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  • Aly

    I have the all black classic flap… I bought it really as an investment piece since it was limited edition. :)

    • anon

      Lucky! I bet its gorgeous! I love it when Chanel does something different with their hardware.

  • PJGambler

    No question, they sure are popular. But, what you see dangling from arms and shoulders depends upon where you live. In San Francisco, it seems like all the well dressed women carry Louis Vuitton right now. In downtown last week I saw one woman carrying Chanel but overwhelmingly saw LV’s in all different styles with Damien Ebene being the most popular.

    • anon

      I read an article that about how in the west coast its Louis Vuitton and on the east coast Chanel is the favorite.

      • cccertified

        thats why the east coast is far more classier…..

      • Keiah

        oooohhh that burn hahaha

    • Jennifer McGee

      I see the same thing in Washington DC….I would say 10 LVs to 1 Chanel. Not sure why. It might be due to the fact that LV bags hold a lot more stuff. I prefer Chanel.

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  • Bethany~FurnishMyWay

    I agree! I love the black on black bag the best! I think it’s great that all of these celebrities bags are so individual to their styles and personalities!

  • Rashida

    I am a fan of Chanel…

  • Ayesha Malik

    Outstanding post, i really love you, i cant this post for ever un my life. very stylish hand Bags designs and Hand Bags Styles .thanks for share this

  • Alex

    Side note: Slide 26, is actually Poppy Delevingne carrying the Jerrycan with Suki Waterhouse in the background. Cannot stop laughing at her facial expression in the photo!

  • Valentina

    How cheap is to mention about anyone’s matter of having some drinks in his lasure time, or whenever he feels like…that’s so little..
    Let’s be bigger then this kind of comment…

  • Leah

    O cordão dos puxa sacos…despersonalizados e subjugados

  • Hannah Ohsen

    OH MY GOD I saw the same bad in the last picture at http://neatstacks.com. I was going to buy but they were so cheap I thought they might be fake.


    Les sports nautiques et la pêche sont les principales attractions.lancel bb prix il a pris la forme de sac masculin

  • minojun

    Slide 42, Rihana Chanel isn’t flap but it’s a clutch. No chain strap. I have the exact same one.

  • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

    My dear Amanda I would like to give you a few notes;
    the bag that Daisy Lowe is carrying is a Piece d’Exception from the spring summer 2009 collection that appeared in the french version of chanel.com under the tittle “Association de phyton et d’alligator pour un sac à rabat original et raffiné” that is association of python and alligator to produce an original and refined flap bag, those two bags that you say are straw are actually tweed or the utterly glorified version of burlap made by my beloved brand for spring 2010.
    Also, did you notice that in pic 49 Krys is leaving a Chanel boutique?
    And why would SJP would carry a such a big tote to a red carpet?

    • Spoon fed

      Why don’t you start your own blog instead of hijacking someone else’s? Just curious.

      • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

        Do you think my comments are enough to start a new blog? because I honestly don’t. I’m really sorry if it looks like am trying to hijack the blog with my long comments but i would never try to do that, I know is not easy to gather all the info that goes into this blog and that some info might slip off when writing a post, if i do this is only to fill in those occasional blanks so everyone might learn although I do admit my comments my be read as rude. Anyway thanks for asking almost 9 months later

    • Kate

      Nice! Good info.

  • bagsluv

    Just purchased my first classic flap bag so excited ! I got the black jumbo caviar. Athough it is beautiful, it is so heavy . I hope I don’t end up regretting this. It was a ridiculous amout of $$.Does anyone else feel this way about the jumbo size

  • carryallqueen

    Great posts but i agree with a few comments
    on suki waterhouse is actually poppy delevinge! Bad eye shot though.

  • Nene

    I think it’s hilarious to see celebrities carrying the meat packing and supermarket basket bags. I know they get these as freebies. No one in their right mind would purchase such bags. I would imagine Karl laughs when he sees them just like the rest of us.

  • Veit Bui

    I honestly think the classic flap bag is more of a holy grail than the birkin :)
    something about that CC! their bags are just so practical and elegant.

  • Catherina

    The Chanel supermarket basket photo with the all pink ensemble is hysterical. What an idiot! ????

  • Maya

    Slide 5, it is Jackie Collins, Joan’s sister:)

  • Vicky

    That straw bag of Racel Zoe’s is my HG. I’ve been trying to find it for years. So far… :(

  • abott Zain

    i love printed stuff. more beautiful.
    here you can find it