I will be the first one to say I am a huge fan of Bottega Veneta handbags. The leather and detailing put into every one of these bags errors on the side of flawless. The one drawback could be how sophisticated the handbags are. Ok, there is nothing wrong with sophistication; in fact, sophistication is something I consider highly sought after. But from time to time, a fun, chic bag is all that I want to carry. Is that what the BV designers are trying to get after here with the Bottega Veneta Small Toggle Leather Tote? I can’t decide if I like the fun, youthful look or if I absolutely hate it. Now, the white leather topped off with multicolour toggle detailing is a personal no-go for the upcoming seasons; it would have to wait until spring. And come to think of it, don’t the toggles remind you of those spice drop candies? As much as I like the candy, I think I would find myself trying to pick off the toggles as I stood in line, sat on the subway or even just walked down the street. And again, white leather, can just get dirty so easily. So, I guess I think I would prefer spending my money on something like the Bottega Veneta Barcelona Cabat (which I still have on my wish list) than on this tote. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1850.

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  • bvbirdygirl

    I knew dooney ripped off other designers (although they have gotten better…),
    but i had no idea that other designers would rip off dooney!

    at first it seems like an adorable concept, but its way too expensive for something that resembles a bubblegum machine

  • jane

    Looks like the Coach dots bags from a few years ago. Also looks like a Louis Vuitton Saleya.

    I love BV and own three of their bags, but I know to stick with the classics and the understated designs. When they get “funky” they usually fail. Epically.

  • lauren

    Jane did you see Bagsnob’s review of their “simon says” bag that is around 8000 bucks but is also multicolor?!?! I totally agree, whenever they kinda go off the beaten path (i.e. away from their classic woven and exotics) they seriously go waaaaaaay off. Someone went a little Willy Wonka in the design lab.

  • jane

    Lauren I actually saw that bag in person at Nordstrom; it’s just as ridiculous in real life. A waste of perfectly good goatskin.

  • lauren

    *cries for all the goats that were sacrificed in the name of BV’s “creativity”*

  • Caroline London

    I have nothing against fun bags in that shape, but let Longchamp stick to that – it’s what they’re good at after all (and much cheaper!) – and let Bottega stick to doing beautiful things with woven leather than most of us can only aspire to owning!

  • shorty

    so and so

  • Lauren

    I was trying to remember what the toggles reminded me of – and I completely agree they are like spice drop candies! I’m not really feeling this bag though. I’m really into embellished bags lately. WWW is too apparently – they have an new episode about it: http://www.whowhatwear.com/website/wwwtv.php?id=m4f7fs6eyo

  • tadpolenyc

    bv rarely misses, but when they do, it’s by a lot! this bag looks, um, diseased.

  • Diane

    I have the large toggle bag in gray and it is beautiful. Impeccible craftsmanship and design. The gray looks great with all the colors of their new collection. It is deer not goat. The design is very innovative and not a knock off of any other middle of the road designer.

  • Kendra

    The skittles dots are not cool. (fb)