As many of you know, we also write a delightful little celebrity style blog called Bag That Style, where we attempt to identify the accessories (and anything else) worn by celebrities in their day-to-day lives. It’s not all that often that a handbag stumps me, considering that I spend most of my workday over here with you guys, but it does happen occasionally.

Today, it’s Amanda Seyfried who has a bag that I can’t identify. We’ve also asked for help from PurseBlog’s 35,000 Twitter followers, and they didn’t know either. That might be because the bag is vintage – it certainly looks worn in this shot, but who knows anymore – or because it’s brand new and not many people have seen it yet. Take a look at the close-up after the jump and let us know if you have a guess.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Stephanie

    My vote is vintage for sure!

  • David

    I think it may be vintage ferragamo

  • rose60610


  • ellenbakes

    While guessing can be fun, an email to Ms. S’s publicist might get you an answer? Mind you, I have no idea who this person might be; but y’all are smart cookies and you know she has one. Good luck! ;-)

    • Honestly, I can’t remember a single time when our readers or Twitter followers couldn’t identify a current or recent season bag. Publicists can be difficult to deal with or unresponsive if you’re not offering something to their clients, so asking you guys is usually the quickest way to go about this.

      I like the vintage Ferragamo guess, the bag looks very Ferragamo to me.

  • Ashley

    I was going to say ferragamo too…

  • Bird

    It’s vintage. She got it at an estate sale while filming in Charleston, S.C.