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  • Guest

    I really don’t care for Gwyneth, but I have to say that I LOVE Tracy Anderson. Her workout DVDs have helped me to completely change my body. Because of that, I’m willing to overlook the fact that she seems to be Gwyneth’s BFF.

  • Jill

    I actually don’t really get the hate on Gwyneth. I kinda like how unattainable she looks like, how classy she always looks, especially her outfits. Is that normal? :p

  • Amanda

    Can I raid her closet?

  • AshleyG

    I didn’t like Gwyneth either until the moment someone asked me about it and I couldn’t say why. Anyway, you forgot to mention that she’s also besties with Beyonce. I like her though- she does seem authentic… I really like her bag choices, and she makes me feel better about the lack of color in my arsenal.

  • Sandra

    I think she has great style….and I like anyone almost anyone with great style. LOL!

  • Yerani_km

    I’ve met and spoken to her on a few occasions and she was beyond nice which is why it pains me to also dislike her. I’ll start to warm up to her a little then I’ll read something she said that was obnoxious and that overwhelming feeling of dislike washes over me. It’s so strange how she looks so benign but people have such a visceral reaction to her.

  • ReneeO

    I think people don’t like her cuz she really has it all together. Somehow that makes people feel worse about themselves. She has so many talents–acting, singing, cooking, business woman, speaks several languages, she’s fit, etc. and she really is nice.

  • Chris

    I think, most people are just jealous of her. She is coming from a wealthy family (and should not be ashamed of that), has a very good career (hello Oscar), can sing, has a successful homepage, writes cookbooks, has a scandal-free marriage with the very sweet, adorable and also successful Chris Martin, two well educated kids…. for some people its just too much.
    And for most of the time, I like her style. Yes, it is a bit predictable, but really, she knows what looks good on her, and that is perfectly fine.

  • thescm

    I disliked her too, and it was because evangelism of most sorts rubs me the wrong way. Have you heard the good news? No thanks, don’t want to. Want to go vegan? No, stop pressuring me. This diet is the only way to live! No, it isn’t. But I really enjoy her portrayal of Pepper Potts, so I like her now.

  • MaterialArchive

    The clutch in photo 3 is by ela

  • anouk

    We can’t blame her. She was born with a silver spoon, to begin with; can act; an entrepreneur but puh-lease give me a break with all these macrobiotic diet rubbish; scandal-less marriage; plus she knows what looks good on her which is just an icing on the cake!

  • Scottsdale Kim

    She has such a great figure that any purse would look good on her.

  • hal amin

    She won the Oscar in an ill fitting Ralph Lauren (who does great American clothes esp evening wear). Yucks.A blow to fashion besides being a bad copy of that other great icon Grace Kelly. That has colored my opinion of her thus far. When she tried this and that I was like puhlease. She should have gotten her looks natch from day one. She did not. Another case in point, The peter Dundas Pucci midriff which was clearly not for her.

    • Wow, you’re tough. I didn’t care for that pink Ralph Lauren gown either, but she was younger then, and it was at a time when stylists and glam squads weren’t as intense as they were now. Plus, everyone makes mistakes. So I tend to cut her some slack for that one. But I do absolutely hate her bra-less Alexander McQueen Oscar look in 2002.

  • Yes, she does seem out of touch, full of it, and ridiculously pretentious sometimes, but I just roll my eyes, giggle at how ridiculous she could be sometimes, and then move on. I don’t understand how people can waste time and effort “hating” her when there are a whole lot of people more worthy of that hate (i.e. Chris Brown) and there are other things to spend that energy on.

    Also, it must be said, Tracy Anderson’s workouts are great.

  • She is the epitome of modern classic style. She is who she is and makes no apologies for it.

  • Ayu

    Why do people hate her? Why not hate Angelina Jolie who came into someone else’s marriage? DUH….Gwyneth is gorgeous…just learn to live with it people.

  • Loveofpurse

    The clutch in the third picture is an Made by the designer Ela. The Ela clutch is stunning with her tom ford outfit

  • Kate

    This is an ELA clutch she’s carrying.

  • BrianG

    ‘The Many Bags of’ is probably my favorite on PB. I just have one comment about the formatting of these posts. I have to wait for the next pic to load and then scroll down and hit the ‘next’ button. I wish I could just see the whole image and and the ‘next’ button without having to scroll. Is it just me who has this issue.


    • moesha75

      At the very top of the article there is a button that says “view all”. You van view all of them on one page.

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