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  • B

    The guy in the Bella Thorn pic is the lead actor in MTV’s Teen Wolf series.

    • Fiorellina

      Yes, he’s Tyler Posey :)

  • Sophie Proust

    Kate Mara’s Prada doesn’t appear bright orange in the photo. Maybe you were referring to her dress? Or is the bag really bright orange?

  • Aoedele

    Love Kate’s and Rosie’s. I too am tired of the Antigona.

  • as

    Bella Thorn is 17!!!, she does not need to “get it”

  • Sandy

    I love seeing all the pics of Givenchy bags, they are beautiful!!!

  • anon

    Haha! I can imagine you looking up Max Mara thinking he might be related to the sisters but disappointingly find out its not even a personXD (Of course I know you already knew that beforehand, just a funny though).

  • Monique

    I’m with you, I liked the antigona when I first saw it and now its everywhere and everyone has it and I feel like i’ve done a 180% cause i hate it now

    • Lily

      I would not go so far, as to say I hate the Antigona. Probably because it is one of the few current “it” bags, that I can understand the appeal of. It is a classically shaped purse, that can be dressed up or down. Although it is rather bulky, and the shoulder strap is a few inches too short…. making it impractical for a petite woman.

  • Yoshi1296

    Hey isn’t that guy on Bella’s arm Scott from Teen Wolf? I love that show!

  • mary

    “Max Mara is NOT related to either Kate or Rooney Mara, FYI, because Max Mara is not a real person.” this made my day =D

    • Irene

      FYI, Max Mara was founded in Italy by the Maramotti brothers so technically they are real and they’ve modified their name for brand purposes.

  • Cbl

    Lindsey’s bag is quad color I think. Pink, mint, yellow, and I think there’s blue on the backside. In any case, no thanks.

  • Exiousle

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