There are certain brands that, while iconic and widely known amongst fashion and handbag lovers, somehow remain under-the-radar and more understated. In a world of logos and in-your-face branding, there is something enticingly captivating about those “if you know, you know” brands.

With its rich history and storied attention to quality and craftsmanship, Bottega Veneta is one of those brands. While Bottega Green and the brand’s iconic intrecciato are known amongst fashion people, instantly recognizable by those in the know, it still remains more subtle than the logo-driven brands, which are recognizable worldwide by fashion lovers and non-fashion people alike.

When your own initials are enough

In its latest campaign, Bottega Veneta focuses on heritage, reflecting on its core DNA, which is heavy in sophistication, subtleness, and individualism. This new campaign pushes the Padded Cassette, which continues to be a cornerstone of New Bottega, bringing back a brand tagline from the 1970s.

‘When your own initials are enough’.

This tagline focuses on the notion that Bottega Veneta has, and will always be, a no logo brand. Rather, the House’s iconic craftsmanship, quality, and technique represent the brand’s identity. The idea that its silhouettes and iconic finishes represent what the brand stands for rings especially true with the Padded Cassette, which perfectly compliments this tagline from the archives.

BV Padded Cassette
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6 months ago

How many times can the word iconic, storied, and heritage be used.

6 months ago

If I were to purchase a BV bag the padded Cassette would be it. I am not caught up on logo or no logo, I like what I like. I like this bag but apparently just not enough to buy it!

5 months ago

Looks too trendy and not functional at all.

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