Ladies and gents, I know it has been a little while (and try not to hold that against me too much), but I’m back. After some moving around, I’ve just settled into my new apartment here in New York City to rejoin the rest of the PurseBlog team. With any move comes its own laundry list of things with which one needs to become acclimated – new neighborhoods, new transportation, new accents. This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s made the leap to NYC themselves, but one of the biggest obstacles for me has been navigating the city, especially to and from work. You see, it’s not the subway system that has proven an issue. No, the issue has been finding what to carry! In a city like NYC, and for a girl like me, finding that perfect balance of fashion and function is a must. Could this Bottega Veneta Roma Intecciato Leather Tote be the answer to a NYC commuter’s prayers?

Bottega Veneta is a brand that always catches my eye. The leather used in the brand’s accessories is supple yet durable, and Bottega’s designs are both classic and chic. Once again, that proves true here. This particular bag comes in black as well, but I’m definitely leaning toward this gray-green option. I love that the two top handles are clearly sturdy; for the size of this bag, flimsy little handles would do it no justice. Open up the gorgeous bag and you will find plenty of pockets. For me, this is a must. I love when I open up a bag and can grab my subway pass, keys, phone or lip gloss at a moments notice.

Like any Bottega bag, this one is not cheap. You can, however, breath a little easier knowing that this bag is timeless and will be worth every last penny. But if this one isn’t for you, what bag would YOU recommend as a commuter-friendly, fashionable option?

Buy through Net-A-Porter for $3400.

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  • Ellechi

    I have this bag with gold hardware, and I love it. Carrying it on the CTA gets so many compliments.
    I definitely recommend!

  • angelessya

    love it!, just like any other Bottega Veneta bag although is a litle pricey for me

  • justlurking

    I’ve never really cared for any Bottega bags before. Always liked the leather, just not the styles. I LOVE this one!

  • weaslgrl

    I have the black version, with a kind of oxidized gray/black hardware. It’s an awesome work bag — the expandable accordian design is super roomy and keeps me organized. And, of course, it’s timeless. I plan to defray the cost over at least 20 years! My one caveat: it’s quite heavy (mine is calfskin; I wanted the extra structure) so carrying it for long periods can be a chore. I use it when I drive to work, and carry something lighter or with a shoulder strap when strap-hanging on the subway, like my Fendi Peek-A-Boo.

  • twirler

    i worked with Tomas Maier at his personal store in Miami and he is AMAZING. i am such an enthusiast for Bottega because of him- he’s a genius!

  • Jessica

    I absolutely love Bottega bags, I already own 4 and I just recently splurged on a blood red soft crocodile fume rome bag, and i highly recommend Bottega bags, they are just as practacle as they are fashionable, run don’t walk to your nearest bottega store ! lol

  • Amy

    I have trouble wearing designer bags on the CTA. I’m always afraid of the worst case scenario. It’s a gorgeous bag, though! Enjoy, and be careful.

  • CarolineLondon

    Best commuter friendly bags? LV coated canvas, hands down. They’re wipe clean. They’re mostly dark brown. My two have commuted across London to work for the best part of 8 years including being put in puddles and kicked around and they are still in LOVELY condition. Really. (Yes, I wipe them down and otherwise treat them kindly!) There is simply nothing worse on a crowded train than being jabbed in the ribs by someone elses massive handbag that they insist on holding at shoulder level. Ouch.

  • Yes! This bag is gorgeous! Buy it! You’ll be best dressed girl on the train ;)

  • susan

    I love Bottege Veneta…but if I’m carrying one of mine on a everyday in any weather it’s my Cervo hobo. I dont think you can wrong with a BV and this one is beautiful not sure I would use it as an everyday bag

  • Mama M

    I’d much rather have the LV Lumineuse PM that Megs wrote about in Feb. It comes in a similar color and is, imo, so much nicer and more functional that this one. The BV is just okay to me. Also, the LV is about $900 less!

  • bene

    I’m a born-and-raised New Yorker and this is not exactly a street-smart choice. For crowded subways, a bag that fully closes is preferable to one that anyone can slip a hand into.

  • MizzJ

    It’s beautiful! Does it fully close on the top b/c that would definitely make it a no no for crowded commutes. If you do go for it, definitely make it this color as it shows off that lovely braiding much better than black.

  • Are you scared of getting mugged? Keep a little dog in your purse… but an aggressive breed like a Jack Russell terrier.

  • John Totten

    I like it. We know it’s not cheap. Try to warp the strap around you for enhanced security. You may find the Roma bag sold out in many places.

  • Dylan Propst

    Anyone saying yes to this question has obviously never lived in a city. No bag with an open top is recommended unless you want to be stolen from.