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At the risk of adding to the furious, endless, 24-hour Kardashian news cycle, the sisters have a new handbag line. A new handbag line in…Australia? Theirs is a global empire of PVC knockoffs, after all. Anyway, we caught them hawking a nearly detail-for-detail copy of the Botkier Clyde Bag via their Sears-based Kardashian Kollection a couple of months ago, and now it seems that the sisters (or whoever designs their cheap crap) are taking their “inspired” handbags to the land down under. matched up the stock images of the new Kardashibags to their designer equivalents, and although some of them are a bit of a stretch, a couple are clear derivations. Does this tactic bother you? Personally, I was more irritated when they did it to Botkier, which is a smaller independent brand.

Check out one of the more egregious examples after the jump, or see them all at

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  • J Umm

    true, but i mean brands like fiorelli, furla and yeah names along those lines have created bags “in the style of..” category, i guess it just allows use normal wage earners to have something that is kind of from the high fashion world.

    For the Kardashians to do this… maybe it is wrong for them to do it because they may be encouraging replicas.

    idk… hard to say.

  • MissB

    oh “…Australia?” is it? Not as good as the US are we? WTF?!

    • Jackie

      We don’t need those bags here! They can stay over there!

    • It just seemed random to me, since they’re US celebrities, that they would try to force their crap on random foreign countries instead of on the folks at home. Nothing in particular about Australia!

      • Jackie

        Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Take Australia — I mean the world.

  • Seriously

    What is the purpose of this post? I think its fairly common knowledge to everybody now that designers copy other designers and cheaper, street, chain stores use the designer bags for ‘inspiration’ for a more affordable option for those who cant or dont want to spend so much money on a bag.

    Also i find it hilarious that this stuff is being called cheap crap (which it is) yet the purse forum actively promotes rebecca minknoff who also sells cheap crap.

    • Jackie

      These Kardashian bags are pretty exact to the originals they knocked off and Rebecca Minkoff is a pretty established brand that does not produce exact replicas of higher end brands.

    • A lot of people tweeted to us yesterday and asked us to post about these bags. We try not to ignore that kind of spontaneous request from our readers.

    • Emily

      I understand what you’re saying, but I think your argument is counterproductive. Yes, stores carry handbags that are loose, sometimes even obvious, imitations of designer bags for those who want to be stylish but cannot always afford to be. I think Rebecca Minkoff offers that same possibility. Her bags are still more expensive than some people are willing or able to pay, but, for grad students like me that love fashion, I love Rebecca Minkoff for offering a cheaper alternative to being stylish while not setting me back months in rent. Her bags are different, though, in that they are always unique and are far from cheap crap. I have had Rebecca Minkoff bags that have lasted me over three three years, which is impressive because I am not always gentle with my bags.

  • A

    Yes, some brands create ‘inspired’ bags, but I think these are much close to copying them. I mean these bags don’t just take a few of the popular features from Bal, Chloe, etc., but almost all of them (in a cheap way).

  • mochababe73

    Sorry. Even high end bags are copying other designer bags. I see it everywhere from Target to Marshall’s to Bloomingdale’s. To be honest, most of these silhouettes are not new. Hobo bags, quilted bags, dome shaped….
    Besides, those who buy handbags from Sears are probably not going to buy a bag from SAKS.
    As far as your question goes, I’m not irritated. I like the Kardashians and their money-making momager, Kris, but I wouldn’t be caught dead with their bags.

  • rose60610

    We see this practice in many industries, from cosmetics to cars, and especially handbags. These Kardashians are very aggressive at self-promotion, maybe in part due to a cadre of attorneys and agents who have an interest and get a cut of the enormous pie any time they’re booked for any kind of appearance or event. I don’t know much about them or their products, but I envision more products like luggage, perfume, school supplies, dolls, whatever with their images on them. More power to them? I just with I had Kim’s hair.

    • rose60610

      I just WISH I had Kim’s hair. oops.

      • Nancy

        Kim doesn’t even have Kim’s hair…

    • I would also sign up for Kardashihair if I could.

  • Fiona-Brazil

    I don’t like reality shows, and think Ryan Seacrest must be very proud, NOT, for producing the most trashy shows on TV today.These Kardashians are vile and an example of lack of ethics and how to make money at all costs.I hope they will be sued big time for her knockoffs.

  • Babs

    What if (this is a stretch!) everyone just stops writing about these women? That would be he all around for the best.

    • Jackie


    • If there was no interest, we wouldn’t write about them at all! But the numbers don’t lie – people click on and comment on Kardashian posts like crazy. The posts would go away on all the sites, not just this one, if the reader response wasn’t so huge. The best thing you can do if you want people to stop writing about a subject is just to ignore it. That’s true everywhere, not just here.

      • Babs

        That sort of logic is a very slippery slope…be careful with it.

      • Jackie

        Very true. Although many of us, like Babs and I, wish they could just go away, there are so many others that don’t.

        The Kardashian’s make so so so much off of publicity and their last name. The just know how to do it… and whether people respond positively or negatively, any response is feeding their bank funds (such as this one – great!). The people want what they want!

      • Nancy from SB

        I agree. That is a basic law of thermodynamics and Law of Attraction – that which one gives attention grows!

  • Fiona-Brazil

    Oops….For their knockoffs.

  • Rashida

    I agree that there are a bunch of brands that knock off other’s brands all the time… Keep in mind the price point for their merchandise… People are not expecting a original from the price they are selling their merchandise at…

  • Bir

    I feel this at the bottom of the line they are plastic and rather almost to obvious in the fact they are not the real deal . I too feel more shocked when “inspirations” are done brand to brand like guccis almost birkin vuittons almost saint Louis,I get that they are the major bag shapes but in all honesty are they??????

  • Ginny

    I agree with others that people who shop at Sears probably don’t really care that they are knock offs of other original designs.

    Also, its just not surprising that they would come out with bags with no original ideas. The Kardashian family is known just for being famous, not for actually having any real talent at anything.

  • marinaharbour

    I used to have fun watching the Kardashians… but know i change the channel, I don”t buy any magazine these women appear in,, I got bored, i think they are a joke and they don’t deserve we all speaking about them! ….. the handbags are cheap looking like them!

  • Sandra Rowley

    I think the real question here is….will the Kim actually carry her PVC knockoff…doubt it!

  • Mirna

    I just don’t like it when celebs make a line and they would never be caught dead using the items. I see a balenciaga lawsuit in the future.

  • PhotoGirl

    Now let’s all go explain to our daughters ONE MORE TIME why we would prefer they get an education rather than “fast track” themselves to a “career” via a sex tape .

    What a slap in the face these Kardashian girls are to a generation of decent, hard-working, educated young people who are struggling to find real work in this terrible economy!

    And speaking of slaps, I would personally deliver one to the faces of Seacrest, Cohen, and the chairman of Comcast if I thought they were worth the trouble. Alas, as I have no sex tape to parlay into a new career, I need to stay at my desk and out of jail.

    To the people of Austraila: please accept a sincere apology from at least one American woman. I assure you that the Kartrashians and their plastastic knockoff handbags are NOT what we’re about in the USA. I hope Balenciaga has that desist letter en route even as I write this.

    • Fiona-Brasil


    • Penelopeb

      And from at least one Australian who loves and respects handbags, I know that’s not what your about.
      I too hope Bal/Chole is doing something about this. When a reality tv star travels some 10,000 miles to promote their own “in the styles of premier designer fashion house icon” bags, that’s pretty unoriginal and lame.
      there will be suckers out there who have no idea and have just been dragged into the Kardashivortex Sydney just experienced, but if you don’t know, you don’t know. But for those who do know, we won’t be purchasing..

  • Nancy

    Many people seem to be posting that knock-off or inspired by designs are very common — and they are. But don’t you think it’s ironic that the family who talks about their brand, develops their brand, protects their brand (indeed, I believe when Kim refused to take Kris’ last name when they got married, actually changed her middle name to Brand since all the legal paperwork was there at the ready), don’t have the same consideration for other brands?

    These high end bags, as we all know, keep houses like YSL and Chloe afloat. And this kind of copying hurts their brand. If someone can buy your $1,800.00 purse at Sears for $80 it kinda kills the cache.

  • Kiwishopper

    Enough of the kardashians. I am so sick of them. Next please.

  • Pinkfeet

    I am highly insulted someone thinks Rebecca Minkoff compares to anything from the Kardashian collection. I don’t find RM crap, or cheap.

    Not everyone can afford a Chloe or YSL when we need or want a new handbag. Fashion does trickle down.. it’s been that way since before there was ever a runway.

    If anything I’d go Jessica Simpson head to toe before wearing any K least she wears her “crap” and her shoes are quite comfy.

    Don’t worry, no one will ever, ever think your YSL or Chloe bag is cheap if I am carrying a RM or Old Navy ” inspired” design while next to you. And if you buy a bag for just the name, price or to be known you paid a pretty petty penny for it, then yes I guess inspired designs bother you.

    I buy my bag… cheap, pricey, leather, pvc, old, new whatever…because I like them. But, hey that’s me.

  • Mirna

    I love RM bags I think they’re amazing and GREAT quality. Just bc you spend a crap load of money on a bag doesn’t make it worth it. Most LV bags are canvas at least hers are a good quality leather. I do own both a LV and RM and don’t prefer one over the other.

  • Aggie

    What bothered me the most is that the Kardashians are “designing” their bags inpsired by the bags that THEY PERSONALLY own! We all know we’ve seen the sisters with a lot of designer bags.

    Besides the fact that their bags look very cheap, there’s no original design to it! It’s just a “copy and paste” design but with the Kardashian name plastered on it! I’m pretty sure they’ve offended a lot of brands they’ve shopped from!

    It’s all down to ethics: You buy my bags, are photographed with them by the paparazzi and are plastered all over the internet and magazines, then you copy them and sell them so much cheaper?

    Maybe they’re only selling the bags in Australia instead of the US to prevent lawsuits? I don’t know.

    Although brands copy off each other’s trends, at least they don’t produce such similar designs like what the Kardashians did! I really wonder how many of their bags have been sold?

    And yes, I agree that they will never be caught dead wearing fakes like their Kollection’s bags.

    PS: “Kollection”? Sounds like a cheap strip club.

  • Pixiejenna

    The thing that bugs me about it is the fact that outside of pimping their products I find it really hard to believe that they are actually doing anything as far as the actual design/production side. They are just slapping their name on it and pimping the products. I’m guessing the design team just tried to make bags that look similar to what they actually use which they did.

  • chloebagfreak

    I find it to be tasteless and disgusting, but why are we surprised? As far as copying being OK and everyone doing it…Remember, Kim wanted to sue a girl that LOOKS like her on Old Navy. Pot meet kettle!
    So, I guess it’s OK to knock off your Balenciaga, but don’t knock off a large, untalented sex star!!!

    • Aggie

      Hahahaha niceee one!

  • Seriously

    So when this article was done
    it was ok for someone to copy another designers design? Kind of hypocritical.

    • Nancy

      I have to say, I ‘m always shocked when I see one high-end brand copying another. Certainly, their designers are paid well enough to come up with something original. It seems to me there are more and more high end bags on the market in recent years and yet there are fewer and fewer bags that I really want (or for that matter that I find to be actually good looking).

  • aidan

    personally, they are no asset to anything. and i mean tv, fashion, etc… they act like they are savvy business women but in reality what are they…? copycats. they are only on the map because they have money. this really bothers me because there are extremely EXTREMELY talented designers out there that can’t get their names out there because they lack funding, proper public relations and or business skills. yet people like the kardashians can put out a handbag line that are a carbon copy of other popular designer bags…? NO THANKS…

  • serene

    Just sue them designers, and at least K’s get what they deserve!

  • chocolate pearls

    How is this even a huge deal! I love designer bags just like the next woman but let’s not make it seem these high fashion designers are all original either. To be honest in this econemy I am looking for something that feels designer where I don’t have to spend my mortgage payment. I think it is unfair to not think about the people who can’t afford alll the foo foo all the time or at all.

    • aidan

      you obviously don’t get high end fashion. but its okay. its all about respect.

    • mia

      you dont get it. you cant have something that ‘feels’ designer (pfft) w/o it being a designers. get what i mean? that kind of thing never ever ever EXIST.

  • Roe

    What I find irritating is the fact that they have the shoedazzle crap and then now they have this bag line however you NEVER see any of them promoting themselves wearing their garbage.

    Jessica Simpson carries her own bags, Even the Hilton sister carried her line, J-Lo was spotted wearing her stuff.

  • Dana

    During an interview in Australia, Kim and Khloe said that they are involved in every step of the way of designing their stuff rather than slapping their name on it and call it day. But it is weird that they don’t carry any of their own “designs.” Proves they don’t actually like any of their own products.

  • rubacca

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