It’s rare that a new bag design is released and immediately deemed a classic, but that’s exactly what happened when the Chanel Boy Bag debuted almost a decade ago on the runway. The Boy Bag has got it all: that timeless Chanel appeal all wrapped up in a pretty package that feels modernized and casual. The Boy Bag is, in its simplest form, a perfect piece for our time, and so many consumers agree that many times the Boy can be hard to track down in its neutral colors like basic black.

The Chanel Boy Bag continues to actively sell, and sell fast, inspiring a lust in consumers all over the world, nearly ten years after it was released. Because of this demand, Chanel has continued to produced the bag in a wide variety of colors, sizes and novelty materials. This instant classic was, and is, a beloved bag by so many, oftentimes becoming the starter bag in many new Chanel lovers closets. It’s got that classic Chanel vibe, but it’s more casual and, some would argue, more approachable than some of the brand’s more traditional offerings.

The Boy Bag debuted at the perfect time as younger shoppers had begun to take interest in the brand. The Boy fulfilled a gap in Chanel’s offerings of signature bags that were mostly skewed towards older shoppers with more formal wardrobes and personal styles. But despite its immediate popularity, the Boy Bag does contain elements that are a bit edgier and trendier than its iconic older sister, the 11.12 aka the Classic Flap, which has been in existence for almost a full 7 decades. There’s no arguing that the Boy Bag is an icon of a generation, a cornerstone of modern handbag history, but it still begs the question: Can the Boy Bag Last for Another 50+ Years?

It has all the elements to withstand even the most scattered of consumers who are constantly looking for the next best thing. Signature Chanel details, a wearability that is unmatched, all pulled together by the fact that it was created by none other than Karl Lagerfeld, a handbag icon of our generation. What do you think? Is the Chanel Boy Bag here to stay?

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