There is perhaps no more beloved celebrity handbag than the Hermes Birkin. By herself, reality star and objective of Internet anger Kim Kardashian has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on goodies from the French house, chiefly among them her seemingly ever-growing collection of Birkins. Say what you want about everything else she does, but homegirl has her bag game locked up.

Hailing from the other side of the pond, Petra Ecclestone is a 23-year-old heiress to the Formula 1 Racing fortune and the new owner of the Spelling Mansion, the most expensive piece of private, residential real estate in the country. When your family money can buy those kinds of digs for you and your new hubby, just imagine what kinds of bags it can fill it with. By the looks of it, Petra may have turned Candy Spelling’s famous gift-wrapping room into a Birkin room. (Or maybe Candy already had a Birkin room; the details are unclear at this time.) Who wore it better? Check out the larger pics of both ladies after the jump and then vote in our poll.

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Both Kim and Petra are looking very spring-appropriate with their pops of color, but in different ways. Kim’s turquoise jeans take center stage next to her dove grey Birkin and ivory blazer (Margiela?), which is a look of which I’m actually fond. Not only is Kim more covered than normal, but her clothes all appear to fit properly and she’s wearing flats. You guys, Kim Kardashian might actually be people.

Petra, on the other hand, is using her lime Birkin as her outfit’s main event. And that’s probably for the best – from the waist down, it looks like she’s going to the gym. From the waist up, it looks like a normal weekend outfit. Combinations like that have always confused me – I’m always completely one way or completely the other, although I realize I may be in the minority.

Either way you vote, both of these are beautiful Birkins – let us know your reasoning in the comments!

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  • Eric

    Who cares? I’m so over Birkins. Showing off how rich you are is tacky.

  • Marie Marie

    def Kim, she matched her shoes very well to the bag and I love the mint jeans.

  • Laura

    I like Petra’s Birkin better but Kim’s overall outfit. I love Kim’s jeans and everything matches perfectly but the color of her Birkin is somewhat boring. I know Kim owns the same bag Petra is carrying, I wonder how it would look with that outfit, not too bad but it might be too much bright colors in one outfit.

  • Fiona-Brasil

    For 15 years I was infatuated with the Birkin. Thanks to the reality tv lot (and fortunately for my bank account) I am starting to think it is time to store them for a while and go for greener pastures, like the Bolide or others  chez Hermès…

  • gpc

    I agree with Eric – sick of Birkins and definitely sick of these two!

  • Bir

    Kim because i love the way the bags color compliments the outfit and is less obvious,I’m not generally a kardashian fan but this outfit and general look is very soft and simply good looking !

  • pixiegirlie

    Normally i don’t like how Kim dresses, she’s usually so over the top and gaudy. I actually LOVE this look on her. The fun teal pants, the blazer is unique and not as matronly as the blazers she normally wears, and best of all she’s wearing flats!

  • Snowbunn1e

    Petra just looks comfy and cute, which is a style that I like (and wear!)

  • Rashida

    I love the look on Kim more… it looks more polished… But they both look nice!

  • max

    Petra and her natural looking. Kim gets over the top with everything expensive all at once and making it noticeable all the time 

  • bells

    Petra is only winning because people love to hate or hate Kim. Let’s be honest ladies…

  • Karin bag4bag

    I can’t handle a Birkin carried with an outfit complemented by trainers !  Why does someone carry a brightly colored Hermes Birkin (and Petra has chosen a difficult color to pull off in the Birkin stakes) that has no color association with anything that she is so casually wearing ?
    I like a bold bag statement piece at times, color on black for example but if you are in sporty or very casual wear I don’t like the bag being the focus.

    Kim’s bag is stunning in color. Sure she could probably carry that with anything, but her clothes color draws the attention, whereas the bag just subtly and with class waits for the eye to see its beauty.  Just my view but 10/10 Kim K !    

  • 19yearslater

    Petra, because I like her color better and her Slytherin sweater is cute. The yoga pants/trainers idea was a misstep, though. I’d certainly never wear workout bottoms with a cardigan or nice bag.

  • unidae

    petra is carrying birkin and birkin is carrying kim

  • goodgrief

    I like Kim’s outfit, especially the color of those pants, but I like Petra’s bag better.  I love bright colored bags and I so don’t care that someone wears sneakers with a Birkin.  It’s still just a bag after all.  Maybe she was going to the gym, should she bother to change what bag she’s wearing just because it doesn’t match perfectly and complete the outfit? No. I wouldn’t anyway. And the Birkin is meant to be a casual bag after all.   

  • Petra’s Birkin is so absolutely gorgeous but my vote went to Kim because of how she put together her outfit which this time looked stunning. My vote would’ve went to Petra if only she had a pair of cute trousers/jeans and some flats on. Change into your gym clothes at the gym. Look cute on the streets haha

  • voiceofreason38

    Love them both