Bottega Veneta

Alright, I am trying to contain myself, but it is a bit tricky. See, Bottega Veneta is having one of their amazing trunk shows tomorrow and it is in San Francisco. It’s only a 7 hour drive from San Diego, so I am half tempted to get in my car and head north, like, now! Well, truth be told, I probably can’t attend, but for those of you lucky ones in the San Francisco area, you have got to check out the BV trunk show tomorrow! Here’s everything you need to know:

What: Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2010 Trunk Show

Where: 108 Geary St. San Francisco, CA 94108

When: Saturday, October 24th, 2009 from 11am – 5pm

PS – Are you seeing the bag above?!?!?! GORGEOUS beyond belief! Bring on the new Bottega Veneta bags!

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  • mandy

    Wow, wish I could be there! LOVE BV! I’m sure their trunk shows are amazing.

  • Michelle

    that IS beautiful! :drooll:

    • michelle

      That bag is ugly, seriously shannon i read your blogs and i have to say most of the time i do not agree with your taste. this bag is tacky, i could probably make it myself lol.

      • aliysiah

        I like to see you try. I guarantee 100000% it won’t look as gorgeous as BV’s. It’s too bad that you have such horrible taste in bags. Shannon’s bags are ALWAYS amazing. Don’t expect her taste to be on par with yours. Just keep your rude comments to yourself. Kthxbai.

        Anyway Shannon, that BV is absolutely gorgeous. Like ALL of their bags!! I want to own a BV someday. Though preferably a Veneta or that one in their traditional leathers. :p


  • Sweet Pea

    I love BV but not like this bag!!! Except for the handles, it looks like any straw bag.

    • It is not straw – that is a leather technique that looks like straw!!!! :)

      • Sweet Pea

        Thanks Megs!!!

  • Handbag Lover

    This is a really nice bag!

  • katie

    Nice collection…

    Check out this link for some more cool and trendy designs, that too which easily fits in budget

  • susan

    Me likey!

  • kemilia

    Beautiful bag!!!

  • spanish moss

    ohhh, it can come live at my house!

  • Cathy

    Don’t like it either. Why pay a lot of money to buy a bag that looks like it is made of straw?

  • mc

    San Francisco has been spelt wrong…..

    The bag doesn’t do it for me but I love the brand without a doubt.

  • Alina

    I love BV but not like this bag!!! Except for the handles, it looks like any straw bag.

    • aliysiah

      Sorry Alina, TRY again. We don’t support fakes here. -_-

  • michelle

    Meg: Do you know how much this bag is???

  • Gina

    I live in SF and I missed this!!! T_T

  • Beth

    I’m blown away by the skill of BV in creating a woven leather bag that evokes the feeling of a summer straw/raffia purse. Incredible!

  • pursemama

    I’m going tommorrow and check it out, I only have one BV. I love the quality but not always in love with the bag styles, hopefully I’ll add something to my tiny BV collection!

  • bunny

    aliysiah, u shud try this really lame fifth grader word and CHILLAX. everyone’s opinion is fine, u dont have to keep replying. Megs Shannon + Amanda arent bothering to reply these ppl who have a diff opinion and dont like this bag, so stop attacking them.

    I really admire the way BV managed to make the leather look like straw, and i can just imagine how soft and smooshy it would be. so far, i dont really like any of the BV bags cause woven bags are a staple in my country, and woven bags which are actually great quality and cheap, like 50 USD, can be found in many places. sure i cant guarantee the leather is as beautiful as BV, but unfortunately the woven concept just doesnt hold it for me.

    but i do like this bag though, the handles are just so unique!

  • Merve

    Wow it looks so much like straw. Those guys at BV are really talented.

  • Michael St. James

    I must echo everyone else’s sentiments! The finish on that leather really looks like straw! BV is amazing!

  • Linda

    When I saw the photo, I knew it had to be leather that just looks like straw in the photo. I think this bag is beautiful. I am sure it is way out of my price range…but it is stunning.

  • michelle

    I called the store and the bag is $5,900.

  • Kendra

    YUCK< who woudl buy this. (fb)

  • Mousse

    Yum. Looks like straw with the durability and softness of BV leather. I like. (ipad)