Lately we’ve been asking you guys to pick which celeb looked better carrying a particular bag, but today, we’d like to turn the tables a little bit: one celeb, two different days, two different bags. The star in question is actress Dakota Fanning, who I love for a lot of reasons, including that we both share the hometown of Atlanta. Dakota and I also share a love for fashion, and in particular, a sense of personal style. Based on these two outfits, at least.

The fashion industry loves Dakota because she loves it right back; both of these outfits would look perfect on most of the young women I know who work in the industry. With these looks she paired two perfect bags – first a classic black-on-black Proenza Schouler PS1, which has always been a personal favorite, and then a Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Satchel, which I was publicly lusting over just last week. Which look do you prefer? Check out larger images of the looks after the jump and then vote in our poll.

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Proenza Schouler PS1 Satchel, $1995 via Proenza Schouler

Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Satchel, $3950 via Louis Vuitton

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  • Or

    Boy, was she not cuter as a child…

  • My how she has grown! What a beautiful young lady Dakota has turned out to be. I do have to say that I prefer the LV. It has more of a classic look, and you can never go wrong with that :)

  • Bkworm22

    I love how she used both!  the more classic outfit with the LV, and then a harder motorcycle look with the PS1.  I like the LV better myself, but she looks great with both!

    • Abbi

       exactly my thoughts but i think i prefer the PS1 because its seems more effortless and casual

  • 19yearslater

    She is so sophisticated. I picked I can’t choose because she wears both of these bags perfectly! 

  • pixiegirlie

    I fall into the can’t choose group! I love both bags and feel like she wore both beautifully.

  • juny

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  • FashionableLena

    I like the PS1 better for her age. I think she’s too young for the LV. It looks like something her mother may wear. The PS1 gives her a young edge.

  • A Reader

    I prefer the Vuitton, but I think she looks sloppy and unkempt in both photos.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    I don’t understand why people obsess with what celebrities wear, clothes or bags or shoes or whatever else.  It is their decision on what to put on in the morning and none of our business really.  If someone walked up to me and started giving me tips on how to carry my bag or tried to say what bag suited me I’d want to seriously get violent on them.  Dakota is a beautiful girl and a great actress, she and other celebrities deserve to wear what they want without forever being criticized, at least in my opinion. 

  • I like the Louis Vuitton better

  • She handle the Louis Vuitton very well so I’d go for LV this time.

  • AJ

    I know this is a blog for bags, but i just love love love her sunglasses!!…any idea who its by?