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  • Kloe F.

    Anyone knows what dress Eva Longoria is wearing? Thank you :)

  • Emily

    Your mentioning of Pacey and a picture of Katie Holmes has me dreaming about the possibility of the best celebrity couple ever. I mean, it happened with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. It could happen again.

    • Katie’s not single though. She’s been “secretly” dating Jamie Foxx for years now.

  • Edia

    when will he finally come out as trans?!

    • Gigi

      Why do we feel the need to pressure people into conforming to our standards? Perhaps he’s happy as can be just as he is.

      • Edia

        I didnt know that you needed to be unhappy to come out as trans. Thank you very much for clarifying.

      • Gigi

        Thanks for twisting what I said, I didn’t know you’d be so snarky xo

    • Tinsley Proust

      They’re just clothes lol. Doesn’t mean he isn’t comfortable with his gender.

      • Tâm

        AGREE! I Wear Short Cut Off Denim, Ankle Boots, A Tank Underneath A Men’s Blazer And Carry A Black Givenchy Antigona. AND I Am A MAN. BTW I Look Amaze….It’s Just Clothes.

      • Tinsley Proust

        Yass boo!

    • Tâm

      Just Because He Dresses Differently Doesn’t Mean He’s Trans. As A GAY MAN Myself, I Dress And Wear Whatever Looks Great And As Long As I Can Pull It Off, I Shall Do. I Wear Both Men and Women Fashion, Mix And Match Them To Create My Own Androgynous Look That I Do So Well…Something To Think About: If A Woman Wears Men Clothing, Does That Make Her Trans???….It’s Just Fashion And Expression.

      • Edia

        Yes it is just fashion. And as a gay man myself, i am still waiting for him to come out as trans thank you very much

      • Tâm

        Watch His Show “EJNYC”. In One Of The Episode, EJ Addresses That Issue And Basically Shuts Down Those Trans Rumors.

      • Yoshi1296

        Well from one gay man to another, you, are an idiot.

    • Tang

      What did he say he is? I am curious to know the “category” he has placed himself under.

  • The Chloe Faye looks like a much better buy than the YSL woc I got for around the same price. Khloe looks great from neck down

  • psny15

    the bags are fun and summary except EJ Johnson – boy is he scary looking – i saw his interview and he thinks he is anna wintour and andre leon talley – DELUSIONAL (in oprah voice)

    • Michele Holbrook

      <<o. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????:::::::!ja451s:….,…..

  • Unfortunately Pacey and Diane were over by late last year, when the rumors of her cheating on him with Norman Reedus came out. The story going around is that they delayed the announcement for her to save face and if the last photos of them walking around NYC were any indication, I believe it. The fact that they tried to sneak the news in during the peak of the Kim-Taylor drama is telling.

  • Thetimeisnow

    I love the bag EJ is wearing. Saw that LV on Skyler, the fashion weather app and I just had to have it!

  • Jess

    I love everything about EJ Johnson. You go boy.