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  • eyda

    loving the palm cuffs (?) and bangles more than the bags! what an intricate collection

  • seres

    The gold fuel canister is a alittle on the nose for a Dubai collection, Y/N?

    • He does take the mick a bit too much sometimes

      • shueaddict

        You need the extra gas canister when you go on a desert safari …

      • “It actually contains a flash for when we thirst from those long walks near the ‘club district’..”

  • ahhhsoneo

    so of these just look like a cluster you-know-what. Sometimes I think Chanel is really just making fun of us…

    • YazmineWiltshireoan321

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  • Nothing too exciting here, last year’s Cruise was better

    • Sarah

      I actually love the gas gallon bag and I’m from Kuwait. It was part of our life growing up when filling up our jet-skis and boats with gas and taking extra gallons with us for a long day of fishing out to-sea and going to the islands.. Also on trips to learn how to drive manual cars in the desert growing up.. I definitely will would like to get one! Sometimes certain designs have sentimental values to people.. :)

      • Erika

        It’s part of our culture in what wer’re going thru running out of gas

  • The Gem and caged clutches are a standout! The other ones are expected. What I really liked in this collection was the necklaces and bracelets.

  • shueaddict

    The detalining in the clothes is yet more breathtaking up close. I know the pictures focus on the bags but my eye goes to the amazing work that went into this. Feast for the eyes !!!!!

  • Sandy

    I think some of the bags are quite beautiful actually….I think the chain around Wallet on a Chain “ish” bag is very useful and would probably be very popular.

  • Q80 High Street Blog

    The petrol gallon bag is so offensive!

  • Katia

    Honestly, some of these bags look kind of cheap to me…

  • aymillz

    The two pearl beauties are to die!!!

    • Johanna

      I love the black one! The only one in this collection. But the golden one somehow – and I wish it wasn’t so – reminds me of some alien skin disease.

    • Johanna

      Looking at it again, I think I’d probably love it in real life! And it would give a nice soft scratch in the palm of my hand :)

  • helenhandbag

    More excited for the S/S sale than this collection to be honest…

  • Jennifer Del Mundo

    Sometimes I would imagine Mademoiselle Chanel herself would rise from the grave and give Karl Lagerfield a good, hefty slap on the face for bastardizing her House of Design. I’m all for the Classic and the contemporary as well but KL took his design to the cheapest level.

    • Bo


      • Jennifer Del Mundo

        Yeah, really….

  • RARA69

    absolutely horrific, Mr. Lagerfeld has never amazed me and I feel he is a tired dancing bear. It is more about the Chanel gimmick and less about design and quality. Gaudi gone highstreet.

    • Bo

      OMG, you should get a job at Chanel… You’re so witty.

  • too expensivie here, we have the cheapest bags, free shipping

  • Orighomisan Dediare

    I think many would beg to differ on what Karl’s motives are when producing the collections for Chanel. It is precisely his inventive nuances of the flap bag that catches everyone’s attention that leads them to enquire. It is exactly this free spirit to express her vision at a time where women were defined by a strict dress code that brought Gabrielle Chanel the notoriety that fuelled her popularity. Look back also to the full skirt introduced by Dior that shocked but then defined the fashion of a decade. Creativity is never truly appreciated because it is not understood. Years from now however, his critics will be cooing how these creative differences we see Karl introduce today define pop culture in the not too distance future.
    Lagerfeld has practically made CHANEL a household name accessible to all! That should prove the success of his strategies. I loved every piece of this collection. Encore Karl!

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