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In two ways, I always dread the Burberry show at London Fashion Week. First, because I know that Christopher Bailey’s beautiful ready-to-wear, and his outerwear in particular (THOSE COATS.), will threaten to drain my bank account all over again with one swift poke the the pleasure center in my brain, which apparently really likes wool. Second, because I know I’m probably going to have to write something unkind about the handbags. Both fortunately and unfortunately, Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012 did not break from that pattern.

The collection was yet another that made plenty of references to the Downton Abbey era, which is particularly appropriate for a brand that’s so utterly steeped in British heritage, both by its own marketing and by actual history. You would think, then, that we’d be in for an accessories feast of lovely whiskey-colored leather satchels and smart, ladylike handbags with lots of structure. Instead, we got big striped and quilted totes with limited personality and clutches with animal-head door-knockers on them. The few satchels in play were the highlight of the handbags, but even they seemed a little bit unwieldy in proportion to be carried. You’ll notice in the photos, though, that many of the models are carrying their bags while wearing stunning gloves made of colorful python or studded black leather. Why didn’t we see any of those ideas carried into the bags? It would have made for a much stronger collection.

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  • 19yearslater

    I like the striped bags and the studded clutches. Y’know what would be awesome? If a designer brand did a Downton Abbey inspired line. Like the True Blood bags from a couple of years back. 

  • Guest

    This is the trend that never ends…those studs live on and on my friends… :|

  • Burberry had some of my favorites this season!  I love the mixture of soft elegance and edgy attitude!

  • Sandra Rowley

    I really like some of the bags…but I love the coats oh the coats….and the shoes!!!!!

  • gpc

    I actually LOVE the clutches with the animal heads!  Not so much on the others…

    •  I could see myself with one of the clutches – I don’t like it on the larger handbags but I think it looks nice on the clutches

  • mlle p

    Some nice stuff in here – wonder how heavy they are?  

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    The animal heads are awesome! Alas, in my search for a new super stylish crossbody, I still haven’t found one though. 

  • Sana

    I want almost all of those. *sigh*

  • Saymama

    The dog heads are creepy!

  • bluelly

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