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  • Guest

    Who let the dogs out?

  • dnfl

    robin antin really needs to start dressing her age

  • I like the colours of the Club Birkin! That Rebel Wilson mistake is pretty poor though.

  • Yerani_km

    This is what people wear to baby showers these days? Tragic and not cute!

    • JKW

      I heard the invite said “Dress Garden-Chic” Some of the outfits were cute

  • alur

    Nice, another kid will be born without a father. Is the cad going to be there every morning when the child wakes up? The kid will grow up in a fatherless home. Supporting a child financially isn’t as important as supporting a child psychologically. Visits don’t count for the lack of parenting if you’re not there every day. SHAME on KW. He’s a cad. Don’t be dropping babies if you’re not married. No respect for him. Absolutely none.

  • Mariahe

    Oh my, can you please find someone else than a porn-star turned reality “celebrity” to make posts of? The downfall of the modern world. Not that I make it any better by 1.) Clicking on these kinds of posts “. 2.) Commenting on them 3.) Even knowing who they are; but still.

  • Mary Buttigieg Grech

    who are these people!

  • Daria

    #12 looks like bruce lol