Bottega Veneta Luggage

♪ On the tenth day of Bottega Veneta why not travel in style, with the chicest luggage to be found in the air above 8 miles! ♪

Before you even stare at the screen and try to shake the computer, let me preface this post by saying I know.

Luxurious travel luggage generally does not make any sense. Flying commercial, whether first class or coach, your baggage that is checked under is treated just about as gently as Mike Tyson handling his opponents in the boxing ring.

Hence, this luggage does not make sense to be checked under the plane. However, it does make sense to use as your carry on and it makes even more sense if you fly private (I realize that is a stretch for nearly all of us). From trolleys to carry-ons, Bottega Veneta’s Luggage line brings an exquisite touch to the art of travel. Varying in price from $1,080 to $3,780, BV offers a set of travel items that look as simple as most travel gear but consist of the craftsmanship we have come to know and love from Bottega Veneta.

While the prices are high, I would imagine the lifespan of these items will outweigh the cheap luggage I currently own. Nothing particularly stands out with this set, just more understated designs from Bottega Veneta. As I said above, luggage is not a luxury many people would typically splurge on, but if you feel like going there, Bottega Veneta is here to deliver.

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