chanel L.A. bag
Chanel L.A. Bag

Hot from the Chanel Cruise 2008 collection, a range of handbags are making their way to the boutiques. The recent and upcoming price increases for Chanel handbags is exorbitant, but Chanel fans think it is worth it. As the brand continues to evolve, their best selling handbag is their classic and timeless flap bag. A hot bag from their Cruise 2008 collection is the Chanel L.A. Bag which sports the letters LA in red across this tote with chain handle. The bag is loved by many Chanel fans already and will start to pop up in boutiques soon. $1450 through your Chanel boutique or inquire through Nordstrom Seattle.

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  • Vienna

    I love Chanel, but this is not my style. Having been born and raised in New York, I would never wear this bag.

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      • Kaytey

        Please don’t post links to faux bag sites here. it’s disrespectful, and tells me that you’re underestimating our intelligence.

    • Malibu_girl

      Personnally, i dnt think Lagerfeld chose the Los Angeles Initials for nothing. LA is a glamourous city full of stars artists, and fashionnistas:D i mean why not? We should be proud of his choice:D and the colors are amazing:)

  • dana

    I think they should make a New York bag also. I love this bag, but like “Vienna” said, us new yorkers can’t be wearing an LA bag. lol

  • phanness

    :mrgreen: it needs to say Chanel Oakland, but i don’t think it’ll sell well. Id buy it

  • Anita

    I like the bag but would never by a bag with big red letters on it. Yuck.

    • Jelita78

      yuck from me too!
      whats with the big red letters anyway?
      as if it’s trying to tell “can’t you read?”
      not my cup of tea.. (ipad)

  • LuLuLV

    too sluchy for my taste and I don’t care for the LA on it. :sad:

  • chloehandbags

    I like the slouchiness, but Chanel chain straps always look thin and uncomfortable, to me and I would never carry a bag that spelled out the name of the brand so blatantly.

    I also don’t really see the attraction of having the name of a city emblazoned in huge red letters across one’s bag, either. :?:

  • foxyqt

    i dont like it either.. i bet celebs are gonna go nuts with this one though

  • Kaytey

    For some reason, I think it looks too cheap to be Chanel. Just my opinion, though.

  • KK Green

    I can not wait for the knock-off! Should be easy to do!

    • Dee Dee’s Designer Handbags

      My bags are Authentic at great prices.Ask me Q’s I can send pics!!!!
      Dee Dee

  • saf

    Does anyone know where this bag can be purchased?

  • merve

    so tacky…really unclassy for chanel…i cant believe its actually real…i would have thought it was a made up knock off.

  • merve

    then again i bet Paris Hilton already has one..another good reason not to be seen with it. :oops:

  • MissLoveChanel

    I live in LA and would not carry this bag. It’s too slouchy and I don’t like the spelled out “CHANEL”. I wish they’d made an “LA bag” that was a bit classier. I would have bought one since I do love LA :grin:
    On second thought, though, I MIGHT get it just because I DO live in LA. When will Chanel ever make another LA bag…let me get my car keys……

  • June

    I tried this on while bag shopping, it’s really large! I am unsure of the shape but the large canvas LA is so CUTE! :eek:

  • kate

    :lol: i love chanel…

  • Tashe

    this bag is absolutely so chic I love it but it is definately not worth a grand or two

  • Paris

    First you guys need to know that this is not a real bag and paris hilton is cool not like u so dont worry (Chanel doesnt sell bags online)

  • MissLoveChanel

    I went to the Chanel boutique with the intent to purchase this bag. But when I held the bag I really didn’t like it very much- the feel is scratchy and somehow (oh I hate to say it!) feels cheap. It was a bit on the large and slouchy side, but I’m sure I would have gotten over those issues if not for the rough feel of the bag… I like that it says LA but I wish they had made it in leather. I didn’t buy one :neutral:

  • rhonda

    I purchased the bag, I love the slouchiness of the bag, it is perfect for a casual chic look, that could also dress up a plain outfit for evening. But then I am a true Chanel fan and just about every bag she makes is a must have, that is if you can afford it.(and I am not from L.A. and it is still a great bag).

  • n

    hi :smile: .. does anyone know the measurment for this bag :?: ..i love it :lol:

  • Cruz

    Chanel does have a bag like this that is more structured and in leather. It is white with the red LA letters. It is very nice.

  • cristal canela

    this chanel bag is so cute an it fits to my stlye.

  • sherrie marland

    OMG!!!!!!!! if paris hilton already this i dnt care cuz this is ah-mazing!!!!!!!!

  • Wonder Gal

    I am been Chanel bags since i was 13 and I have to say this Chanel LA is one of my persoal favs. I love it.. Im not personally from LA but i have been there many times and I love it .. This bag is meant for somebody who really enjoys Los Angeles and I totally do.

  • Kitty

    I really love this bag……I have it in both colors and it’s so much fun to wear,I am a true chanel bag girl and if you are this is a must have …..It’s great for shopping because everything can fit in it, I mean and it’s a great price for someone that spends over two thousand for bags{like myself}…..i mean yeah it’s slouchy but it’s also funky,fun & cool wear.

  • thamanna


  • mrscal

    the purses are on fire id were any purse thats designed by chanel

  • pink

    OH my God!!!!!!!!!! This is such a fabulous LA bag I love it its just so fashionable. I am totally gonna buy it.

  • Jan

    This bag is the definition of Chic..Sex in the City L.A. Style!!

  • Gisele

    Hi cici, I dont think the reader here are fan of chinatown bag, I rather dont have bag than faux chanel bag

  • Magdalena

    OMG! LOVES IT! REPRESENT LA!!! I’ve been looking for this bag everywhere!! I saw it back in february and have wanted it SOOOOOO bad!! L.A.’s da shit! and P-Hilt is my gurl! hell ya can’t wait to get this bag for my 21st bday and rock dis shit all over da world!! NoW DATS Wassup!!!!

  • elle

    i looooooove this bag! the fact thats its not bulky or stiff was the selling factor for me. it would be nice though to see other major cities represented, like ny.

  • gloria

    its fine but not perfect

  • flora_song

    how much?