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  • Saymama

    Celine. The brand that keeps on giving. The new Phantoms with the knotted handles are To LIVE FOR! Coveting come end of summer!

  • Webaj

    Some very nice bags and some very strange bags like the white cabas tote that looks like it is covered with black bugs and the “green moss” bags. I do adore the new shoulder/hobo pictured on photos 23 and 24.

  • annabelle

    was wondering how much the phantoms and mini luggage is after the price increase? anyone know?

    • alex

      i read the mini is 2700 from 2400…as for the phantom, not sure

  • EbonyLolita

    I LIVE for the Black on Black snake print! THAT screams winter to me! I’m not too excited about the rest. Sowee

  • Rashida

    I saw some nice bags…

  • Sheila (Maddy Loves)

    I’m seeing a lot of hermes here. As much as I used to love the designs of Celine, they’ve become unoriginal in the past 2-3 years, and what’s worse is that people still comment that other brands are copying celine designs. Reminds me of that debacle with Apple saying everyone is copying their designs and their most recent release is has obvious elements of Windows Phone and Android.

  • Scottsdale Kim

    I had the opportunity to visit Celine on Madison Ave. this past weekend. Apparently there are bags on site that they chose not to display. I guess they are offered on a need to know basis. One such bag was a yellow nano that they continue to produce as part of their library. I always wanted the yellow nano but found the staff to be so aloof that I purchased the Hermes Jypsiere instead. What a disappointment this store was! Barneys is so much better!

  • guest

    That bag above, the Celine Tie bag is ugly. I have never liked those side wings. This style of a bag is likened to a bat, is what I think!