Chanel 2.55 Ankle Bag
Chanel Anklet in Gold, $1,325.

As much as I dislike media attention whore Lindsay Lohan, it seems as if her pathetic drunken binges, drug abuse and ankle-fit alcohol detection devices rang in a new trend. That of anklets. Bizarre, but if it gets Chanel to create the eyebrow-raising 2.55 Ankle Bag, there must be something to it. A fad that will pass as quickly as it came.

Chanel Kaleidoscope Bag
Chanel Kaleidoscope Bag, $2,125

The Chanel Kaleidoscope Bag looks like M&M-sprinkled fun for Spring, but a bit steep in price for – what appears to be – a canvas bag.

Chanel COCO MANIA brooch in black
Chanel COCO MANIA brooch in white
Chanel COCO MANIA Brooch in black / white, $305 / $285

The Coco Deco pins are a great way to add a little Chanel glitz to a hat, scarf, blazer, necklace, or whatever your creative mind can come up with.

For these and many more Chanel accessories, call Nordstrom Seattle at 206.628.1390.

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  • lightblue84


  • Cindy Maher

    Not for me.

  • dimon

    I’m sick to death of logos, all those double cc are a nightmare. They really take us for a bunch of idiots with how many of the major brands are over doing the logos. Enough! Lets see some style and innovation. Oh and the little gold ankle bag is plain stupid, but if it can be attached to a belt I guess it could be usefull for something. Keys, maybe?

  • Katy

    Oh my.. that ankle bag is hideous is ridiculous. And let me guess.. I’m sure it retails for over 1K or close to it which is even more ridiculous.

  • Cathy

    Wow … is all I can say to the anklet bag. But the joke will be on everybody if some celebrity actually ends up wearing it and making it popular …

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    Ankle bag is a joke for sure and a total waste of money. I remember way back in the day, Chanel made a handheld medium size flap bag with a mini flap bag attach to it with a lock. That was darling.

  • tine

    ankle bag?? omg…gross! is that suppose to be fashion???…c’mon…that is just ridiculously hideous!!!!

  • Minh

    I would never buy a Chanel bag that made of canvas, plastic or peace of wood ! Well, who know Chanel may create one from …grass or paper next year! So please, go back to the original and sophisticate, also practical to the consumer’s budget… that will have all applause from us- those will love and appreciate the beauy of Chanel !

  • Lori

    The shoes are lovely. The ankle purse no way. I do not see this catching on with anyone. As a classic gold handbag it would be great.

    • nat

      Shoes are Dior though … :wink:

      • fastcat91

        The shoes are actually Chanel :smile:

      • Rachel

        Actually, they are Dior shoes, not Chanel.

      • Lizz

        Maybe there not Chanel or Dior ?

      • GiiRL

        SHUT UP.
        AND ii THiiNK iiTS CUTE BUT iiT NOT NEEDED :eek:

      • DIMA

        ACTUALLY they r CHANEL, they came in champangne, black and coral, u cna tell by the gold strip in the back with the interlocking CC. I have them all. So it is a CHANEL SHOE…. Please!!!! DIOR… huh…

  • Minh

    Yes, I agree with you Lori, i love to have a new one in gold, the reissue, or clasic flap. The ankle one is for 10 year olds girl. I got 2 during last month : one is classic lambskin, the other is the metalic blue wallet, they both goregous and function for most of my oufits. Any one have a good advice on the texture on gold Chanel purse–small, medium, or evening? Which size will speak of fashion but also practical for both night and day?

  • Toni

    I guess Chanel decided to go slummin’. ughhhhh……..

  • Marie

    I’m not that crazy about that anklet purse…I think it is just extremely wierd however VLAD’s comment about Lindsey Lohan is almost as distasteful and offensive…I am not a fan of hers but this is a purse blog not a blog to speak hateful comments about other people…I have always visited this site to see what other people think before making big purchases to add to my collection, however (Vlad)your comment about Lohan made this site unworthy. I certainly do not want to associate with anyone who is set to libel and slander any one for his cause!

    • If me calling her an ‘attention whore’ and her behavior ‘pathetic’ is “hateful, distasteful and offensive” to you, I am afraid that we’re just going to have to disagree.

      I suppose that you may want to avoid independent blogs if a little sarcasm at the expense of an a-list Hollywood celebrity offends you.

  • Barb

    I see that ankle purse and can only think of old Gary Larson Farside cartoons.

  • Asil

    lol calm down…Vlad didn’t say any “distasteful slander” as you might call it. There is a hugge difference. He is stating the “so called facts of linsey lohan according to the media, and then focusing on her latest fashion choice. BESIDES, no one is asking you to agree with his opinions, after all, this IS a BLOG and it has a personal touch to their fashion file!

  • Stephanie

    this is so tacky for Chanel.

  • KoobaLover

    The ankle bracelet is hideous.

    On the other hand, Vlad rocks! Why anyone would take a celebrity-diss personal is beyond me. ???

  • It is all in good fun. Typically celeb jokes are just light-hearted fun, and playing off of what the media says. Not supposed to be taken super seriously!

  • Grace

    One word for the ankle bag …. WEIRD!

  • morgan

    Ok so as heinous as that ankle bag is, if I were to ever have an ankle bracelet for some unknown reason, I would take a pit stop at the nearest saks on my way home from prison to buy it. :wink:

  • MizzJ

    People people we are all missing the point here and that is who made those gorgeous shoes?!

  • Jahpson

    everything is ugly.

  • Peter Belisi


  • Amanda

    Coco Chanel would be rolling in her grave in disgust :shock:

  • LucianaW

    I agree with you Amanda!!! :shock:

  • Windy


  • hpb2c

    have u guys seen this bag worn on the arm? its actually cute. i think it was in vogue, but not 100% sure if thats the right mag. if u took the band off itd be what? i tiny reissue clutch? in metallic gold?! i dont see the disgust, sorry.

    and this bag to me feels more like art. it is evoking thought about our society today. who would ever think a bag representing an ankle bracelet would come out of the house of chanel?

  • MissLoveChanel

    I actually like the bag. More than that I’m a bit fascinated with it. It’s very, very different from other things I own, and it seems a convenient way to pack just a phone and a lipstick if I were to go out to a club. Or even as an addendum to a larger bag -which one might stash in the car trunk- if going to a party and (again) just wanted to carry around a phone and a lipstick without having to keep track of a clutch. I think it’s a fun and innovative bag- though personally I would probably wear it more often on my arm than my ankle.

  • Graciella

    I don’t like the idea of wearing a bag on your ankle, but I do love the bag – I’d use it inside a big bag/purse to keep keys and other small stuff (I guess I have a bit of a thing for mini bags ever since I bought the baby Mulberry Bayswater). I’d like it better in another colour though, red or something, since I’m not big on metallics

  • Dolphin-chick

    That ankle bag reminds me of those little wrist coin purses they used to make (and probably still do) when I was a kid. You know the ones: they were shaped like animals and you’d carry around your Chuck E. Cheese game tokens in them. The canvas bag and the brooches? No, just no.

  • Pinky

    Yeah I am not liking this. Of course this isn’t as silly as the Chanel dumbbells – oh I mean hand weights – heh heh for $760 a pair I saw in the May issue of Bazaar. :shock:

  • Brie

    I actually like the bag! Something cute and different and I like the ankle bag/bracelet but there is no way in hell that I am paying $1325 for that ankle thing! I could use my money to invest on the Kaleidoscope bag insted and pitch in a couple more bucks!

  • Madonna

    I’m just wondering why the chanel bags/purses are very expensive? What makes these stuff expensive? when it comes to quality, these chanel brand is no different from other brands which are far more better in shape and style yet it’s very affordable.

    Honestly, i only like the chanel perfumes such as coco chanel. But their bags/purses is edgy. They should not make their purses that expensive. the quality and style is not worth the prize! sorry!!!

  • lalalisa

    there so expensive because people like me can afford them and they know that they can get money out of the riches and the poor people cant have them ahahahahaahhaahahaahh thats sucks for you guys ahaahahaahahahaahahahaahhh…. they want the people who would value them not use them as a pillow to sleep on ahahahahhaahhhahahahah gotta go shopping bye

  • lalalisa


  • Joyce

    I’m a teenager girl (16) & I’d wear it. I never even thought people would compare it to a little device thing for house arrest.

    Everywhere I go people seem to say they wouldn’t buy it which is fine B/C it means I’d have a change of getting it. lOl. I just think it’s silly how it’s like over $1,000 when I could put maybe my cell & some lipgloss & maybe some lipstick in it!


  • ophi

    to lalalisa- were you serious about your whole comment about you being rich? because i’m not poor and i still cant afford chanel things. just because i’m not walking around with some $1,00 dollar bag the size of my fist doesnt mean i am poor :!: i’m happy with the things i have even if i dont have these REALLY expensive bags.

    and this whole ankle thing really isnt working for me. i would much rather see it as a bag. though i wouldnt buy it i like coach prices alot more. :!:

  • Um as a 15 year old girl who loves chanel…this is a bit weird :S

  • Lizz

    Im 15 and I like collect designer bags and I LOVE Chanel!! I wouldn’t wear this! Everytime you wanted something out your bag you’d have to bend down to get it! Pointless and a waste of money.

  • juju

    Oh my goodness!!! How incredibly stupid!

  • lindajo morgan

    tackiness is the new black, obviously, oh wait…I think I hear the dulcid thumping of Chanel rolling over in her grave.

  • Marisa

    We are all being taken for fools. Overinflated prices on bags showing the designer’s initials (in effect, consumers are advertising for them, for free). Let’s all get smart in these tough economic times. Let them make realistic designs and sell them at realistic prices. Waste not, want not.

  • Kathey

    The ankle bracelet seems too flashy and tacky. The Deco pins are so cute to add to a blazer with a black slinky top with white skinny jeans with a pair of ankle flat boots.

  • lalalalalala

    I can imagine that ankle toe in a total ATTENTION WHORE hahahahaha with her LITTLE TINY PETITE WHORE BAG hanging on her ankle, where she carries her CONDOMS and the MONEY of the clients