Saint Laurent doesn’t do the splashy bag launches and re-launches every season that some brands do. Hedi Slimane has built his company’s popularity on trying to make the best versions of the things every woman already wants in her closet, whether that’s the perfect little going-out bag or the perfect pair of Chelsea boots to wear six months out of the year. That means that seasonal variation isn’t as important as it is to a brand like Fendi, and under those circumstances, a new bag launch is always intriguing.

The Saint Laurent Monogram Saint Germain Tote is a Pre-Fall 2015 addition to the existing Monogramme line that’s just become available for pre-order, and it’s traditional and discreet enough to make a solid workday bag for anyone heading into the office on a daily basis. It features the most subtle logo of all the Monogramme bags so far (a small, golden “YSL” on the removable clochette), it has an optional shoulder straps and, at 14 inches wide, it fits right into the work-bag sweet spot for most women.

The Monogramme is a little more subtle than Saint Laurent’s other super-popular tote, the Sac de Jour, and it lacks the super-distinctive gusset and squared handle attachments that have made that tote a signature. This bag feels a little more businesslike, at least in its current iterations. The Monogramme is available for pre-order now, but it likely won’t ship until September.

Do you like this design better than the Sac de Jour, or not as much?

Saint Laurent Monogramme Croc-Stamped Monogram Saint Germain Tote
$2,650 via Bergdorf Goodman


Saint Laurent Monogram Saint Germain Tote
$2,450 via Bergdorf Goodman


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