Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Mini Bag While you may be yearning to own a piece of designer heaven, many times our budgets just don’t allow it. While price is all relative, it is nice to see a Bottega Veneta bag well under $1,000 every now and then (wow that just shows what high end bags are costing us nowadays! Yikes!). I have had my eyes set on Bottega Veneta for a while now and am waiting until the time, price, and bag are right to make my move. For usability, practicality, and price there is one BV that I wouldn’t mind having at all. The Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Mini Bag shows off supple Napa woven leather in a perfect small bag. I go out so often and hate to have to carry a big bag every time (since I am a lover of huge bags), so this bag would work perfectly with so many outfits. The handle is braided with hand-wrapped toggle detail. On the inside there is a small pocket and suede lining. Measuring 5″Hx3″Wx10″L, I find this mini bag to be a mini piece of perfect Bottega heaven. I may just have to go for it and buy this bag through Saks for $560 (like I said, seemingly practical compared to many other BV bags!)


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