Even after a few years working in the almost-anything-goes fashion industry, there are a couple of old-fashioned color and texture rules that are so ingrained in my consciousness that I have a genuinely difficult time breaking them, even though I know they’re silly. I never wear white when it’s cold out, I can’t understand why anyone would buy a pair of suede shoes for spring and I cannot, cannot fathom carrying a satin bag before evening. (Or a satin bag that’s not a clutch, for that matter.) The Burberry Prorsum Silk-Sateen and Leather Tote is in clear conflict with that last rule, which is what prompts me to turn the question to you guys: Could you conceive of a good day bag in this kind of textile?

Satin (which we’re going to go ahead and conflate with sateen, for the purposes of this post) does have its undeniable charms. It glows like it’s lit from within, which gives even more life to rich colors like this gorgeous cobalt blue; that’s a feat that I’ve never seen achieved with leather. Despite being a woven material, satin has luxurious connotations that other wovens just don’t have. Even some of the material’s drawbacks, like its propensity for wrinkling, can be obviated by a good bag design. Even though I’m not that much of a personal product of the end product above, it does take advantage of a lot of the material’s best attributes.

Still, though, I just can’t shake the impression that satin’s a material best left for small bags that come out after dinner hours. Give us your thoughts after the jump. If this Burberry bag is screaming your name, pick it up for $1,995 via Net-a-Porter.

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  • londongirl9063

    no way satin would stain to easily and get dirty and maybe even rip because its such a thin fabric.

  • lefu

    never been a fan of the satin…. day or evening. leather ftw

  • Sandra

    I agree, how would they stop this from staining….I would never purchase it.

  • Handbag Ghost

    In principle they are a fabulous, but impractical. As a day-to-day bag
    I can see the down side, but is it just the practicality that holds you back???

  • bir

    also i would like to add that in my experience satin does not evolve well over time in general it becomes old looking wrinkly in short periods of time and the fact is that i am a person that tends to break the rules i mean i love white in winter and adore wearing an evening clutch type bag with jeans but even I find this is too odd and i just cant seem to love it.

  • This particular bag, doesn’t work for either. The shape speaks day, the material otherwise, so it’s a big no from me.

  • ericaace

    What a gorgeous bag! OMG! I can taste it!!!

  • FashionableLena

    Satin is not a good everyday fabric. Like bir said, it doesn’t do well over time and forget about getting out a stain.
    Too bad that this is not leather because I really like the color combination.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I love a satin clutch but only at night. I agree with all the other comments. A day bag needs to be a bit tougher to withstand spills and everyday wear and tear. Satin only as lining on a day bag for me.