Lindsay Lohan Style

The well-known party girl who was said to have calmed down is still playing the same antics. Give this gal some music, a bra, and testosterone surrounding her, and you have a full-fledge party girl. Again, there could be some other substances she uses to party, but I will refrain from assuming what they may be, since we all really just know. Late last week, the red head was spotted going to some other hip club, bar, restaurant, with some other paparazzi worthy people (not pal Paris, she is in big trouble! :wink: ) carrying yet another new designer handbag. Lindsay Lohan is queen of the handbag world, always getting the next new thing which somehow becomes the next ‘it bag’. While many of us do not want to be like her, we end up following in her foot steps. If this girl knows two things, it is how to party and how to buy new bags! Can you Name that Bag!

Close up after the jump!

Lindsay Lohan Style1

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  • ccgoddess

    She is the reason of the NY Rangers loss. Just ask Shannahan. LOL :evil: But I still love he bag! :lol:

  • suzannah


  • Devi Girsang

    ah ya.. gucci.. love it!


  • Sally

    Dunno about the bag, but the hoodie is Jeremy Scott.

  • Superqueen

    Yes, this is the ‘Indy’ bag by Gucci.

  • inkmarksofsu

    gucci :)

  • HCC

    If you think she “buys” any of those bags you’re pretty far off. She gets every one of the “it Bags” sent to her so that they will BECOME it bags. She gets them for free, definitely. :???:

    • You are right, many of her bags are given to her- but not all of them!

      • hannnah

        i just saw the new movie with lindsay lohan georgia rule and in that movie she always has this one beaded cream/beige shoulder bag and i cannot find that bag anywhere or even who made it. have you by chance seen that purse before??

      • Gianna

        i can’t find it either and i want it sooooooo bad!!!!!!! Let me know if you hear anything!!! Thanks hun!

      • hannnah

        i still cant find that bag anywhereee. have you found it yet?

  • emlovr3689

    it’s a gucci bag! but actually, some designers lend bags to celebrities to carry. months ago, there was a blind item about some designer who lent his bag to a celebrity and found bags of cocaine when the celeb returned the bag. my guess is it was lindsay lohan…

  • Grace

    It’s a Gucci bag. Beautiful :roll:

  • fashionista-male

    It’s a fantastic gucci bag the indy model to be more precice.As far as it concerns the bag that she has on the movie Georgia Rules i think it must be a Stella McKartney bag that was on one of her runways 1 or 2 years ago