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  • twoturntables

    Those Eddie Borgo bags are divine. I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on a designer that I’m not familiar with.

    I love it when purse blog does posts like this one!

  • Alexa

    The Yazbukey purses are really fun! I’ve been obsessed with this brand She + Lo lately and I think it will really take off with the Rebecca Minkoff/Botkier loving crowd over the next year.

  • Dominic Leto

    No love for Fauré le Page?

  • Cara Pickens Noble

    What about Building Block? Beautifully made and quite durable.

    • They were one of the brands I considered putting on this list! Definitely one of my favorite small brands. I just couldn’t find enough variety available to buy online to really showcase what they do.

  • yaaas

    that PB 0110 Tote is literally the Hermes double sens
    as for Yazbukey, I feel the market is already saturated with enough novelty clutches

    • yaaas

      not the double sens sorry i meant the Etrivière Shopping

    • Ya know, you’d think people would be sick of the novelty clutches by now (lord knows I am), but they just keep selling. To whom, I’m not entirely sure.

      • Jerri R

        I love novelty bags! Always have, looooong before they were a ‘thing’:)

      • Kaylee McKeny

        I have to agree, but to each their own I suppose.

  • Jessica Gold

    What about Facine? I saw their stuff in Bloomingdales this past weekend.

  • Cookiebatter

    I thought Cuyana would be on the list but I guess they are more of a lifestyle brand..

  • anon

    I can see Yazbukey having an audience. Like a cheaper Anya Hindmarch/Moschino, but more expensive than Kate Spade.

    • BabyDietrich

      Exactly my thought!

  • Sara

    Amanda, thank you for providing a brand new bag menu. Very refreshing. Got to go, Boyy and Lancel are calling me. Love this post.

  • Smithy

    I recently purchased and returned a PB0110 backpack. Not impressed at all. Very Mansur Gavriel-like in the stiffness department.

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  • Passerine

    I’m surprised that PB has never (or almost never) covered Max Mara bags. They’re very well made and it’s the brand many women in Milan rely on. When I worked for a Milan-based company, my Italian lady colleagues sometimes referred to Prada, Gucci, etc as “tourist brands” — Max Mara was their default brand for beautiful work clothes and accessories.

    As for Lancel, I have a gorgeous Premier Flirt bucket bag. It would be one of my favorite bags, but despite paying a “made in France” price for it at their Strasbourg store, I was disappointed to discover it was made in China (sneakily noted in the bag in black type on a small black tag).

    • Sara

      I feel your pain. It shouldn’t matter unless you plan to sell it one day.

      • Passerine

        It matters a lot to me. I buy more expensive European brands because I want to support skilled European workers who get paid a living wage and are able to pass their skills onto the next generation. And putting the “made in China” disclaimer in small black letters on a small black tag was clearly an attempt by Lancel to duck admitting what they were up to.

        This is why I’m such a big fan of Bottega Veneta. In addition to simply loving the craftsmanship of their bags, I applaud their commitment to artisan training. http://www.bottegaveneta.com/us/women/our-heritage_grd14131

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      • Sara

        When you put it that way, I see that it is a big deal. That would make me angry too. I had a similar experience with Longchamp but I let it go. The amount of money I have spent on Longchamp should have motivated me to complain. Thank you!

      • HandbagDesigner

        Hm…Chinese workers also pass their skills onto the next generation as well and are quickly being paid better wages. In fact, most factories in Italy are staffed with Chinese labor. The snobbery involved with not buying Chinese goods is crazy, considering they are becoming so much more skilled than the rest of the world. Its not racist, but its a bit prejudicial to dismiss the quality of a product based on its country of origin these days….

      • Chinese are exploited! If you charge a bag thousands of dollars/euros you should pay your workers enough and not exploited like they were slaves.

      • Chinese workers are exploited and work like slaves! If you charge thousands of dollars/euros for a bag I expect that who made it earns enough to live well and she/he is not treated like a slave.

      • Kathrin

        despite the fact no one and I meand really NO ONE beeing able to afford a handbag should buy a piece made wit low low low salery, dangerous working circumstances, child labor and so on and so on. Carrying a bag that is made with tears, blood and the health of the workers can never be an option. But, sure, go on bying chines bullshit and with that phrase I do not mean the handcraft abilities but the cicrumstances. Even not thinking about those circumstances is snobbery. How can it be that people are that stupid.

      • Lisa

        I can also recommend a wonderful little shop in Venice that makes woven bags: Francis Model. They now have a website and although the style/colour options are limited, the bags are gorgeous. Mine still looks beautiful after 7 years. http://www.francismodel.it

      • Kathrin

        obvioulsy you either spent a lot of time in Europe, are from Europe or you understood the orogin of chinese products and the problems that come with them.

  • Stephane

    The new collections of Lancel are all made in Europe. Charlie and Bianca are made in Italy for exemple.

    • Sara

      Now, that makes me smile.

    • Passerine

      Yes, I noticed that. I complained to Lancel after I bought my bag (and got a mealy-mouthed reply that yeah, well, the prototypes were still made in France). Later, I read in the French media that there were a LOT of unhappy French customers (not to mention the skilled but unhappy artisans no longer making the bags). Lancel bowed to customer wrath and got back to making a greater number of their bags in Europe.

  • If you like quality bags with a classic but timeless look from barely known brands http://www.EllenVicius.com is the right brand for you!

  • Maya

    I’m loving Bovy and Eddie Borgo!!

  • Lisa

    Another emerging brand for you to check out:
    Joanna Maxham (www.joannamaxham.com) — her bags are made in Europe and I know from meeting her that she is a stickler for quality control.

    • Imgoingbroke

      Wow, I’m loving these bags, especially the Vagabond draw string. Thanks for the heads up on this designer. I had never heard of her, but I will soon be wearing one of her bags. Thank you, Lisa :)

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  • Hanakimi87

    I like the Eddie Borgo bags but when I think of designers or bags I’d be willing to plunk over 2k on, neither EB nor any of those bags make the list. I’d rather spend that money on a Miss Dior Promenade pouch.

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  • j.c.

    Love the Lancel Bianca. Yazbukey on the other hand, no.

  • Aysenur

    Lancel bags are very nicee! You should also check this new brand Manu Atelier too! They are doing pretty original bags and getting very popular around, i really looove them!:)

  • I would have never thought about Eddie Borgo and Yazbukey as emerging brands!

  • Heated Mouse

    Lancel has been around forever! Not impressed by any of the others with the exception of the SSense navy bucket bag. Sorry, thumbs down on these suggestions…

  • janels1

    I, too, love Bottega Veneta–check out http://www.AproposBag.com for similar look, made in the US–can’t get much more emerging than that!

  • Emily Derr

    What about Ampersand and Apostrophe, a Seattle based label? I was surprised they did not make the list.

  • luxelover

    What about AVGVS ? http://www.avgvs.com – Jessica Alba has carried their Byblis style – and their whole philosophy is around conscious luxury – anti fast fashion, exquisite quality, italian leathers, ethically made. I have the Nerium Crossbody and get compliments all the time on how gorgeous it is. Definitely a brand to watch for the affordable luxury segment.

  • hbd101

    If you are looking for more amazing handbags by emerging designers, check out handbagdesigner101.com

  • Doris Strong

    The PB 0110 bags are wonderful we have a ton of varieties in the Steven Alan in DC. my favorite is the Accordian Bag in Navy/white.

  • Jimmy Chan

    It is always seen that Italian leather bags have been more costly tods online shop ( http://www.backpacksmcm.com/lancel-le-brigitte-bardot-c-229.html ) that other type of handbags of the same range, nowadays the prices have been reasonable and one may take look without thinking regarding affordability.

  • Dan Malka

    It is always seen that Italian leather bags have been more costly tods online shop https://goo.gl/W9skU1 that other type of handbags of the same range, nowadays the prices have been reasonable and one may take look without thinking regarding affordability.