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Despite making some of the most sought-after handbags in the world right now, the Celine runway show is never a reliable place to look for the next It Bag. Phoebe Philo tends to keep her catwalk minimal, so show-watchers only get a chance to see a couple of handbag designs. Luckily, we’ve found some press photos of both the runway bags and a couple that didn’t appear in the show, and we’ve assembled what we know so far of Celine Spring 2012 after the jump. It looks like the brand is in for another can’t-miss accessories season.

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  • Angel

    Love this bag.. Coul
    , Phoebe Philo can think that doctor handbag, can look as casual as this. Hooray on her

  • Sandra Rowley

    While I agree that the luggage tote is a nice bag, a bag that I have considered purchasing a couple different times. The envelope bag is a long bag without width, that makes it not very practical to me, you would not be able to put anything it it without compromising its shape completely. The hobo is nothing special…. The bag in the main picture is nice, but nothing that I would purchase.

  • rose60610

    I like the hobo bag here. Of the numerous bags I own, I don’t have any hobos because I don’t like most of them. This one looks “elegant casual” if there’s such a term. I like the envelope bags, too. For those times I carry lots of things I use certain bags, but for the most part I pare down what I take so I like thin styles, too.

    • QQ

      ME TOO

      I usually hate hobo bags. But, I am really loving this one.

  • Katie

    The last photo is leaving me without words and drooling! Oh my, that is one gorgeous Celine luggage handbag! Those colors are amazing!

  • Camila

    Hi Amanda, I really would like to know the price from the first and last bag! Could you help me with this info? Or do you know some online store that sells Celine bags?

    • MODA

      Not sure of the price of the first one, but the Mini Luggage in Tri-color is $2,950.

      • Catmyser

        I bought a Tri-Tone Mini Luggage Tote last Fall (FANTASTIC size and shape to serve as a daily briefcase, or even for airline travel, fitting pretty much anything you could want, and the handles are actually easy to use over the crook of your arm with no pressure, even fully loaded; it is also exquisitely made of the finest leather) and it was at least $400 less!  Celine just upped ALL their handbag prices!

  • lintmag

    Oh Celine, I would buy that last bag in a second if the straps were only long enough to go over the arm! And I might even do it anyway….

    • MODA

      There is a version of the Mini Luggage with longer handles, so that you can put it over your shoulder. It is called (of course…) the Medium Luggage

  • suz

    Hum-m-m…I have an old Coach Hobo bag that looks almost identical….guess I need to pull it out and start using it again….

  • J Umm

    the last one, must have!

  • annabelle

    does anyone know a sr that i can contact in southern california? preferably los angeles or orange county area? i iknow i should look through the forum…but not sure if they are updated information

  • Hope

    I love the first bag and it looks like it has a shoulder strap! While I love my Celine Phantom tote, I do miss having both arms free. The quality of Celine bags are fantastic, worth all the fuss that you’ve made about them.

    • Catmyser

      The first bag is Celine’s Trapeze.  I just bought a Tri-Tone version over the weekend and I LOVE it!  It easily accomodates nything you would wish to carry by day or night, and the handle is perfect to carry over the shoulder at a good level to keep the “wings” from hitting anything.  Actually, they stick out less than they may appear to, and they unfasten to your can load your Pyramid more as a square, but I love the wings.  That whimsey is the whole point, right!  The one I got mixes suede and leather textures which is gorgeous.

  • marinaharbour

    Celine handbags are outstanding!, The hobo is actually the first hobo I really like! and the luggage tote AMAZING, love the combination of colors! I really want it!

  • MizzJ

    Loving the two-toned colors chosen here, but the comment a previous person left about the bags being so narrow is very true. They could stand to be a teeny bit wider, but maybe they’re more accomodating IRL?

  • edoardo

    The first one is amazing I do love it at all is so so cool the shape, the material,t he color…awesome!

  • Vicky

    I’m loving the second bag. Wonder how much it is.

  • bir

    i usually agree with celine but this whole melange almost collage of leathers is just a bit odd and not my favorite.

  • Aby Valentos

    Celne moment! I love!

  • AW

    I’m not a big fan of Celine’s color combos – the bags are always lovely and structured but for some reason, the color combos they choose are always a bit off for me except for the neutral ones.