Chanel Spring 2006 Handbag

Over-sized handbags have been all the rage the past few seasons, but with the shrinking size of all our electronics and need for easy to carry bags, some designers may be opting for smaller handbags for smaller goods. Chanel sent a black and white swirl pattern handbag on the runway for Spring 2006 (aka last Spring). This circular metal frame bag has a chain strap. Small may be the new big, or maybe there will just be no in between. What will Spring 2007 show as the bag size of choice? I see metallics and oversized bags still big for Spring 2007. Check your local Chanel boutique or Chanel online.

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  • Danyelle

    i really like handbag that are bigger… and to tell you the truth i wouldnt be able to fit anything in that bag… probly all that id be able to fit is a tampon and some lip gloss… and to tell you the truth i need more room!! but its an adorable handbag!!!! :) Daneyelle

  • Danyelle

    sorry i spelled my name wrong its spelled like Danyelle…..

  • sarah

    hi i really adore this sexy bag but it duz smell of shit 2 be quite onist and to tell u the truth if my tampon was ready 2 be changed it wud burst in the bag and cause unconvinence so i am very posh and i should be privaliged for u to send me 1 ov those bags nw ok !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :)

  • stephanie

    omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg! i lovve your handbags for ever like if only i could get one:( but that all and stay cool~

  • stephanie

    yeah sorry to say i like big bags but a little will do if you get me one for by b day thanks!

  • OMG i luv those bags they are awsoms!!!!!!!!

  • that is the most ugliest purse i ever seen but i am gonna get the fall one. ♥ billie nicole

  • Kelsey Marie

    Oh My Godd i love chanel purses doesnt matter what size or shape they are all so hott!!!!! i love them i have tooooo many its kinda unbelievable…….. xoxoxoxox

  • Kris

    Anyone know where I can get this tiny bag?

  • Aubrey R.

    I dont care what size or shape they are, THEY ARE HOTTTT! LOVE YA!

  • alessia

    did you ever find where to get that tiny Chanel black and white spiral bag???? if so please reply

  • kelly

    this looks stupid

  • Naggy

    I’d rather carry a yo-yo. (ipad)