NOTE: We are double and triple checking this info. Seems it could be false. I will keep you posted!

Classic Chanel Large Flap Bag, not the Maxi or discontinued XL Jumbo Flap

Chanel is a brand that continues to have success with their classics. One of the classic handbags that was highly sought after was discontinued years ago, the Chanel Classic XL Jumbo Flap. And many Chanel lovers wanted this iconic bag back. Chanel has answered by having the re-release of the Classic Chanel XL Jumbo flap which will make a come back early 2009. The bag will be renamed the Chanel Maxi Bag and will be available in many colors, in both lambskin and caviar leather. While there are no pictures yet, this bag is sure to create a huge buzz and have fashionistas world-wide waiting to get their hands on the re-release. Read more on the thread in the Purse Forum.

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  • Sarah

    Thanks for this info!! I love Chanel but the prices are getting outrageous!!!!

  • Anilu Magloire

    Beautiful. However, this is one brand I would never carry. Not only can I not afford it, but it has been falsified to death.

  • Chanel addicted

    Does anyone know how much the Chanel classic flap Jumbo (caviar) in Paris?

  • gonghe

    I would love to carry a classic like Chanel on my shoulder, but their prices are getting into the stratosphere!

  • seven7

    Sigh – I vicariously have to live through celebs on this one. I wish I could afford a chanel like this one (or three or four), but the day hasn’t come and it’s not looking like it will come in the next few days.

  • Merve

    Definitely my fave brand just because it exudes Parisian chic!!!! I have quite a few chanels but u guys are right the prices are getting a bit ridiculous. I would suggest to go through the whole collection thoroughly as u are likely to find a bag thats in the $1800-$2000 region (at least in Europe). The most “It” bags or the heavily anticipated bags are usually a lot lot more. Plus for some bizarre reason (or clever one) the classic styles always have higher prices than the rest of their collection. And if u buy from Europe u get tax back as well so u are looking at a more affordable price range.

  • Hin

    Can die for this gorgeous bag man… Love it :* :*

  • Linda

    The re-release should not look any different, right ? Any one knows if price remains the same ? If interested to get one, should I get it now or wait ?

  • lunatwinkle

    It is my ultimate handbag dream to own a Chanel one day. But I just don’t see that happening any time soon because the prices are incredibly outrageous! I could pay two month’s rent with this purse! …maybe if I win the lottery some day, one can always dream…

  • NK

    it seems chanel is on an ego-trip raising their prices like 30%
    yeah they are amazing… but seriously? how much is too much?

  • Linda

    what is the patest price now for a jumbo classic flap ( as shown in picture ) ? in U.S / in Europe / in Asia ?
    maybe the price will come down due to economy turmoil.
    any one has some insights on the pricing ?

  • Linda

    I meant “latest” price..

  • SanJ


  • c.d.

    Can someone please tell me if my bag is one of the iconic discontinued ones? I have a jumbo lambskin flap with the newer chain (forgot the name but it’s all metal chain, no leather) that I bought last year around August 2007.


  • c.d.

    whoa whoa so XL jumbo and just jumbo are different sizes????

  • Mia

    I saw that coming, especially after all the celebrities out there sporting this bag!
    Definitely going in the wish list for 09′. I just love the bag, it’s great for everyday look.

  • Anna

    I’m planning to buy a chanel bag but I don’t know if I should buy it in Europe next may or this year in US. Will I be saving money if I buy it in europe next year because of free VAT or here in US + tax? I’m considering the price hike from now until next may. Please someone help me. Thanks

  • AN

    Ithink they are so expensive!! But cute but ugly with the big S on it ugh who would won’t to buy one!?!?? Not me!!!

  • MissLoveChanel

    I want to buy one. I have the classic flap in black caviar and LOVE it; but have seen pics of Nicole Richie (or someone of that ilk) carrying the jumbo (or xl jumbo?) flap like this in red lambskin. That’s my dream bag, if they reissue it, I will buy it regardless of price — some trade-offs are worth the sacrifice — I’ve been lusting after that bag forever!

  • Shopaholic

    ^ I saw it at Neiman Marcus, and it’s $2,600.

  • ashb990

    Is this information true? I actually bought the chanel xl jumbo caviar in black with gold hardware today…so i don’t think it was ever discontinued?
    it was definitely worth the price tag!!!!!

  • cedar57

    I love Chanel and when it comes to the jumbo flap the bigger the better. I will be interested in seeing how different the Maxi is going to be. Checking out a trunk show at the Natick Neiman Marcus next Tues will report back if I see it.

  • BagMyHeartOut

    Hi, Megs et al! Any updates on the Chanel Maxi?

  • Chel

    I went to Saks today to get the jumbo and to take a look at the maxi, but they said that Saks does not ever carry the maxi model and they were out of jumbos. So, I headed out to Chanel, looked at one in the lambskin and ordered the caviar, because they did not have anymore! The boutique just got them in yesterday and they are already sold out!!!
    The stats:
    It is retailing for $2895 and the leather is the new treated caviar, which is much softer and pliable. It is about 2-3 inches wider and taller than the classic jumbo. The chain is a little shorter than the jumbo, but not significantly. The front flap is less scalloped than the other classic bags (it’s more straight). The Chanel logo is also a little bit bigger than the other classics. All in all, it still looks like a classic bag, but just really big. It is a nice alternative to a tote in terms of size. And for those who are on a budget and don’t live in a state that has a Chanel boutique, if you have to order one, it is tax free-you only pay for shipping!!! Hope this helps!

  • iya

    ….any idea chanel boutique manila philippines? thanks a lot;-)

  • snoop

    Yeah.. I’ll definitely get maxi lambskin in red color.. Lambskin cost $3195.

  • gloria

    i wish that they would lower prices a little bit !!

  • Sarah

    Just saw them. Lambskin is $3195 and caviar is $2895.

  • Sharon

    Oh now I’m confused!!!!
    After just finding out about a GREAT tax refund, I’ve decided to buy a Classic jumbo…. But now I’ve seen the XL, I don’t know what to get!!!!!!

  • Cheli

    Check out the Forum for more info about the Maxi. Some have “wings”!

  • Sher

    I saw the Lambskin version in black yesterday at the boutique. Really beautiful!! I had one in the mid 90’s. Well the early 90’s version. I carried to death and then sold on Ebay. I wish I had kept it.

  • Nayla

    Plz help,
    I just bought the new Classic Flap Chanel Jumbo in blue lambskin but I’m confused about the sizes. Is mine the one they’re calling now the Maxi? I read that in Chanel Classic flap the biggest size is Jumbo 12” but mine is a bit bigger. Is the biggest one available the Vintage one at 13.5” (the one Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie have been photographed carrying)?? And what about the 2.55 Reissue XL 14.2”?? I’ve never seen this one does it really exist? Please can someone explain?? Thanx :)

  • kellykitty

    now i am confused – which is the one victoria beckham has? i want that one.

  • Nayla

    VB has the vintage one that’s 13.5” I think its no longer being produced.

  • Ren

    The Jumbo and Maxi are two different bags. The Maxi is about 13.8″ W. I just got the Maxi in Red (which is actually Coral – Chanel is not clever about naming their bags! The Jumbo is $3185. Also, the prices of Chanel keep going up because the US dollar against the Euro continues its downward spiral, hence the price increases.

  • Meemo

    hii, where can i buy the new maxi, which site?

  • Me

    I just bought Chanel Maxi in Black for the price of $3,323 (113,000THB). It’s really hard to find these bags here in Thailand. The shop sold out every colors. I happened to be lucky due to the cancellation of another customer. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a chance of getting my hand on this hot item..

  • luvbug

    omg i got my hands on this bag and i love it xx
    i got it for my 14th yesterday and i jusst cnt take it off
    i also want it in red but i luv it in black so chic!! xxx

    hope u guys can gt 1 xxx sad if u couldnt then id feel 4 u :(

  • sarah

    i just bought the classic maxi in black caviar leather,wow its very beautiful..the price is outrageous, but i guess its worth saving for,especially if its your very first chanel bag…. fabolous!!!

  • Lyn

    I love this forum – it reinforces further my Chanel purchase! I finally just got my Chanel Jumbo (a.k.a. the Extra Large size) and my handbag collection is finally, FINALLY complete. Yes, it’s terrible to actually fork out so much in these economic times, but when I thought of the impending price increases (in UK, they increased the price 3 times since January this year simply because of the depreciation of the pound and euro – all the boutiques of the luxury houses across Europe increased their prices so that prices across the globe will be comparable with not too much variance), waiting any further would mean another price increase would’ve crossed my ultimate maximum threshold for a handbag (oh, amazing how that threshold has had to double from a couple of years ago!!).

    oooh….did anyone see the classic chanel handbag in matt silver lambskin with matt gold hardware? It’s gorgeous….not something you can wear everyday but it will make the other ladies go all green with envy if you carried that in the evenings! I wish Purse Blog would post a picture of it. It’s not on Chanel’s website, but I’ve seen it in the boutiques. That would be the only handbag worth making my “complete” collection, errr, “more complete”. :)

    Happy Chanel-ing!!

  • Chiccat

    I have one. You can see a photo of the matt silver with matt gold hardware in the Chanel reference library.

  • Book Lady

    Can anyone please tell me if sells authentic Chanel bags?

  • Lyn

    Chiccat, I am so envious! Lucky you! Hhhmm, where is the Chanel reference library??

  • KD


  • Amena

    je veux ce sac beaucoup <3 je l’achèterai cet ete hopefully!!

  • Nickles

    :D i LOVE this chanel classic!! Its so simple yet elegant and sophisticated and very sexy. Im saving up for this baby cannot wait to be carrying the hottest acessory out a CHANEL HANDBAG its so couture its crazy but I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!!!!!

  • kari

    Thank you IRINA!!!!!!
    yes i have visited the store, and you were absolutely correct! The maxi bag from this store is SUPERB, and only $199…WOW! what a deal!
    I have ordered the blue one last week. Today i have received it, and i am delighted with my new Chanel Maxi bag!
    girls do not waste your salary , at this store you can have the exact bag, and its only USd 199.
    Thank you IRINA!

  • scent

    Hi Irina and Kari,

    did u buy the MAXI in lambskin or CAVIAR? Is the CAVIAR soft or hard caviar?

    Is the MAXI from luxurybagland blue light blue or dark blue? HAve u checked out the chanel stores and are the blue of the same shade?

    tks tks in advance for the info

  • scent

    Dear Sher, u have seen the maxi laambskin at the boutique, do u recall if the interior was black or red?

  • Marie Claire

    I just bought the last Maxi, black, caviar with gold to be found. It was a fluke. I was at Neiman’s in San Fran and there it was. (Actually it wasn’t really just “there”, the sales lady knew exactly where it was and brought it out to me) There were a couple ladies hovering to see which baq I was going to choose – the Jumbo or Maxi. It blows me away that I would spend that much on a bag (and 9.5% sales tax!), but I love it. I will love it for years and years. There is nothing like a Chanel. I have Gucci’s, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and others, but none compare to Chanel. Perhaps an Hermes but that is waaaay out of my league.

  • sarah lee

    to irina,do u no if they ship to the uk ? and whats the quailty like ? would u be able to tell,iam thinking about getting the red jumbo xl,also r they real leather ?

  • scent

    Hi Marie Claire ,

    Is it soft or hard caviar?

  • scent

    Hi Nayla ,

    yours should be the maxi..may I know if it’s light or darknavy blue?

  • lon

    Maxi’s even sold out in Paris..i bought the jumbo caviar for 1870euros b4 tax rebates…love it!

    with all due respect to copyright and counterfeit issues, i think ppl should stop posting fake bag sites here…

  • mahak


  • scent

    Tks Kari! =)

  • Marie Claire


    Not sure on the hard/soft caviar question. I do know that i was hesitant about the Maxi because some of the flaps start to flip up. The Chanel s/a in SFO told me that. Mine is not like that. I love the bag.


    i Love THIS bag

  • Mngo

    Hi Kari,
    How real is the bag from lucurybagland? details like lock, buttons, flaps, stitches etc….

  • Kari

    MNgo, just as Irina said, it is EXACT. There is no difference. I will usually not promote such sites, but this one is something to consider. The stitches, the locks, the leather, is of superb quality.
    The shade of the ble maxi ( this was the bag i bought) cant be distinguished from the original. I even went to a chanel boutique to show it off. The assistant could not tell.

  • analia

    Kari, what was the name of the store again?

  • Hien

    I bought my 4th Chanel Classic Flap Bag last Wednesday which is the black jumbo caviar with gold hardware and it cost me $3587.75 CDN with tax included. I absolutely adore this bag and the size! It’s more spacious in comparison with the smaller sizes. Don’t get me wrong though, my first 3 bags are in the large size which still makes it good for both day and night wear but just not as spacious as the jumbo for that matter. Other than that I’m dying to get my hands on another Chanel Classic Flap Bag, this time in pink with gold hardware. For me personally I prefer gold hardware on my Chanel Classic because I think it adds more elegance to it than the dull old silver hardware. That’s just my opinion though, nonetheless every Chanel is worth having!

    • GongYoo

      I bought my black jumbo caviar with gold hardware in Kuala Lumpur. Disappointed to have found it made in Italy. All my other Chanels are made in France.Can someone explain?

      • lady931

        I just bought the Chanel large flap in caviar, and was very disappointed it’s made in Italy. The quality (in particular, the lining) is not nearly as good as the bag made in France.

        Wondering what you thought, now that you’ve had yours a while…

  • kari

    to analia:
    its L U X U R Y B A G L A N D . C O M

    • lovechanel

      Hi Kari

      Is it really EXACTLY like the orig one???? inside and out?? thx!!

  • Emily

    I am so happy I found this purse blog full of people as CHANEL OBSESSED as I am!! I have been on a mission trying to find the “old Maxi” old meaning last season in black with gold hardware. I was told that the “old maxi’ only came in lambskin black with gold hardware (i really wanted caviar)…. The “new maxi” out for the fall comes in the caviar but the CC logo is a lot smaller than the Maxi from last season!! Thats what I LOVED about the Maxi was the over-sized CC clasp!!! Plus the leather is a lot more stiff and find it makes the bag more boxy looking. SO, i called every chanel carrier and FINALLY found the MAxi from last season ( they had one that was ordered and returned) ANy opinions on the lambskin vs. caviar…. Do you guys know what I mean about the SMALLER CC logo on the NEW MAXI??? Lets talk CHANEL!~

  • marie claire

    I LOVE my maxi, caviar with gold trim! I felt bad about spending so much money on it, but I am so glad I bought it. It is so beautiful. Now I want a small evening Chanel. I prefer the square one with the gold chain strap. Any suggestions on where to get it?

  • ting

    lambskin or caviar??i just got my red caviar red fall reason jumble size last week but i found the color to be a dark red..or do you guys think i should get the fuscia maxi ?( im a petite size) or it’ll be too big danks for any opinions

  • pixie-olivia

    Please does anyone know is the new XL jumbo bag ( The maxi Bag) will be released in the UK?????!!!!!!!

  • Hien

    Ting – I think the jumbo size fits everyone! I, myself am a petite lady so therefore I believe over sized bags looks really chic! Caviar all the way! It’s more stiff and will hold the shape of the bag for years to come. Don’t get me wrong though, lambskin is nice but really soft hence the reason that a caviar bag would hold its shape.

  • Marsha

    Hi pixie-olivia, I have been told by a SA in London that the new maxi bag will be released in the UK sometime next week. Just try calling the stores daily to find out.

    I have a brand new blk caviar in the jumbo size if anyone is interested which I purchased in New York on Wednesday. I have decided to sell as I am tall and think the Maxi would look better!!!

  • Marsha

    Also forgot to add that the bag I purchased has silver hardware and was alot cheaper as the conversion rate to british pounds made it £1800!!! Pls contact me by email

  • Maria

    I just bought my first Chanel, classic medium black lambskin with gold hardware… Kind of regret as apparently it is that versatile, and a friend of mine even commented that it looks old.


  • zenay

    WOW !!!!I admire you. But it is worth the money. How much is the resale of this bag after 5 years? Which one is better… to buy a Rolex or chanel bag?

  • Discount Jeans

    would like to view your catalog or pictures of your purses..

  • Nina

    Apparently d newest price for lambskin is $3195 & cavier is $2895,d lambskin comes in black & red wit silver hardware & leather silver chain,d old version of d CC clasps r big but d latest one r slightly smaller compared to d previous ones..& latest is abit less bulky than d previous..

  • Preloved Posh

    Have any preloved Authentic Designer for sale? We can help upload and sell your bag for free! We have more than 900 followers over Facebook, twitter, blogspot. Email max. 5 pictures of your bags, its detail and condition, and your contact email address!

    You have Chanel or Hermes on hand? send us your bags in action!

  • Preloved Posh

    Have any preloved Authentic Designer for sale? We can help upload and sell your bag for free! We have more than 900 followers over Facebook, twitter, blogspot. Email max. 5 pictures of your bags, its detail and condition, and your contact email address!

    You have Chanel or Hermes on hand? send us pictures of your bags in action!

  • mark gil anthony plaza

    The Chanel bag is the bag of all fashionst,,like me….And i want to buy the Chanel bag and i give it to my mom….You love it and i admired it but is worth the money…Maybe i save a money to buy that expensive Chanel

  • smoocherooch

    I got it as a gift today in JUMBO size Caviar and Gold Hardware. Its definitely a die for back and you will love it cos it will make you so happy! Buy it now before the price increase anymore. It increased almost AUST$600 in the past 2 years. The price of mine was AUST$ 3380++ straight from Paris.

    • GongYoo

      Hi smoocherooch,
      Is your jumbo made in Italy of France? I am trying to find out why.

  • Rina

    the maxi classic flap lambskin in LA is $3600..

  • Lilly

    I noticed some flaps of the bags stiched alongside the edge. It seems as if only the caviar bags would have the extra stitching. Why is that so? I personall like the bag without the extra stitching line.

    How does tha inside of this bag look like?? Does anybody know if all the classic flaps come with a brownish red color of the inside, too???
    My friend has one and claims it’s original, but I only heard of a red interior flap. What do you Ladies think? Sorry for my ignorance, but I don’t have anybody to talk about this :(

  • Geejay

    The past Valentine’s Day was totally a nightmare to me, thanks to the Chanel store in Neiman Marcus Palo Alto…..

    3 days before the Valentine’s day I went there and spent nearly $3,300 to buy a Chanel handbag like this as a gift for the one I love. Because it is “Chanel” and “Neiman Marcus”, I even did not check out the bag before they wrapped it up in a box. On the holiday morning when the box was opened, it turned out to be a real SURPRISE: it is a bag without white tag (WHICH all brand new Chanel bag should have), and the bag’s serial number inside is totally different from the authenticity card (this supposes to be the way to tell this is a faked or used bag), and the authenticity card has scratches all over the surface, and the bag also looks “used”, at least to us….. It was so embarrassing, humiliating, and insulting that when I was asked by my loved one: “did you buy me a second hand, or faked Chanel bag? This is really a SURPRISE, and it is not necessary…..”
    I went back to the store with the bag and the only explanation from the store manager was that this is a “human mistake”, and this kind thing happen “all the time” in this store. Then I called the Chanel customer service the second day, I was told this is their first time to hear a case like this that the serial number and authenticity card number don’t match, and they will have their research team to do some “research” and “investigation”. I don’t know who is lying, and am very curious what kind of “research” and “investigation” they could conduct because the lady on the phone even did not ask me for the 2 numbers.
    Now my Valentine’s Day was totally screwed up by Chanel, though I did give my loved one a “surprise”. I highly suspect the bad I bough is a used one, or a faked one, and I don’t know what to do with it now.

  • benson

    I have a friend selling a Vintage Chanel Flap XL Jumbo bag but I’m not really sure about its authenticity. When was this bag released? When was it pulled out? I know it was revived in 2009 as the Chanel Maxi bag but I dont know anything about the vintage.

    As for the little engraving on the Chanel Logo, what does it say? Where should it be located? I noticed that the one she sells is on the upper right corner and most pictures I see on the net is on the upper left. Could you please clarify?

  • Daisy

    My boy friend got me a White Maxi bag for my birthday. I am little scared of getting it dirty, but I really love this bag and I can’t wait to wear it in summer!

  • nur

    can anybody tell me what’s the latest price for classic flap bag in london since i am going there this June.need to check on the price first.

  • nigsnmiu

    i feel so bad the last piece of this handbag all over japan in red caviar that i reserved here in tokyo has gone…i reserved it but on the pick up day my daughter got sick so i wasnt able to get it after 2 days w/c is today i called chanel again but they informed me that my “almost mine” bag is gone…can anyone tell me if this bag is available anywhere in caviar leather and not black.ill go the extra mile just to get it.thanks.

  • Keekee

    Does anyone knows the price for Large Classic Flap Bag in Caviar Leather in UK?

  • Keekee

    Price for Classic Flap Bag in U.K is GBP1.920,- for caviar leather and GBP2.100,- for lambskin.
    Price in Paris i believe is around EUR1.960,- for caviar.
    I live in Indonesia where the price for this bag in Chanel Boutique is OUTRAGEOUS! Its IDR36.700.000,- for the caviar, around USD4.077,- based on today’s currency, the lambskin is around $200,0 more. Price in Singapore is SGD4.880,- (for Caviar).
    I ask a friend of mine who’s travelling to Milan-Italy to get me one in Caviar leather , it costs EUR2010 (before tax refund, tax refund is around 10%).
    Cheapest place to go for Chanel (and Louis Vuitton) would be France. (12%tax refund in France).
    I think the lambskin looks nicer than caviar but i’ve been told lambskin is very delicate. So i went with the caviar one. Its my first Chanel bag, its timeless and classic and i absolutely love it!

    • Louise

      Hi keekee…I live in Indonesia too.I look for lambskin.can u give me your mobile number?

  • moiselle

    hi keekee…
    wow its really great..the difference..
    i live in indonesia too..ur friend fluently go to europe?
    wish i can buy it in europe too..
    yup..i also already checked the price..
    jumbo in london is 1920 tax refund is 11%..
    but nobody goes to london recently…

    • Keekee

      Hi Moiselle..
      Im going to Europe around july or august this year, i can get it for. Where in Indonesia do u live? Jakarta? I have many friends going to Europe.. i can ask them if u like. Give me your email and i’ll email you my mobile number..

  • Adrienne Zedella

    not working for me (fb)

  • karen

    Thinking of buying a white chanel flap bag , but cannot decide if I want it with the silver or gold hardware, Please can someone help me on this , with your opinion.

  • anood

    Hi got my chanel Maxi lamb skin a month ago its the best bag I have ever bought . But there is one problem its that the lamb skin is very Delicate and gets dirty very easily so you have to be extra carful other than that its a celeb’s bag .

  • luvluvchanel

    i just bought a maxi chanel from neiman marcus in lv, the width is 13″…is that correct or did the sales lady lie to me and i actually bought a jumbo?

  • jul_iee

    hi, i was wondering are the inside of real chanel bags red or black nd there’s this chanel maxi that i want the lady thats selling it says its 32cm by 23 is that right??

    • butterflies–boutic (facebook)

      hi juliee

      my dear just i want to know is the maxi or jumbo biggest in size

  • lisa

    Wow. Prices sure increase every year! I got a maxi classic flap in black goatskin with matt gold hardware this summer as a present. I found out it cost USD 3900 with tax. It’s simply gorgoes and I think works well even for my size 5’4” and a stylish alternative to totes. However I have to agree, lambskin is hard to take care of and show scratches easily. I have a white tote from 2 seasons back in lambskin which after 2 weeks of usage already had worn off leather at the back where it rubbed on my body being carried. So I had to take it to the chanel manhattan store to get it fixed.

    Better to buy in Europe where you get a significant tax refund!

    Next on my lust list is the maxi in chanel beige with gold hardware…..(that pinky beige). Always something to lust forward to. LOL.

  • Nana

    Anyone know what’s the price for chanel classic jumbo and maxi in europe (in euro)?
    Thanks :)

  • Milley Lee

    Hai, anyone know how much is Maxi classic Cavier flap bag in Germany? (going there in 2 weeks time). What is the tax refund? I m planning to own my very 1st Chanel bag…….. Thanks

  • Jacqueline Pan

    I love Chanel Classic XL Jumbo Flap

  • Dima

    I called the Chanel store in Paris and the Maxi Flap in Caviar with gold chain sells now for 2700 Euros

    • Natalie

      I am after the same bag, and I’ve checked in all Chanel shops possible, apparently there is a new version of Maxi in Caviar (with some additional flap inside) havent seen it yet. And the price is 250 Euros more :(
      Planning to get mine in Milan, Italy

  • bebe

    The New jumbo chanel classic (A58600) in UK £2325 (price quoted 12Dec2010.

    Anyone one know the selling price in USA?

  • Aline

    the price in france for the chanel bags are:
    – jumbo 2 700 eur
    – maxi 2950 eur (2 flops) latest IT bag
    -maxi 2700eur (1 flop) previous collection
    hope that helps

  • jane van

    just purchased the chanel jumbo in cavier black in new york city for $3700 plus tax, making it almost $4000. Can’t decide whether to keep it or return for smaller size. any suggestions???

    • cheryl

      I am in the exact same position as you. I purchased it last month at Saks in Bev Hills. Keep taking it out and putting it back. There is no “wow” factor to it. But if I send it back will I be sorry??? Chanel has got us whipped!

    • purse lover

      give it to me.

    • susie

      i am hearing that the price is going up 20% and no one can find one now!

  • cathy tan

    what is the exact measurement of the maxi flap 2008 compared to jumbo? if the height diff. is only by .5 inches.will you not consider it as maxi? thank’s hoping that you could reply asap..

  • ivette

    Hey guys! I am about to buy a used Maxi 2.55 black caviar with gold hardware. Do you guys know if the black maxi caviar even comes with gold hardware? Also, do you guys know if the inside of the bag is black? I am trying to see if this bag is a fake!!

    • andie

      i have one and its black on the inside with gold hardware. got it from the boutique in singapore… so its real

  • gayane


  • Crazyforbags

    I just go this bag in sliver 2011 with tax for 4633 don’t know weather to keep or return confuse. Is it worth it

  • yan

    youre all lucky to stay in US. chanel maxi for below 5000, its a bargain! i bought my blackcaviar maxi with SHW on 21july 2011 in singapore cost sgd $7420..

  • Jenny c

    I am going to purchasing the first Chanel bag.
    Need help for make decision between Maxi lamb skin flat in dark purple$4700 and black maxi cavier flat? I am a mom with 5yr boy. It’s kind hard for me to be careful all the time with the lambskin bag but I really love the dark purple….
    And I know the cavier is match with everything and less worry…
    Also I will do a lot cross shoulder wearing, will maxi looks too big? or should I get jumbo$4300?
    Please help me to make right descision for my first one !!

    Thank you

  • Christy L.

    I love Chanel bags, but can never afford one:(

    thank you for your info.

  • catmomo

    I had just received the maxi double flap in caviar with the GHW, as a birthday gift (yes, it was the best birthday ever~!) – I am a little confused though as to what size it really is, as I was told that it was a maxi -which apparently replaces the jumbo? Is it the same thing?

  • katia

    Hello l have an Chanel bag to sell,the picture one,l am in London now,and if you are here and interested just write me back.

  • katia

    also l have the chanel certificated.

  • misspari

    i’m looking for caviar maxi big logo in black or blue..anyone know where can i find one the hologram starts with 12….

  • Salilmalik

    so reasonable

  • Salilmalik

    i juat love thia bag..i feel like myselg when i carry it…  so chic and so meeeeeeee galzzz

  • GloriaV

    Is there a way to adjust the chain of the maxi classic cavier to one chain instead if two?