Saint Laurent doesn’t do the splashy bag launches and re-launches every season that some brands do. Hedi Slimane has built his company’s popularity on trying to make the best versions of the things every woman already wants in her closet, whether that’s the perfect little going-out bag or the perfect pair of Chelsea boots to wear six months out of the year. That means that seasonal variation isn’t as important as it is to a brand like Fendi, and under those circumstances, a new bag launch is always intriguing.

The Saint Laurent Monogram Saint Germain Tote is a Pre-Fall 2015 addition to the existing Monogramme line that’s just become available for pre-order, and it’s traditional and discreet enough to make a solid workday bag for anyone heading into the office on a daily basis. It features the most subtle logo of all the Monogramme bags so far (a small, golden “YSL” on the removable clochette), it has an optional shoulder straps and, at 14 inches wide, it fits right into the work-bag sweet spot for most women.

The Monogramme is a little more subtle than Saint Laurent’s other super-popular tote, the Sac de Jour, and it lacks the super-distinctive gusset and squared handle attachments that have made that tote a signature. This bag feels a little more businesslike, at least in its current iterations. The Monogramme is available for pre-order now, but it likely won’t ship until September.

Do you like this design better than the Sac de Jour, or not as much?

Saint Laurent Monogramme Croc-Stamped Monogram Saint Germain Tote
$2,650 via Bergdorf Goodman


Saint Laurent Monogram Saint Germain Tote
$2,450 via Bergdorf Goodman


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  • anon

    I actually really like this a lot more than the Sac De Jour. If I had to get one of the two, I’d probably go for this one. However, this probably isn’t gonna end up on my wishlist. It’s beautiful, but it doesn’t wow me to the point of being a must have over other bags.

  • tbestes

    Love this style! It looks to be the perfect size, and not as deep as the SDJ.

  • Joshua

    Is it just me or does this bag look super similar to the Louis Vuitton Marly??

    • Edia

      thank you. yes it does. a lot

    • seres

      I agree it looks super similar but I also think it looks better, a more polished update. The tucked in handle attachment is so much of an improvement.

    • T

      It’s definitely a tad more understated than the Marly. You can clock epi leather from across the street but I love how subtle the SLP is.

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  • Dale
  • FashionableLena

    Boring. But, I do like the YSL clochette and the smooth leather. The price is actually really good for a luxury design house. I’m impressed.

  • Sandy

    The Sac Du Jour has much more personality IMO., more fashionable. The bag is a little boring.

  • kindled

    I think it’s lovely and hyper functional. That chocolate brown is man-friendly, too.

  • ElainePG

    I’m probably biased, because I just bought a Small SDJ, in the same color as the second photo. But the Monogramme just doesn’t seem to have any “oomph” to it. It looks to me like a man’s briefcase. Yawn.

  • Yum, it’s gorgeous. I wish they had more views of it though.

  • shanna

    i really would like to hear your opinion on the gucci interlock!

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  • Canuck65

    I like understated bags but this is rather blah for me especially for the price tag

  • Nappy

    Umm, am i the only one confused with the Saint Laurent text and the YSL clochette dangling from it? I mean it looks like you bought an SLP bag, then you found a Pilati era clochette and stuck it in there for good measure. I mean, say YSL IF ITS YSL! SLP IF SLP! People are getting tired of the confusion!

  • shueaddict

    I have not bought a single YSL since it became SL – the prices keep going up and the designs just don’t seem to grab me like before.

  • Jaslynn Joan

    Good-looking bag… It has compact size and its color is too good..


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  • jp

    they look like coach bags

  • Ountrumpas

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  • Olivia

    Super cool bag! I was in one of their store today, apparently the bag is called Saint Germain, great name! it is already available in some stores and many new versions should follow in June. Can’t wait!

  • Casey

    I like the bag but I think the YSL logo on the clochette is unnecessary. I don’t think the bag needs two different logos on it, one is more than enough.