Veruca Salt (from Willy Wonka) loves chocolate like I love Celine bags.

Meaning, ‘I want Celine. I want all of the Celine bags. I want to lock them all up in my closet. It’s my brand of handbags. Give them to me now.’

I hope you’ve not only seen the movie, but also remember that line – if not, the reference may have totally confused you.

The point is, I absolutely unequivocally love Celine bags. I do not stand alone. The Celine fan base continues to grow as their Classic Box bag, Luggage Tote, and new Phantom Luggage Tote are taking the handbag-loving world by storm.

I have my name on the list for two fall bags and as I patiently wait for their July arrival, I wanted to share some other fall images sent to me. Are you loving Celine as much as I am or not buying the hype?



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  • rose60610

    Gorgeous. I like the way the handles attach. The lines are sensual. The brown and blue luggage tote is my favorite.

    • Kimber

      It’s my favorite too, I’d love to buy it if only I could find it????

  • I just got my first Celine Luggage Tote (pictures to come, I promise!) and let me tell you: Buy into the hype. The bag is basically perfect, and the leather is so, so wonderful. It’s one of the most beautiful things I own.

    • ninjaninja

      I DIE!

    • Ping

      I totally agree with you Amanda (and Meg too!)! I just got my first Celine Luggage Tote a couple of months ago and I LOVE LOVE my bag and have been toting it around for the past few weeks! I think i love it more than my Birkins!!!!! It fits so much and I have not seen anyone else toting my bag:) which is another plus.
      The leather smells so good and the structure is gorgeous!!! I am debating which one to get next (i have the leopard print) and am debating bw a red one or a color block one…..i also love the other bags by Celine, they are just gorgeous!!!

  • Kates

    I’m just not feeling the totes. They look like they have lizard faces on them with a little tongue hanging out the side. But I don’t know. Maybe that’s one reason to love ’em? I do covet the classic box bag with commandment-breaking force, though.

  • Cucko_Boo

    I love Celine many years now. It’s a great brand with fantastic craftsmanship and quality of materials, and design. I recently purchased the medium shopper tote in black lambskin and canvas leopard print. It is one of the most beautiful bags I’ve owned…The handbag is amazing, the leather phenomenal….and I have my eyes on one more… from the AW2011 collection…
    This is not a hype…it will be a classic soon…

  • gpc

    I adore my leopard ponyhair envelope flap luggage (Fall 2010). I really consider myself lucky to have been able to get one. I want to wait to see the Phantom before I would decide on an all leather luggage. They are all just beautiful!

  • Sil

    i see faces in all of those bags xD is it just me? but thay even got ears! xD
    anyway, maybe because of that, i’m not so crazy about those bags, even though i love celine <3

    • KaylaNiche

      OMG! Me too! So glad someone else spotted that! lol

      • Liz

        Me three! Ive always thought they looked like Robot faces… and i cant get past that, so while i think it looks nice on other people, i cannot bring myself to buy one. lol.

  • Nicole

    I have fallen hard for Celine as well! I have a leopard pony hair envelope luggage, a black mini luggage, a mustard mini luggage, a tri-colored mini luggage, and a beige medium box bag and I can’t wait to buy another!

  • Chels K

    Meh. They don’t work for me, look-wise.

  • michelle

    I purchased a navy blue one last fall. The bag is amazing!!

  • Maggie

    I do like that orange box bag.

  • alice

    I saw it walking in the city centre (Milan) last day. The woman was wearing a pair of tori burch flat shoes and this gorgeous bag (it’s called bag battles) a version with canvas. It was really nice.

  • belgianyen

    I agree with you, Sil, I see faces, too! :(

  • Irene

    I want that tri-color with navy body, chocolate trim and black handles! This is a one gorgeous bag! I have one in lilac but this one looks prettier!

  • louch

    I adore the Box but don’t like the luggage much – those two sticking out bits really put me off. They are also HUGE and look so HEAVY. Does the leather scratch easily? The Celine bags I’ve seen IRL look like they would easily scratch and might not come off. Anyone know?

    • Ping

      i have used mine for weeks and no scratch so far.

  • Karin bag4bag

    The Celine Fall Green Luggage Tote looks like heaven. I love that serious color combination and I love the handle and the way the black leather mimics the shape of the handle down the two sides of the bag.

  • Muse

    Nice ! Megs : do you know if there is a strap for the little orange python ?
    Thx for your answer.

    • Ping

      the classic box bag comes with a strap

  • edoardo

    Claasic cool Cèline shapes. This brand, since Philo designed it, is become my favourite brand speaking about leather products!

  • rose60610

    What is the price on the Fall Green Luggage Tote? The more I see it the more I want it. Thank you.

  • 19yearslater

    I think they’re beautiful, they’re just not my personal style.

  • vk

    where can I buy one?

  • Rene

    I have one in micro size, black with canvas leopard, and this bag is to die for. The structure is amazing, and the curve of the handle fits perfectly in my hand!
    It is one of the most elegant thing that I own. And this is becoming an expensive obsession, as you can’t help but hunt for the next Celine bag.
    I really do hope that this is not just a hype.

  • mochababe73

    Not a fan. I haven’t seen one that I like. I agree with a previous poster that said the front of the bag looks like a face. I don’t like the way it sticks out on the sides either.
    But the box bag is okay. I would need to have one with the leopard print.

  • Bagfetishperson

    Yes, i am in love with Celine. Within 2 months I got 2 mini luggages, 1 cabas horizontal and 1 zip wallet. Love them! Mini luggage is so versatile and the leather is soooooo nice. Now I am looking forward to getting the F/W11 luggage.

  • jaclyn

    LOVE!!!!! i super adore my micro luggage!!!

  • Martha

    Am I the only one who sees a goofy face on the Celine handbags?

    • Vividtexas

      nope…..first thing I saw also……they just don’t “do it” for me…..

    • Marie

      Me at first i dont like the luggage celine bag but when i got 1 for my self a month ago i super,super love it. Super light weight unlike other leather bags..Now i want another 1 :)

  • erika

    where can i buy, please let me know.~~~~~

  • Saymama

    I trully love this new Celine luggage tote and have been thinking about getting the all black for my new everyday work bag. I first saw it in Selfridges in London about 2 weeks ago and have been daydreaming ever since. It’s just plain gorgeous + elegant without being gaudy or too Gucci-type trendy.

  • Kate

    Love the box bag. Have one. Just haven’t gotten into the luggage.

  • Antoinelle

    I am obsessed with this bag! It is gorgeous! The color blocking on the bags are so eye catching – this is definitely on my purse bucketlist.

  • Matilde

    I have a tri-colored mini luggage, and I love it. This is one well-made bag! The handles are rock solid and even though mine is partly linen – it’s lined – lined folks – in smooth wonderful leather. It’s like dipping your hands in smooth chocolate everytime you reach for something in the bag.

    I do occasionally worry that it may be a trend that passes, but fortunately I live in Washington DC where no one will notice (either the trend, or it’s passing).

  • Katie

    I am definitely loving the colors of the luggage bags right now! Definitely on my never ending wishlist! :-)

  • Teresa

    The first time I saw the luggage, I thought they were ugly but they’re growing on me pretty fast. Now, I really want 1, in MICRO Red, Orange or the Beige, but hard to find.
    I just got the horizontal Cabas bi-color (black/beige)& absolutely love it!

  • Cheyenne

    Barneys and Bergdorf were sold out of them for the longest time. I put my name down for one of them and they just arrived this morning. I got there as soon as they called. I bought the large black on black. Man were they flying off the shelves!

  • Smitee

    I just purchased my Celine luggage tote in Bordeaux color at the Paris boutique. There wasn’t much selection when it came to these totes–not much variation in size, color and materials. I asked the sales woman if this was the store that had the most selection; She looked at me dumbfounded and said, “Yes, this is the most selection. We have been selling out, but we just got these for the fall collection.” In other words I needed to check myself and thank my luck stars. What looked to me to be slim pickings was actually a varitable cornucopia of selection–these bags are so in-demand and difficult to come buy that for me to walk into the store and walk away with my Bordeaux bag underarm was practically an act of God. It is stunning. Truly. I will have it forever and can’t wait to wear it to work and beyond. And, really, for the materials, construction, beauty, and considering the hype, to get this bag at $1500 (after VAT refund) is really something of a steal.

  • Maxie

    Got this bag 2 weeks ago, by accident. My husband was informed by my sales rep at Neiman’s that this was a bag that I HAD to add to my collection. The bag is literally soldout in Asia and Europe and now has reached the US. So, my husband bought it for my 50th birthday, hoping that I would like it. I LOVED it!….it’s so gorgeous, the leather is to die for and the workmanship is superb!

    • Smitee

      Congratulations Maxie, you’re going to be blown away. I fall in love with the bag more each day, and I can’t tell you how put-together I feel just carrying it. Sigh… a thing of beauty if a joy forever.

  • Justine

    Thank You for this post. I love Celine bags if I could I would buy Luggage Shoper in black, two tone etc.
    Just only is hard to get them.

  • Dana

    I don’t get the appeal. It feels like you have a face staring at you all the time. The orange clutch is nice though.

  • Bbscontessa

    do  celine phantom bags have the same color suede leather inside? cause I almost bought a pre-owned one but has a black suede inside and outside color is blue…

  • celinelover

    I went on ebay to get my first Celine bag only to find out that there are some manufacturers from China that sell counterfit celine as Authentic I was lucky I paid with paypal and got my money back watch it girls

  • celinelover

    where can I get the luggage bag in paris ? the cheapest any one knows?

  • can u tell me price for real celine luggage bag? thanks :]