Britney Spears handbag style

I can not even rag on Britney Spears because it would just be wrong. She is a mother of two attempting to find her way in life and just got out of rehab so I have to be nice. So nicely, can I tell you something Britney? The blue contacts do not suit you, rather they are a tad scary. The hat is understandable because you need to hold the wig in place. The shirt, ehhh. The shorts are too short and they are velvet or velour or some material needed for fall or winter. The boots are not flattering. And the pinkish metallic shade on the handbag does not match your outfit at all. I am not sure of the look you are going for, but I am still rooting for you! Was that nice? I tried at least. But let’s get to the matter at hand, can you ID Britney Spears bag? Time to play Name That Bag!

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  • Jen

    she looks so out of fashion. she has no taste at all :!:

  • Plain_Jane_Too

    I too am rooting for her but she makes it so hard… she is like a hard-headed, intransigent teen-ager who refuses to listen to adults. *sigh* with all her money you think she would hire a respectable “Stylist.”


    maybe it’s from Walmart

  • cathy

    Poor Brit Brit. I am rooting for her, too, but she does make it challenging with outfits like this.

  • Andrea

    i saw that shit on !!

  • Jennifer

    if you look closely her nipple is showing.

  • couturelovesme

    can we say, “ug-ly” :!:
    poor brit-brit… she’s a mess.

  • Aubrey R.

    She looks like a eighty year old tring to look like seventeen. Jennifer is right, her nipple is showing! :grin: LOVE YA!

  • 09

    she isnt wearing a bra haha. look at them nipples!

  • 09

    shes a complete mess now.she should give up while shes nto ahead.


    lol a bra would be good.

  • Naggy

    I don’t care for the bag, but that color with that sheen is outstanding. (ipad)