Handbags, which contains less handbag gimmickry than most of us have grown accustomed to from Lagerfeld & Co. If these bags are an indication of what’s to come for spring, I bet I’ll know a lot of happy Chanel fans.

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  • edoardo

    I’m not a traditionalist and I don’t like the exagerate classic taste of this bag…I want new things and when i see these kind of collections I wonder why Lagerfeld doesn’t leave Chanel to someone younger…

  • Merve

    I really like them but i cant justify spending another 3k to buy a bag that looks so similar to the last.

  • Amy

    #10 is my favorite. Classy, elegant, pretty, lovely and does not scream any label.

  • couturecoco

    Couldn’t choose, love them all!

  • Marianna

    I don’t see anything that I would love to own.

  • Jen

    Look at those flatten quilts!!!!!!! Where’s the quality? its like those roadside bag just that its leather and double C

  • anna

    the designs are the same but the prises are so high

  • MsLabelsofLust

    The traditional designs have been given a little touch up but the prices have gone up as far as I have heard.

  • m1ni

    drooling all over them..I guess i am a traditionalist? How did y’all see the prices? how much is #1?

  • Mochababe73

    I like the coccoon bag. Other than that, it’s most of the same. Since I don’t own a Chanel, I would take any one of these except for the large totes.
    Since I chose to be a teacher, even on eBay I can’t afford one of these bags. Just when I was starting to save the prices went up. So, I will just admire from afar and browse the Chanel boutique. I have seen nothing to warrant the larger price tag.

  • 19yearslater

    I’d like the one with a lion if it were all red instead of blue with red accents.

  • Jen

    LOVE #15. I need that bag. I don’t like the new red. It’s too orange for my taste.

  • PurseAdict

    LOVE them all especially the red, royal blue, navy blue and the grey one. I guess I am a traditionalist :)

  • annabelle

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  • Vitta

    Love #2 and #3. On the Chanel site, both are shown worn as cross-body bags. I like this new theme of a vivid, contrast hand-embroidery on perforated patent. Very fresh and interesting! I wonder what the prices are for those.

  • Kathleen

    The Lagerfeld crazy train is starting to get back on track but still has a long way to go.

  • Stylista

    Not bad…nothing outstanding though. I mean, I’d still carry all of them..

  • Brandy

    Love them all. I really am a traditionalist then, at least for Chanel. I love the gold clutch. Classic.

  • Ana JB

    I wonder HOW MUCH it will cost…#11, #14, #17.

  • Earmuffs

    #11 <3 I love the look of the texture and the color.

  • NikolineK

    I love love love the mini 2.55!!! WANT IT!!!

  • XXAL

    wow i havnt liked a chanel bag in quite a while.. but both the 1st & 11th are very pretty blue and red. the quilting og the red python is beautiful!! or.. not quilting but just stitching on it??

  • Bagolicious

    I’d buy the dark, khaki tan tote that’s the third one down, on the right. It’s practical.

    I’ve bought Chanel since the mid 80s and these days the bags have seemed to be either very traditional and looking the same, which I tire of, or totally off the deep end. At least some of the ones pictured are finally somewhere in the middle.

  • Paulina

    Love the red python, but the quilting really detracts from it.

  • Bir

    Loviiing them all !!!!!!

  • bebechanel

    love, love love #8. where can I buy it in the ny/nj/pa area?

  • chloehandbags

    Like the one with the lion clasp…

    Luckily, it has a chain strap, rather than being a true clutch, so my wallet’s still safe! :D

  • Tamara

    Its not show stopping but it is classic Chanel. But Id rather buy Chanel from a consignment store, half the price and the same quality.

  • Hiew Mui

    im not a chanel fan but i love the 11.
    currently considering to get a chanel.

  • mrsjones

    i’m not a chanel fan but for me, no.9 is the prettiest.

  • Aldina

    Number 1 and 11 are my favorites. Yes, they may not look too different from older designs, but they are still great.

    Aldina Dautovic

  • osladegerez

    Not a Chanel fan but dying over the color of the first one!! That RED!!!!

  • nan

    who know how much for #6,8, and 9. i wanna to know how much so i save money for it. thank you.

    • MissMilly27

      #6 is priced at $2350 and #8 is priced at $2500 in saks (phila). not sure about #9. I was torn between purchasing #6 and #8, but decided on #6 because it was larger. I ended up returning it, because the drawstrings made the bag a little awkward….its really cute drawn in, but then you have to keep un-knotting them to get into and out of the bag. The smaller #8 is cute and reminds me of a gucci boston bag. good luck….fyi, they only had both bags in black.

  • olga

    Does anyone know the price for mini #7

  • Michelle

    :O… does anyone know the price of #11, as sold in australia perhaps?