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  • Elle

    These bags remind me of their vintage collections.

    • Definitely a little bit of throwback here, especially with the chevron quilted and contrast-trim flaps!

  • Lola

    This is actually a very “classic” collection from Chanel. No gimmicky little objects, very straight forward.
    A lot of bags have a vintage feel and others are just new in terms on materials.
    I love Chanel but i don’t think that every bags of them should have a double C clap.
    Their shopping bag and all the bags with removable pouches doesn’t need those double C.

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  • Gigi

    Oh god, I’m in love! Slide 5, 12, and 45 especially. Time for me to win the lottery!!

  • Brittany

    The crochet flap bag is surprisingly adorable!

  • ellavanw

    The tweeds and the two-tone flaps are adorable. I really like the shoppers – is the top one an update of the GST?

  • FashionableLena

    Love the camera bags. Now, if they would just make one in the iridescent fabrication. I also love slide 44 and the turtle shell.

  • Sara

    This collection is much classier than Chanel’s previous one. There is a vintage/old school Chanel element in all of them. They are fun without being childish.
    Ps; I normally don’t gravitate towards backpacks but I really like the flap backpack.

  • Taki

    Does anyone know if the boy bag (pic 14) in iridescence hardware comes in new medium size?

    • Newyorking

      Yes it does, I saw it in a store.

    • esk

      It does and the price difference is tiny. It’s stunning to see the color change in the light

  • Yoshi1296

    Literally every single bag is hideous.

  • The turtle shell minaudiere is amazing!

    • JanelleClayton.com

      The turtle shell minaduiere is my favorite piece in the entire collection! I need to seek out more details!

  • Wow! This collection is so much better than the last one. They really have some stunning pieces.

  • Vicky

    Remind me so much of many vintage pieces, but at least, I think most of the designs look very practical. I’m not in love though.

  • Hanakimi87

    Chanel has always been elegant but somehow not very appealing to me. These iridescent bags are another story. Gorgeous!

  • Linda Kim

    I absolutely love your blog !!!

    I went to the 2015-2016 Chanel Cruise Launch Party in Seoul, South Korea.

    If youre interested, please check out my blog


  • Incognito Anonymous

    Fell in love with the classic flap purple mermaid ????????

  • Jerri R

    Drool drool drool

  • Michele

    I got the 25th bag and it is absolutely gorgeous, you can’t tell by the pictures but it’s a double flap and the interior is all white but doesn’t have the pocket at the back of the bag like the classic flaps, one thing I have to mention is that it’s kind of delicate because of the sequins and your almost on a fear of tugging on a sequin and breaking it which would slowly cause all of them to fall since they are embrodered very sparse, but in general it’s a gorgeous bag LOVE IT

  • I must say you have a awesome collection.

  • Jerri R

    Am I the only one who sees how some of these bags look too vulnerable to stains, snags or dirt?

  • Al G

    I love the alligator bags.