What’s Next for Burberry?

New designer, new logo, #NewBurberry?

With British designer Daniel Lee at the helm of Burberry, fans eagerly await what’s next for the quintessential English brand. Lee’s much-anticipated official runway debut won’t happen until the end of the month, February 20th to be exact, but eagle-eyed fans were just given some clues as to what Daniel Lee’s Burberry will look like.

Out With the Old, in With the…Old?

In true Lee fashion, Burberry’s Instagram account, @burberry, was wiped clean over the weekend, paving the way for the next chapter of Burberry. A couple of days later, a series of new posts appeared. All were images from Burberry’s newest campaign, the first under Daniel Lee’s direction.

The caption remained the same with each new post, simply #Burberry, revealing little else. However, a closer look at the images tells us a few things. For starters, there’s a new Burberry logo. Those who were not-so-fond of the TB logo, which was brought to life by Lee’s predecessor Riccardo Tisci, will be pleased with this one, which drops the TB in favor of Burberry’s classic equestrian knight.

The Return of Burberry Prorsum

Another clue as to the direction Daniel Lee’s Burberry will take lies within the logo itself. When inspected closely, you’ll see it reads ‘Prorsum,’ which means forwards in Latin, alluding that the defunct Burberry Prorsum brand is coming back. Burberry Prorsum was discontinued in 2016 by then-creative director Christopher Bailey who wished to unify the brand under one umbrella for a more cohesive and consistent vision.

While we wait for the official reveal, we can only speculate. Still, if Lee’s track record of rebranding success at Bottega Veneta is any indication, this, too, is going to be good.

New Burberry 1
New Burberry 2
New Burberry 3
New Burberry 4

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