Everyone has seasonal colors that they tend to favor, and to me, nothing goes better with summer than lime green. If you’ve taken a look through Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2011 collection, you know that Tomas Maier has set the brand up to be one of the season’s best sources for lime, chartreuse and all shades in between. So far, my favorite of the options available is the Bottega Veneta Vernicetta Pitone Tote. For this design, the famous Bottega leather is woven in a rustic, basket-style way, but what you see here is far more luxurious than anything made out of straw ever could be.

As with any of Bottega’s beautiful bags, the main reason why I haven’t already ordered mine is the price. Yes, I know that BV’s craftsmanship is some of the best on the planet, and its seasonal bags in particular receive extra attention. But even then, this bag’s price exceeds six grand, and that can’t all be going toward the python handles. As much as I’d love to have this in my collection, I could get three Celine Luggage Totes for the same price and have money left over for new shoes. Buy through Barneys for $6200.

Sweet Summertime

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