Our home is a four level condo. Right when you walk in we have shelving for our shoes, mail, boxes, car keys, and my handbag. But I keep the majority of my handbags in our closet and keep the one I am using downstairs. The hundreds of stairs has seriously impeded on my switching out bags, because really, who would want to walk down three flights of stairs only to realize they did not bring the right bag down? This leaves me running out of the house with only my wallet. And my wallet has doubled over as a clutch many times. My LV Zip Around Wallet easily includes all of my credit cards, cash, phone, and car keys. It is the wallet equivalent of Mary Poppins bags. Love it. My wallet is constantly used, thrown in every bag, including my Hermes Kelly Long (which totally made our LV SA laugh!). And I love this wallet, but it is starting to get dirty and starting to look at me oh-so-tiredly. Does it need to be replaced?

If I were to replace my wallet it would be for another large zip-around wallet. These wallets are my best friend. Easy to use, spacious, and can be carried out of the house on their own. Of course I have a soft spot for Bottega Veneta Bags and there is a certain zip-around wallet that I may cheat on my LV wallet with. Very similar to my LV Wallet, only the Bottega Veneta Woven Zip Wallet is designed with richly woven leather. I expect the leather to get dirty with how often my hand would grab it, but I also expect the leather to continue becoming softer and softer with each use. There is the zip-around closure that offers ultimate expandability. The inside is what is the most important. I would have to check this wallet out in person to see if it would suit my needs. The BV Wallet has a center zip compartment, two billfold sections and eight credit card slots. Measurements are 7¾”L X 4½”H X 1″D and this wallet is available in burned-orange and ash. Buy through Saks for $660.

Should I cheat on my LV wallet?

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  • Cherie L.

    If you have to ask, then you know it’s time to get a new one; and it might as well be a BV wallet.

    • Jelita78

      so, MEGS.. did u cheat on LV, or what?
      hehe.. just asking as i’ve been using the LV zippy too.. they are the same size, right? LV and BV zippy? (ipad)

  • wgs

    i have this exact wallet, slightly different color. it’s great and of course, very durable. it can hold a lot of stuff. however, i made the mistake of taking it to cancun and it totally got beat up with dirt and soiled with suntan lotion.

  • frzsri

    I have this wallet in Eclipse (dark red) and totally love it!! Very functional yet so elegant. Best of all, the leather gets softer and softer:)

  • lauren

    seems like it would be perfect for Florida!

  • swtshan7

    This one is cute…. but I have a marc jacobs soft clutch I am in love with and faithful to

  • my new bag

    ah….I just picked up another BV wallet, on sale of course at BV online.
    The soft feel, even above my Chanel wallets, make it my fav to handle.
    I try to keep the colors darker so they don;t ever look dirty….and get softer, and softer,
    Yes I am a fan.

  • Cassy

    is this the color you wanted to get?

  • Pippi

    Maybe your LV wallet would consider an open relationship, where you see/use other wallets, too. ;-) I use the pouch from my Petite Bucket bag the same way. It goes in every bag!


  • Cat

    wow! i can’t believe you fit all of that into a wallet!

  • Anita

    I also have several zippy wallets. 2 LV, 1 Jimmy Choo, 1 Prada. I have to admit the LV are the best quality and don’t show much wear. If you’re looking for style the BV is beautiful but won’t last as long as the LV.

    • Catt

      I agree with you, Anita. I have 2 LV, 1 BV. BV has great leather, there is no double to it at all.
      I’ve been using LV zippy every day for over 10 years, no tear and wear shown. But I sent BV back to the boutique to fix the woven leather once.

  • Anita

    I love the BV black zippy that is leather and patent, it’s beautiful.

  • CaliforniaGal

    Yes, get the BV. I have used a Perlina zip-around for years, it has the same configuration. When traveling, there are places for two currencies .. and when I’m home, it holds all the cards/papers/etc. My next will be the BV zip-around .. in a medium to darkish color.
    Cobalt? Ebano? Noce? Eclipse would be wonderful too!

  • Joey

    The wallet is fabulous! It might be my next purchase!!

  • Kendra

    Very clean and pretty. Just a fabulous wallet. (fb)

  • Nat

    Hi Megs,

    If you’ve purchased this wallet, is it as you’d expected it to be? Has the leather softened with time? And, do you love the BV zip around as much as your LV?

  • Christine

    BV everytime; mine is beautifully seasoned which just makes it more attractive.

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