miley cyrus the sak bag

Honestly, I do not understand the hype surrounding Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Disney channel, sold out concerts, semi nude-like photos, whatever. But there are millions of girls (and boys and moms and dads) worldwide that adore Miley Cyrus (or her alter ego, not sure who is more loved). Miley was spotted carrying The Sak Silverlake Satchel in dark amber two days in a row. This satchel can also be worn as a hobo, similar to the Botkier Sasha. There are many reasons that I really love The Sak bags. First of all they are highly affordable. But even with the lower price point, the bags are still designed well and look quite nice. Miley was sporting the bag in dark amber, but it is also available in black, cream, black patent, and white patent. Best part is they are only $200 via The Sak.

the sak silverlake satchel
The Sak Silverlake Satchel in dark amber

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  • Amazing bag! Remember when The Sak only made woven bags that could roll in on themselves? Thanks for the great find!

  • LAltiero85

    Thanks for posting this! That’s so cool, caz I actually just ordered this bag! I’m really excited to get it!

  • Kinny

    Nice to see a teen with a reasonably priced high quality bag. It is disturbing to see a teenager carrying around Gucci, Chanel or Hermes! They just won’t appreciate it and get tired of it in a few months.

    You should at least be 25 to appreciate these ‘it’ bags.

    • janis

      how does 25 make you appreciate anything?
      thats the stupidest thing ive EVER heard

    • angel

      thats sooo not true. being over 25 doesnt make you “appreciate” designer bags more then people under the age of 25. i am 21 and have many “it” bags and i appreciate every one of them.

    • lipvixen

      Know what Kinny means! At 22 I begged my mom to get me the Gucci Indy for graduation stating I would die without it. Six months later I was tired of it and proclaimed it ‘old’.

      She wanted to kill me! Now I buy what I like and not what fashion dictates and I my Gucci Queen and CD detective are still my two favorites.

  • Ros

    thats sooo not true. being over 25 doesnt make you “appreciate” designer bags more then people under the age of 25.

  • trisha

    here’s a good deal for this bag.. not in amber though..

    i actually just gone one in cream! :)

  • paige

    you can find the bag on zappos and amazon… i just got it from zappo, if you use your discover card you get 10% cash back making this bag even more affordable!

  • Kinny

    To angel and ross!

    You are a rare breed. Then okay let us lower it to eighteen. But below that they are too fickle to really yake care of it and get their money’s worth back.

    To Janis. Very mature. Owning an it bag obviously did not get yo breeding :grin:

    • baglover

      Are you from Cleveland? If not, don’t mind.

  • seirc

    To kinny,
    no offense, but i dont think age really showcases a person’s maturity. You seem to take offense easily and if you re-read the replies, I don’t think they were trying to attack you on purpose but you retaliated in an immature way. Of course, age does have a high correlation to maturity but there are always mature 17-year-olds and immature 40-year-olds.

    • lipvixen

      Stupidest EVER is not an attack?

    • lipvixen

      Talking about bags here not a person’s maturity. Can you honestly say you love the same thing at 17 compared to today? Like 90’s fashion? Gee don’t jump the old girl for expressing an opinion.

      Don’t think kinny was retaliating. She in fact said Angel and Ross were right. Probably speaking for herself with a personal experience in mind.

      Stupidest EVER was not a very mature and polite thing to say. Definitely an attack.

  • thanks…I feel in love with it and just ordered it at and I’ve got it for less than the suggested price.

  • thanks…I feel in love with it and just ordered it at ebags and I’ve got it for less than the suggested price.

  • rae

    hi what r u doing. :!: :smile:

  • Jackie

    Love the bag and love Miley. She’s an amazing singer and very cute.

  • Amanda

    Cute bag, but blatant rip off of the Botkier Sasha. :???:

    • sheila

      Totally a Botkier Sasha ripoff! I knew it instantly without even looking at both side by side. Of course I prefer Botkier’s. :shock:

  • Sandy Hoops

    Miley is fine for the younger set, but I do not like her Dad, Billy Ray, feeding off her success!!!

  • luvhautecouture

    I don’t like her!

    My mom’s friend and her daughter saw Miley Cyrus shopping with her mom in Calabasas yesterday. My mom’s friend did not recognize Miley or her mother. She is really friendly and when she heard their accents, she asked Miley’s mom where they were from. Miley’s mom just ignored her. Later they were both checking out at the same time and my mom’s friend complimented Miley’s purchases (they bought A LOT!) and she was ignored again! When Miley and her mom left the store, her daughter told her that she was talking to Miley Cyrus! But how rude of them. Miley has the reputation of never rejecting people if they ask for autographs, but when people are just being friendly, she blows them off!

  • thompsonjul

    I love the bag! I love Miley too!! :lol:

  • Fiona

    I love Miley because she’s a fantastic star :)

  • Yolanda

    Love the Bag. HATE the over-hyped teenybopper. And I gotta agree, all the girls protesting about the 25 thing, are obviously under 25. Personally, I don’t think you appreciate anything until you are able to buy it for yourself. Whining to Mommy to buy me a Gucci bag certainly isn’t the same as busting my ass so that I can buy it MYSELF. Flame away ladies, but that’s my two cents.

  • Miley Cyrus to me is not a good role model for children, it is my grand daughter that is crazy about her. She is on TV when ever I go upstairs, if grand daugher can find her. The Purse is very nice looking and would love to win one for myself. I could never afford to buy one for myself as they are so expensive. So if it was up to me Miley Cyrus wouldn’t be on any TV in this house. There seems to be very few role models these days for teenagers or younger children as there were in my day.I know things change, but are they changing for the worse?

  • Donna Bowers

    I think Miley is great! It is really tough being young and famous, if you read the papers, so many get into so much trouble and it’s so sad! I applaud Miley for hanging in there and being strong and not letting all the stress she goes through on a daily basis bring her down! She (in my eyes) is so many young girls role model… and that to me says EVERYTHING! :)

  • E

    im 14 & i have alot of ‘it’ bags
    & i appreciate them
    if you have money to buy them then why shouldnt you?
    obviously miley has the money to buy w/e she wants, & she worked for that money so why shouldn’t she?!
    godddd you people don’t know her: stop judging.

  • immi

    I am not a huge fan of Miley but I like her style. That bag is cute too. I don’t think that age is the only factor that would make or break someone appreciation for an expensive high quality bag. I don’t think it’s right to be judgemental but that’s just my opinion.

  • mandy

    miley does not act like that i know im her best friend lucky me me and her go shoping she buys me channel pures and we sing party in the usa guys you need to say sorry her so fun and she did nothing to you guy im sorry but you guys are wrong about evrey thing

    love Mandy

    oh love you to miley

  • Smiley

    She is so sweet..i really like her..!!! :)

  • Smiley

    she is soo sweet..i really like her..:)