Burberry Mini Check Clutch, $795 via Neiman Marcus.

Combining the iconic check pattern with the fashion-forward belt buckle wrapped body, the Burberry Mini Check Clutch is an attention grabber. I like seeing the classic plaid pattern broken up by the leather and the way Burberry implements this gives their design an edgy appearance.

Help out and fill in the blank so we can see what you think of this bag. Buy via Neiman Marcus for $795.

Fill in the Blank: The Burberry Mini Check Clutch is ___________.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • JenS

    Sassy! I really like the belted look on Burberry’s bags, especially the Bridle leather that’s coming out. It’s a good amount of belt without being overdone.

  • Lulugurl

    not my cup of tea… :\

  • Chris

    Fabulous. An eye-catcher, but not too overdone. I love it.

  • Eda_nkb

    unnecessary for me :/

  • Stacy

    Strapped down :} The bag is too small to have so much going on. I’ll have to say this is a pass for my wardrobe.

  • fuchsiafury

    a conversation starter.

    I’m so happy that Burberry is warming up to an edgier aesthetic again. The warrior collection was my favorite!

  • Monica

    Obnoxious. It looks like a knock off. I think Burberry should stay classy and not follow flash-in-the-pan trends.

    • annika


  • cca.


  • papertiger

    In bondage

    Seriously, I think it would look better as the clutch it is primarily supposed to be.

  • Dstar

    As Bethenny Frankel would say, it’s a “hideousity.”

  • Tiffany

    pretty cool, I would buy it

  • Laura

    exquisite <3

  • Gerald

    ugly :/

  • Katie

    Overdone, a little less with the straps and I’d be all for it!

  • Vitcoria

    tooooo much for such a small thing!! and that spells out “t-a-c-k-y”

  • spanish moss

    i agree with katie. take off ten or twelve of the belts, then we could talk/g

  • rose60610

    Looks kooky.

  • Izzy


  • Evonne

    Looking like Alexander Wang inspired piece..

  • DJ


  • Martha

    Ridiculous and an eyesore….trying too hard to be on trend. Doesn’t work for me!

  • Somethingbags

    Trying hard to be an Alexander Wang

    • Model_Ingenuity


  • Linda M-G

    Different and unique just like me

  • tinx2.0


  • Megan

    just plain silly with all those buckles (working or not?) and then the zipper on top.

  • Averyda

    I’d rock it for a moment but it’s not a keeper.. Start over

  • Vividtexas

    a hot mess….

  • Mochababe73

    a little S&M, and I love it!

  • Graham


  • Anita

    too much on such a small bag.

  • Christina

    cheap looking and ugly.

  • Lorie

    a tad excessive on the belts and buckles.

  • bonniesgirl

    muy creative

  • Kathy

    is ……….Strapping and Buckle-licious.

  • babe

    a mess.

  • Nick

    Photoshopped? check out the third strap down.

    • Lorie

      Good catch, Nick.

  • ottercat

    just wrong.

  • UH


  • fendinista


  • Shirley M

    too busy. i think i would like it better if the leather was black though.

  • Charmaine

    ugly. very ugly and been there done that kinda loook

  • Hotmama

    Hey Guys!!
    Have been planning to get a crossbody for a while now and really liked these two at Burberry. Could you please give me your input for both.
    Just want to be sure before I make a purchase.

    First one: http://us.burberry.com/store/bags-shoes/bags/crossbody/small-bridle-house-check-crossbody-bag/sku-37638351-small-bridle-house-check-crossbody-bag/

    Second one: http://us.burberry.com/store/bags-shoes/bags/crossbody/smoked-check-chain-crossbody-bag/sku-37664111-smoked-check-chain-crossbody-bag/

    Thanks for your help!

  • AW

    … a mess. I love me some burberry but this one gives me a headache

  • Passerine

    Very late in the discussion, but I actually have this bag. Only not in the cloth check pattern. Instead, I have it in a limited edition cream leather. It’s a very cool, small summer clutch and gets lots of compliments.