When I sat down to compile the photos for this post, I didn’t know that it was going to be about Chanel. As I started looking through our photo agency’s recent archives, though, it became clear that it had to be; no other brand exerts the kind of dominance among high-profile women’s handbag collections that Chanel does.

Not only is are the brand’s bags omnipresent, but they appear on the arms of basically every kind of celebrity there is. Reality stars, celebrated actresses, pop queens, former child stars, fashion editors and high-profile bloggers. No one’s immune, apparently. We already compiled 100 images of stars and their favorite Chanel bags, and in the time since then, we easily found another 50. Check them out below.

Bella Thorne
Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Bella is not yet old enough to vote, but she’s already starting to amass an impressive Chanel collection.


Brooke Shields
Chanel Shoulder Bag

Brooke, on the other hand, has had ample time to scoop up Chanel bags, what with the decades of fame under her belt.


Gwyneth Paltrow
Chanel Frame Satchel

If I were Gwyneth, I wouldn’t mind being photographed with this rather large, rather pretty Chanel bag at all.


Jennifer Garner
Chanel Wallet on Chain Bag

I would like to give Jennifer Garner a hug right now. Just, like, in general.


Joan Collins
Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

Joan dines out at Craig’s a lot, and when she does it, she’s always carrying Chanel.


Lucy Hale
Chanel Quilted Flap Bag

I love the classics, but I always get excited to see someone has picked up a seasonal Chanel.


Nicki Minaj
Chanel Boy Bag

Nicki loves Chanel so much that she even raps “These Chanel bags are a bad habit,” on her most recent album, The Pinkprint.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Chanel Boy Bag

Rosie can be much more commonly found carrying Givenchy or Saint Laurent, so spotting her with this gilded little Boy Bag was a treat.


Taraji P. Henson
Chanel Boy Bag

Taraji’s hit show Empire has put the paparazzi on her tail more often in the past year, and that means we get more frequent peeks at her seemingly huge Chanel collection.


Taraji P. Henson
Chanel Reissue Flap Bag

She really, really loves them.


Eva Longoria
Chanel Logo Tote

This bag very well may be vintage; Eva’s a perennial Chanel fan and we had plenty pics of her to choose from. (As you’ll see later.)

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-1

Miley Cyrus
Chanel Vintage XL Shopping Tote

This bag is definitely vintage, but that pup looks brand new.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-2

Giovanna Battaglia
Chanel Boy Bag

In this photo, Giovanna was at a Chanel party; the brand always makes sure to arm its event attendees with great bags.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-3

Goldie Hawn
Chanel Paris-Edimbourg Quilted Tote

Goldie loves her Chanel, and so does daughter Kate Hudson–you’ll see her a little later.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-4

Kim Kardashian
Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle Clutch

Kim has narrowed her bag usage a great deal in recent years, but we can’t blame her for picking up one of these limited-release clutches.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-5

Chrissy Teigen
Chanel Vintage Maxi Flap Bag

We’d have put a closer crop on this photo to get a better look at the bag, but we couldn’t bear to crop the lil Frenchie out.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-6

Dakota Fanning
Chanel Mini Flap Bag

Carrying a mini crossbody, a tote and an iced coffee is a very New York look.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-7

Kate Hudson
Chanel Reissue Camera Bag

We promised you Kate Hudson, and now we’ve delivered.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-8

Rachel Zoe
Chanel Vintage XL Shopping Tote

These giant Chanel shoppers are very popular among vintage lovers and celebs alike. Rachel, of course, is both.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-9

Alexa Chung
Chanel Pearl-Logo Clutch

Alexa has a way of incorporating a logo item into her wardrobe here and there to remind us that everything she wears is very expensive, and a Chanel clutch works perfectly in that role.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-10

Chanel Iman
Chanel Graffiti Backpack

Chanel carrying Chanel. Perfect.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-11

Jennifer Lopez
Chanel Paris-Edimbourg Top Handle Flap Bag

The level of navy-matching in this photo is elite.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-12

Keira Knightley
Chanel Mini Crossbody Bag

Keira may have, uh, had a few drinks before leaving the establishment behind her.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-13

Rachel Bilson
Chanel Modern Chain Shoulder Tote

Rachel’s a longtime Chanel fan; this bag is from circa 2006, but this photo was taken this year.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-14

Rachel Zoe
Chanel Straw Flap Bag

Can you even imagine how many seasonal and vintage Chanel bags Rachel must have in her archives?

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-15

Nicky Hilton
Chanel Boy Brick Clutch

This clutch sells for nearly ten grand and makes a cute little day bag, too.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-16

Miley Cyrus
Chanel Quilted Backpack

Please ignore what’s going on circa Miley’s head and focus on her bag.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-17

Leann Rimes
Chanel Paris-Dallas Quilted Shoulder Bag

A very appropriate pick for a country singer.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-18

Diane Kruger
Chanel Patent Mini Crossbody Bag

Diane is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s personal favorites, so of course she carries the brand to the gym.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-19

Zoe Kravitz
Chanel Bucket Bag

Grungy clothes/designer bag is a very popular combo for young, affluent Brooklyn residents, which describes Zoe perfectly.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-20

Gigi Hadid
Chanel Wallet on Chain Bag

Gigi is part of a new crop of models with famous parentage, and for girls like her, a Chanel bag is practically a prerequisite.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-21

Daisy Lowe
Chanel Reissue Flap Bag

I’m not sure what’s going on here, honestly. It’s got a Reissue chain and closure, but it appears as though the flap is embossed croc and the body is python? I’ve never seen another bag exactly like this before.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-22

Kyle Richards
Chanel Patent Maxi Flap Bag

Fact: reality stars love Chanel bags.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-23

Zoe Saldana
Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Well, they’re popular among pretty much everyone, honestly.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-24

Eva Longoria
Chanel Wallet on Chain Bag

Especially among Eva Longorias.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-25

Suki Waterhouse
Chanel Plexiglass Jerrycan Minaudiere

A thing I appreciate about British celebrities: they’re far more willing than their American counterparts to roll out of a club three sheets to the wind and get their photo taken.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-26

Sarah Jessica Parker
Chanel Logo Belt Bag

This is, somehow, not the only Chanel fanny pack you’re going to see before the end of this post.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-27

Sofia Vergara
Chanel Rigid Handle Flap Satchel

We’ve seen a lot of tiny Chanel crossbodies and clutches so far, but Sofia likes her Chanel bags large and plentiful.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-28

Sofia Vergara
Chanel Chevron Quilted Tote

Exhibit B.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-29

Sarah Jessica Parker
Chanel Quilted Shoulder Bag

SJP brought this bag with her to the Fall 2014 New York City Ballet Gala and then handed it off to an assistant while she walked the red carpet in a much more formal ensemble.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-30

Chiara Ferragni
Chanel Shearling Patchwork Flap Bag

Chanel’s more avant-garde designs are a favorite among the Internet’s self-made fashion stars.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-31

Kris Jenner
Chanel No. 5 Perfume Bottle Clutch

Kris looks totally great in this photo and this outfit and I’m not mad at her for it.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-32

Anna Dello Russo
Chanel Supermarket Basket

I’m not entirely sure I have anything to say that this photo doesn’t already easily demonstrate.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-33

Rachel Bilston
Chanel Shoulder Bag

Another of Rachel’s finds from her extensive Chanel collection, dating back years.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-34

Chanel Quilted Fanny Pack

The second, and final, Chanel fanny pack of the day.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-35

Gigi Hadid
Chanel Boy Brick Clutch

Karl Lagerfeld tends to pick his girls and stay with them, and there’s some indication that he’s about to promote Gigi into his model harem for good.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-36

Lily Allen
Chanel Meat Package Flap Bag

Lily is a great example of a seemingly permanent member of the Chanel family.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-37

Chanel Boy Bag

Queen Bey often doesn’t carry a bag, so her approval of this version of the Boy feels significant.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-38

Hilary Duff
Chanel Boy Bag

Hilary, on the other hand, has at least three Boy Bags that I can think of off the top of my head; she’s a longtime fan.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-39

Julia Restoin Roitfeld
Chanel Canvas Logo Tote

A lot of fashion people consider the Roitfeld’s the ne plus ultra of chic, so anything they carry is worth noting.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-40

Nicky Hilton
Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Nicky, like Hilary Duff, is another celeb whose love for Chanel bags clearly goes beyond the brand’s trendiness.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-41

Chanel Shearling Patchwork Flap Bag

Rihanna, on the other hand, is here to carry anything eye-catching and fun, no matter the brand.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-42

Paris Hilton
Chanel Flap Clutch

Paris is almost always carrying a Chanel bag, but she doesn’t have nearly the variety that her sister does. Instead, she sticks to the basics.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-43

Cat Deeley
Chanel Straw Camellia Flap Bag

If there were ever a bag begging to be taken to a garden party, it’s this one.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-44

Kim Zolciak
Chanel Perforated Shoulder Tote

Never try to separate a Bravolebrity from her Chanel bags.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-45

Bethenny Frankel
Chanel Classic Flap Bag

It’s important to have a Chanel bag for all occasions, and that includes one to match your Halloween mask.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-46

Khloé Kardashian
Chanel Quilted Makeup Pouch

Lately, all the Kardashian’s have been taking a page from Kim’s book and going a little lighter and simpler on the bags.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-47

Myleene Klass
Chanel Classic Flap Bag

You might not be familiar with Myleene, but here’s what you need to know: she’s British and really likes Chanel bags.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-48

Kris Jenner
Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Only someone with a chauffeur, an army of assistants and a security detail could keep a bag this white.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-49

Hilary Duff
Chanel Classic Flap Bag

If I could have any Chanel flap, it would be an all-black-everything version like this one.

50 Celebrities Carrying Chanel BaGS-50
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Veit Bui
Veit Bui
7 years ago

I honestly think the classic flap bag is more of a holy grail than the birkin 🙂
something about that CC! their bags are just so practical and elegant.

8 years ago

I am a fan of Chanel…

8 years ago

No question, they sure are popular. But, what you see dangling from arms and shoulders depends upon where you live. In San Francisco, it seems like all the well dressed women carry Louis Vuitton right now. In downtown last week I saw one woman carrying Chanel but overwhelmingly saw LV’s in all different styles with Damien Ebene being the most popular.

Jacqueline Hamilton
7 years ago
Reply to  PJGambler

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Jennifer McGee
Jennifer McGee
7 years ago
Reply to  PJGambler

I see the same thing in Washington DC….I would say 10 LVs to 1 Chanel. Not sure why. It might be due to the fact that LV bags hold a lot more stuff. I prefer Chanel.

8 years ago
Reply to  PJGambler

I read an article that about how in the west coast its Louis Vuitton and on the east coast Chanel is the favorite.

7 years ago
Reply to  anon

thats why the east coast is far more classier…..

7 years ago
Reply to  cccertified

oooohhh that burn hahaha

8 years ago

I agree! I love the black on black bag the best! I think it’s great that all of these celebrities bags are so individual to their styles and personalities!

Ayesha Malik
Ayesha Malik
8 years ago

Outstanding post, i really love you, i cant this post for ever un my life. very stylish hand Bags designs and Hand Bags Styles .thanks for share this

8 years ago

Side note: Slide 26, is actually Poppy Delevingne carrying the Jerrycan with Suki Waterhouse in the background. Cannot stop laughing at her facial expression in the photo!

8 years ago

How cheap is to mention about anyone’s matter of having some drinks in his lasure time, or whenever he feels like…that’s so little..
Let’s be bigger then this kind of comment…

8 years ago

O cordão dos puxa sacos…despersonalizados e subjugados

Hannah Ohsen
Hannah Ohsen
8 years ago

OH MY GOD I saw the same bad in the last picture at http://neatstacks.com. I was going to buy but they were so cheap I thought they might be fake.

8 years ago

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