Chanel may be known for its timeless designs, but with the introduction of the Boy Chanel collection, Chanel brings us a line that is both seductive and a slight change of pace. Unmistakably different, the collection strays from the quilted flap bags we have come to expect from the brand.

Made to be worn as a shoulder or cross-body bag, the Boy Chanel collection holds close to the Chanel aesthetic while providing an entirely different appeal. The designs are clean and bold, simple and appealing. In fact, the duality of the design is inspired by a cartridge bag that was originally made for hunters.


The Boy Chanel is produced in three sizes, the smallest functioning as a purse and the largest as a tote. Staying true to Chanel, the colors palette includes a flat red, deep black, intense grey, lead green, and clean ivory in glazed calfskin. Price range is $2500 – $4300 and the bags will arrive in August.

Karl Lagerfeld suggests this with a new interpretation of boyish charm saying, “Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses; she had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Boy Chanel.”

What do you think of the new Chanel Boy Bag Collection?

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  • M

    Does anyone know what are the price points for these bags are?

    • Let me ask and see if I can get some additional info!

      • Here is the info I was just given: Price range is $2500 – $4300 and the bags will arrive in August

      • Guest

         Lol, “I was just given” It’s in the article!

      • Kate

        I think the post was edited to include that information AFTER this exchange between M and Meg’s @Guest.

  • Wyllowdaemon

    I think these are amazing. I really like the grey and silver tone one :)

  • Laura

    gorgeous! Again Chanel has shown why it is a legacy to the fashion world.

  • LV-nowwhat

    I love them I want one —But what is the price??

  • 19yearslater

    They’re very pretty, I like the red one best. They are true to the Chanel aesthetic but are also innovative and different.

  • rose60610

    I like them. Both refined and austere looking. I question the comfort of the chain after wearing one a while, though.

  • Zaali

    Love them…Megs, what is the price, please?

  • steph

    where and when will this be available?

  • Pixiejenna

    <3 them! I can't wait to find out the price points for them.

  • 777love69

    Visually Karl, spiritually Chanel ;)

  • karen

    they look heavy…=T

  • ethylove

    dear god i am in love! i had totally written off chanel (mainly due to finances, and i managed to convince myself i didn’t even like the classic flap anymore)… but wow!

  • nielnielniel

    and i thought finally….something for the boys….

  • kittybling

    These look awesome! How much will they cost?

  • nikki

    i love it! except for one thing…the huge “chanel” word on top of the flap. dont get it. otherwise, it’s beautiful :)

    Don’t live life on fast forward. Coast Thru Life.

    • Model_Ingenuity

      It resembles the binded end of a book. Very utilitarian!

  • Somethingbags

    Timing is great! The classic quilted bags are getting to be all over. This is the new classic Chanel!

  • fifi

    Nice!! What is the price?

  • DJ

    The small black one has the nostalgic aesthetic of an old-school camera case.

  • fematje

    not thrilled chanel has some pretty not so detailed plain jane bags that are so small and cheap like quality on the inside.. but expect so much as in price!! i bet these guys are no taller then 8x9x4 and priced at $2,500

  • Angela

    I’m loving Chanel again =)

  • Model_Ingenuity

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! This collection is the best thing Karl has done in a long ass time!

  • lulugurl2006

    I love these! So funky and chic. I love how they sort of resemble a book!

  • Lucinda

    I LOVE them, very utilitarian chic, I’d like to find out how much they cost compared to the classic bags.

  • Chris

    I love them. Very classy and great unusual hardware. And I love the “Chanel” on the top of the flap, this is so unusual. And a very nice name, when I read “Boy” I thought of her great love.

  • Rina Red

    I love Ivory in the biggest size! The top handle gives it a very nice touch and love the hardware! <3

  • Amy

    I LOVE these bags! Of course, I love most Chanel bags. Really trying to save up enough money to buy one (without making my husband choke). This style would definitely be good competition for my money (competing with the classic flap/2.55). However, I am awaiting Megs’s information on the price. Wonder how these compare to the flap. (How much is the flap nowadays – it’s going up in price June 1, I think I read here.)

    • Price range is $2500 – $4300 and the bags will arrive in August!

      • Amy


  • ninjaninja

    I love them except for the huge “CHANEL.”

  • Kathy

    I love the bags. They have a classic Art Deco look about them.

  • mirna

    I might be the weird one here but for those prices I’d rather go with something more classic. I’m not a fan.

  • mochababe73

    I agree with Mirna. I’m not that impressed. And, the prices are little high for what you get.
    Will you be reviewing the collection from The Row. I read an article in Harper’s Bazaar about it (Britney on front cover). There’s pictures too, and they’re pretty pricey.

  • Vicky

    Loving it messenger style. Not the tote. If the size and the price is right, I may get it. Well, coz until now I’m still not so sure about that huge Chanel on the side.

  • mia

    I love these bags. Too bad the prices are so high now – otherwise, i’d jump on one.


    I hope it doesnt make me a bad person but I love the spine far more that the bag itself. When I saw the spine I thout it would ve a book style bag and was a little disappointed by the design of the bag itself

  • Ms Julian

    Not Impressed, if this was Guess brand everyone would say how ugly.
    Channel needs to stay classic, whats this new symbol on these bags, looks like a doorbell.

  • sosti

    like it!!

  • XXAL

    i am deeply in love with every single purse in the first image. trying really hard to suppress my desire for them otherwise i will go crazy..

    i dont like the sides of the purse where its kind of wrinkled.. (on last image).. love this collection nonetheless! do you think it is possible for any of these to be added to the classics? i dont want it to sell out since i definitely wont have the money for them in august.. =S

  • hmm

    i think this may be the first time i have ever liked a chanel bag. i won’t buy it, but i like it.

  • roberto

    i need at least one of those NOW! Dear CHANEL I’ve been so good and I pray to you every day, so please send me one as a signal if you can hear me.

  • GK

    Very spunky edgy bags….but I personally only go for the classics cause although these bags are nice looking, I know they will be so out of style by next year, and I can’t afford to splurge so much on what will only last so long~

  • Kate

    I think I might like one of those bags.

  • pingu

    I’m not a fan of this style from Chanel. But might change my mind when i see it in person..maybe :) Looks a bit like a copy of Marc Jacobs handbags.

  • MizzJ

    As much as I love the classic quilt, I am so excited to see this new direction! It’s about time that Chanel did more than tweed and quilting.

  • grace amah

    your product are the best

  • NICA

    Will these bags be part of the permanent collection of Chanel Bags?

    • Cady

      Apprcetiaoin for this information is over 9000—thank you!

  • Melissa

    Sorry I’m the odd one out, but I really do not like the style or design of these bags. The prices are SO NOT worth it.

  • Tingeling


  • Hannah Yingzi

    so nice ! love that most in all the chanel bags …

  • Cherilady

    totally love it. Check out store today,unfortunately they dont have the small size.