Hunting Season Duchess

Lady Gaga is not only heating up the music scene but is infiltrating the fashion world as well. You can bet that anytime you see Lady Gaga her ensemble will be entirely unique and outlandish. We already spotted Gaga with a Dolce and Gabbana bag and now we have spotted Gaga with a bag I am obsessing over.

Lady Gaga: Hunting Season DuchessWe introduced you to Hunting Season in April. Their bags are clean and sleek while also being sophisticated and sexy. We fell in love with them instantly. And now Lady Gaga carried the Hunting Season Duchess in Purple Rainbow Python skin which is not set to hit stores until mid-August. It is funny, because I did not believe Lady Gaga could wear such a stunning bag and not make it look crazy, but it looks amazing on her. Surely she is eclectic, but the bag just works. Even more important is that the bag can stand on its own, bringing together structure and a colorful exotic vibe. The bag will hit Barneys mid August but if you are interested contact directly. The Hunting Season Duchess will cost $3,695.

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  • bisbee

    Just my opinion, of course, but I think the ONLY thing in that picture that works is the bag!

  • Jan

    Love the colors of the python skin!

  • michaelstjames

    i LOVE lady gaga and i’m surprised she chose to wear such a structured bag, but like you said megs…it just works!

  • mette

    The color and shape together look gorgeous!

  • Claire

    Who needs pants!

  • Claire

    I mean, who needs pants?

  • MizzJ

    I don’t normally like snakeskin, but this bag just works! The color is so cool and funky, so it modernizes the very structural shape.

  • Rach

    Gorgeous bag, really suits her – the most surprising thing to me is that she was able to pick something that is both gorgeous and fits her style.

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    Wow, that is one steep price! It sure does look amazing on Gaga, though. I like how this bag is low on hardware and focuses more on a cool print. Beautiful colors!


  • Stephanie

    Wow…Great bag! It makes Lady Gaga look so chic and put together, even though she is a character. HUNTING SEASON is so sophisticated yet edgy…can’t wait to see more from both! lol

  • Beth

    Beautiful bag! Simple lines, simple structure, out-of-this-world texture and colors!

  • Just fixed the Lady GaGa picture. It was not linked to the full-size image previously.

  • Susan

    Love the bag, in fact I’ve seen several bags I have loved.

    Good luck getting any response from the company though. I sent them an email several months ago asking for information so I could purchase something and they never responded.

  • chirpy_gal

    Looks good ! :)

  • Susan , that is odd – they are responsive with us! I am sure they are reading this right now, so maybe they can update you!

  • otter

    Loooove it.

  • Eliza

    I absolutely love this bag–the colors and pattern work so well together, and I love the shape, too. I’m going to be craving this one for a while…

  • bagKrazy!!!

    i absolutely heart this bag!!the colour is out of this world,loving the structure,divine!!!