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  • rigidmink

    I love that she doesn’t just stick to super high end bags! Also.. does she have some endorsement with Ralph Lauren? So many many Rickys!

    • Or

      I hope she does – otherwise, I cant explain why someone would spend USD 20K+ on a RL bag. If you have that much money to spend on a bag – there are a lot of better/ classier/ chicer (read “European”)))) and longer-lasting options out there.

      • guest

        I think she tries to make conscious effort to buy American. Also, she’s pretty good friends with RL, which I’m sure, has it’s perks. I personally like seeing celebs buying bags because they like it, not just for namesake.

    • Ralph Lauren took a shine to her when she first gained recognition from her role in Phantom of the Opera, if I remembered correctly. He’s dressed her for a fair amount of red carpets since then, so although I don’t think she’s an official “face” of the brand, it’s safe to assume that the company is generous with her.

      • Or

        oh, she’s a girl from the latest Phantom? didn’t recognize her – she was good there. thanks for explaining – this make better sense now .

  • S

    I haven’t even read the whole article but YASSSSS, I love Emmy Rossum. Good work Purseblog!

  • Cady Heron

    Her style is just so….wow. Exactly like you said, couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • Marina Harbor

    Loved many of her bags… still it seems weird… that there are no celine, chanel, goyard or YSL in her collection. But have to say that the black Ricky is WOW. Is it me or the Ricky is getting really trendy?

  • Matt

    Everything about this is perfect bc everything about Emmy Rossum is perfect!

  • Sandra

    She’s cute…but I am not a fan of her bag choices. The only bags included that I would want to purchase would be the Dior bags. I do agree that her mid-priced choices, so many Coach, would make her appealing to many.

  • laura

    She’s like Charlotte from Sex and the City. Perfect hair, perfect makeup.
    I like some of the bags but her collection is too boring for me.

  • Sophia

    She’s so gorgeous, and knows how to rock a bright lip. I feel like shes one of those celebs thats under the radar but should be way more famous than they are.

  • Ruhee

    I love her clothes more than the bags. She wears so many floral prints.

  • Seejayluvsbags

    I love that she embraces color, fully and confidently! I actually like the majority of her selection but suspect RL is given to her. THREE Ricky bags? The alligator one sure but two others? Nah..

  • Jennifer

    What a great line-up of bags. I actually liked that they weren’t Chanel flaps, Birkins, & LVs. While I love all of those, it was neat to see a celebrity who appeared to carry what she liked regardless of the price tag. I’d much rather see her with an individual sense of style vs a Kardashian with her ‘Birkin of the Day’.

    • Miriam

      Yeeah! I think the same, love most of her bags and like me a lot that it isn’t the “celebrity’s well known collection”

  • erin

    Now that is a bag collection!!! So versatile.

  • Pieta

    I respect her ability to choose and wear fashion, but I love her obvious joy.

  • Lydia

    I wish I could see her with Chanel because I love her style and as an actress. Chanel is my staple for any handbag but I do love that she uses more affordable bags. What’s not to love about her?!

  • lancelbbsac

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