It’s rare that you see a new bag design and think, “That’s a classic,” but that’s exactly what I thought when I first spied the Chanel Boy Bag on the runway. The bag has it all: timeless Chanel signatures in a package that feels modernized and casual. The Boy Bag is, in essence, a perfect piece for our time, and so many shoppers agree that it can be hard to track it down to buy in basic black.

Chanel doesn’t sell its bags online, which can make complete pricing information difficult to come by, especially for shoppers outside the US. Below, we’ve compiled as much pricing information as possible for the world’s biggest luxury markets, all noted in local currencies: the US, UK, Canada, France, China, Japan, Singapore and Australia. If you see an inaccuracy or have information that could help us fill in one of the open spots, please let us know in the comments. Also, rices across eurozone western Europe are more or less standard, so France’s price also reflects pricing in places like Italy and Germany.

For a comparison of the four sizes on a model, please see the bottom of the post, and for a complete guide to the Chanel Boy Bag’s materials, dimensions, hardware and more, check out The Ultimate Bag Guide: The Chanel Boy Bag.

Chanel Boy Bag Prices
Last Updated: June 2017

Country Small Medium New Medium Large
USA $4,300 $4,700 $5,200 $5,500
Canada $4,925 $5,350 $5,950
UK £3200 £3480 £3890 £4170
France €3660 €3980 €4440 €4760
China ¥26500 ¥28800 ¥32100 ¥34500
Japan ¥437400 ¥475200 ¥530280
Singapore $5850 $6210 $6930
Australia $5460 $5940 $6620

Model Images via The Real Real

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